India · 1 Days · 4 Moments · June 2017

Siddhesh's tour through India

23 June 2017

Finally I can see swap and others. Swap with his read trolley bag in 3/4, Ganya with hair band 😂manish as usual busy on phone amol always happy and Abhijeet as manager. Going out to have some food.. Out of CST station Burji Paav and cold drinks.. had enough to sustain whole night. Then we reached to platform 18 to find a coach b1 and seats. All seats are confirmed so happy and lucky to have kishore. Kishore is waiting to join at Thane.
Train started now.. swap ordered lolly pop and veg Biryani with damn bad Raita but still enjoyed.. amazed to see entire coach as one of the active coach ever seen.. All Gujju having fun, loud, having snacks continuously.. playing songs Rao among here and there.. different shapes faces but same level of energy to go to Goa.. started drinking here only.. TC also can't do anything in front of such a big Gujju force but still we all left our civic sense and enjoyed. Amol got Hauji board to play. What a fun..!! Manish Swapnil Ganya won big time Cheating .. I also won once..police came and ask us to sleep we took a selfie 🤳 and then smoked on the door.. and now time to sleep but.. Friends can't sleep together.. good night

22 June 2017

Travelling to CST from Bandra station.. Eid is coming so all roads were packed for shopping.. rain started so took umbrella after so many years with a promise of not loosing to mom.. let's see if I can keep that promise. Got in to train, Abhijeet couldn't tell me exact coach so sitting in other coach alone with unknown people with excitement.. Once I started looking at others, I am finding myself so energetic, excited 😊 but others low energy, tired and many more expression of dullness. One thought is not going out of mind and that is how people can struggle so much still standing strong to more struggle or frustrated life. But there might be a chance that they are also waiting to reach home and see family, play with kids, talking to better halves and what not..everyone finds something or other to look forward.. reached CST station now. All are running and trying to get in to train.. not letting us get down with full force to catch a seat and relax.. again leaving me with a thought
Shopping is something which is very tedious thing to do that too when you are going on the same day and your office work pops up.. your broken promise shows up.. your other commitments starts hunting you..😨 But still want to go for this excitement and uncertainty of life