Italy · 10 Days · 20 Moments · October 2014

12 October 2014

The last day.... Surely no one wanted this day to come, but as the saying goes every beggining has an end and there's no way better to end a vacation if not to chill your senses right by the sandy beach of peaceful Pozzallo. Right on the south end of this vast multi-cultural food frantic island you find this small but big hearted coastal village which houses one of sicily's porto and an array of Fish specializing restaurants, which to note i wish i wouldn't be familliar with.

11 October 2014

Spectecular Etnaland Park.... a themepark where children and adults are alike, where you forget your serious side and burst out that inner child longing to come out. Sparks of adrenaline flew out of each and every one of us as we mastered the breathtaking seven storey high rides and prayed our mother along the way.

10 October 2014

Shopping in the bustling streets of hectic Catania is not an easy task when not in a gigantour shopping complex, nevertheless you become part of the neverending market stradas and immerese yourself in its whole beauty. Let alone that the champions groups never forgot the infamous treasure hunt to find a suitable music shop, all the while the foul stench of the fish market or what was left of it didn't help.

9 October 2014

Nature at its best, after scaling a flight of 224 steps one can feast his eyes on gigantic Alamantra, a huge gorge bearing waterfall leading to a calming tranquil creek on which all beautiful living things thrive on, not forgetting that the soothing water was freezing cold, you can actually feel your toes numbing, but all the same still a magnificent and awesome experience.

8 October 2014

Cefalu' from under the skies ... literally, a magnificent view of the old town a glimpse of the huge tyrrenean sea, all caught from the high peaks of La Rocca or The Rock, to those feeble at heart; to reach this seiziable moment a mere stretch of a 100 steps and a more steep hill is to be utterly braved. To note that the champions groups braved it with a shrug ;)
Monumental Cefalu'.... Cobblestone alleys, vintage souvenier shops and a spectecular sandy beach all infuse Cefalu's historical twist ... A town full of lively stories to tell.

7 October 2014

First night out in historical Cefalu'..... Ate our way through the night and headed back to our own Bodmin Moor :)
Creepy La Patio.... A huge open area sporting about 10 semi detatched appartments all equipped with a croaking pannelled roof, a constipated sounding flush system, a stingy green pool and a vivid idea of what a modern farm looks like... We were accompanied by a herding group of sheep which we comunicated better with rather than the host.

6 October 2014

Fascinating San Vito Lo Capo.... A sandy patch of heaven where artisan shops and thrilling, four men driven bike rides thrive. Laughter is truly the world's best medicine.
There's no place else for the bestest fishiest plate than in this shanty village, even better when at Dal Cozzaro.... Truly a culinary delight even for those who prefer to leave the fish swimming peacefully where they belong ;)
A tranquil seashore... Seagulls cry and screech their way through the thrashing waves beating on the rocks and then along the long sandy shore where the magnificent mount of Erice boasts its lovely views.. A truly fantastic way to chill yourself hearing nature's best masterpiece.
A devastating walk in hoping to find Trapani's city centre which to this date i truly dont know if there's any centre.... A few frowned faces and tore shoe soles... and somewhat of a naughty old hobo... :)

5 October 2014

Wonderful chilly windy cloudy freezy Erice, an artisan paved city home to delicious pastry making shops and hot beverages, delicately made souveniers and foggy medieval streets and castles, one could never be more home to all those chilly medieval horrors without being in Erice. Simply amazing.
A strange mouth opening surprise the B&B in trapani was without doubt the most strange lodging one could be in, a huge block of appartments housing about 20 people with the top floor app. Being a B&B inn and the first floor being an eye doctor's clinic ( occulista ).
An exhilarating 4 hour drive with the champions groups... A few stops to conduct nature's essentials, to eat our first autogrill and to fuel up the Range

4 October 2014

Etnapolis... A confusing gigantic shopping mall full of noisy peeps and laughter none the less, later to stay at marvelous Etna hut... The blossoming views and the funny host.... Ring my bells
On the way to Etnaland theme park not a perfect day to ride the thrilling rides when drenched with rain.... But nevertheless a picturesque view worth visiting

3 October 2014

At hotel Como... Cheerful memories of a welcoming front desk man and a more welcoming experience ;)
More shots of lovely siracusa... A quiet city with old family run cafe's, extraordinary views and limitless fun.
Siracusa... At an artisan market full of busy loud stallers and a mixture of food aromas.