Taiwan · 1 Days · 3 Moments · January 2018

Siao's voyage in Taiwan

5 January 2018

Next stop, Swiss Garden. Entrance fee is NT120. Nothing much to offer excepts flowers and water fountain. Not recommended.
Start day leaving the lake to visit Wu Wen Temple. A unique temple where it has 366 steps where each step re present each calendar date for a year. And it indicate some iconic people that was born on the respective date. The temple is huge and they accept charity donation where in return, they will engrave your name on the wall acccording to the amount of donation.
Third stop for the day, Sheep farm. Entrance fee is NT150. The place is practically a place where you can view sheeps walking around and you get to feed them as well as photo taking. There is a nice background view for photo taking while feeding the sheep if the sky is without mist. If you are willing to walk more, there are a horse performance. It shows some acrobat riding horse by mongolian.