New Zealand · 12 Days · 51 Moments · March 2019

NZ - March 19

18 March 2019

Our drive into Wanaka, definitely one of the coolest roads ever. We looooove the west coast 😎
Blue Pools! Woweee this place was cool! The water was freeeeeezing but it didn’t stop brad from jumping in off he swingbridge! He could hardly swim back to shore after he jumped in because he was so cold
dunno what this place is but it was pretty groovy, there were all these rock stacks everywhere including down the big log! And the water was so clear
Thunder Creek Falls
Roaring Billy Falls Stopped here to have a geeze and it was one of the most beautiful places we have been to! There was a waterfall over the back coming down the hill and a stream of the bluest water! The clouds low down looked awesome
some pics of our drive from Bruce Bay to Haast

17 March 2019

Didn’t do much this afternoon, we drove through Franz Josef and Fox Glacier, it was a really crap day there and decided it wasn’t worth walking to see the glaciers. We stopped for coffee in a place called Ross, there were big coffee signs out ok the road and we walked down the walkway and it came to a house, was a bit weird but the guy was lovely and he served coffee and home made pie.
Hokitika Gorge Swingbridge weird water, it’s supposedly turquoise but it was literally grey haha
Hokitika Beach Cool little tourist town!

16 March 2019

Pancake rocks at Punakaki
Our drive down the west coast, such a beistiful drive!
Buller gorge swing bridge Was meant to be clear he water but it wasn’t, was still alright

15 March 2019

Our camping spot last night in Ruby Bay Was right next to the beach. It was meant to be $6pp but there was no one there to collect the money 🤷‍♀️
Riwaka Resurgence this looked way cooler in the photos, mainly because it was quite overcast but it was still an awesome place to visit! Wish we had more time so we could see it and go for a dip! The water is said to be really clear when the sun is out
Stumbled across this area, so beautiful! Wet warm here too!
Split Apple Rock Was a nice walk into the rock, which is pretty cool itself! It was hot and we regretted not bringing our bathers!
Pelorus Bridge reserve Cool little reserve, apparently on the hobbit they go down this river in barrels? Wasn’t very warm but some guy was having a dip!
Found this cute little place to camp when we got off the ferry Accidentally left. A bag of rubbish outside and heard this little guy rustling through it! Ranger came knocking on our van at 7:30 to get the fee, interesting wake up call!

14 March 2019

Our journey from Wellington to Picton. Well, we’ve officially arrived on the South Island! We left Wellington just before 5 and got into Picton around 8:30. The trip was lovely, as soon as you are unable to see the north island anymore you can see the Marlborough Sounds. Saw some dolphins along the way, and read our books. Last pic is a happy snap of our dinner when we arrived at the camp spot 😂 best dinner so far 🥰
Went to Southwards car museum, so many cool old cars. Insane to think how much they’d all be worth. Brad loved it but I got kinda bored hahah

13 March 2019

Stayed in a cool little campsite in near fielding. It was free but there was a donation box for the man who runs it. It had toilets, and a little kitchen and sitting areas with books, magazines and flyers. The freaky looking ducks came out in the morning looking for food, obviously they get fed a lot and they would bite your toes
Maori Rock Carvings Went on a boat cruise to view the Maori rock carvings. They’re so cool, there’s the main carving which is 14 metres high and took 4 years to complete and bunch of other carvings on the smaller rocks next to it
Worlds coolest McDonald’s Just a regular maccas with a plane you can sit in to eat, kinda cool!
Huka Falls! Cool waterfall, the water runs really fast, Brad hoped we could swim but there’s no way anyone could swim or even get on a boat in the falls. The boat in the pic would be as close as you could get
Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland We found this place a bit disappointing, it’s a park full of thermal pools which is cool but it’s kinda just an ugly stinky place bar like 2 things. Ah well
Kerosene Creek This was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been, literally a warm creek, the water is like 30 degrees?! I couldn’t swim because I’m too burnt still :( fml but brad did and I put my feet in. It’s literally like having a bath! you could see the steam coming off all the water too! Especially the lake in the last photo, you can’t see it to well but if you zoom in you kinda can!

12 March 2019

Yesterday arvo we were unable to get a free camping spot in Rotorua. Came across planet backpackers and read that Luke (owner) lets you park and sleep out front, with full use of kitchen, laundry, shower and toilets, as well as TV, wifi, Netflix and lounge area for $5 per night! He is so lovely, helped us get cheap deals in our activities today. Everyone’s so friendly! We are staying again tonight and will head to Taupo tomorrow morning 😊 Pretty weird sleeping out on the street by for $5...
Went for a walk to see the bubbling mud pools. Rotorua literally smells like rotten eggs and it’s the worst around here. The pools were cool, you can’t go in them because they’re like 100 degrees. Went for a walk up the main streets, there was about 10 souvenir shops but nothing really of interest
Went to ogo this afternoon You go and check in, get changed into bathers, and get the bus up the hill. They have spas for you to wait in and a viewing area of the tracks. We got on the bus, went to the top and the guy puts water in the ball, you get in, they zip it up and you have to stand and run to get the ball going, then you fall over and tumble down the hill. It was well worth the money!
Skyline Gondola and Luge Got here early, had 5 luge rides, so much fun! Brad would stay here all day if he could!

11 March 2019

Sun - 1 Sian - 0 Ill never learn 😕
Mount Maunganui! This place is so cool, the water temp was apparently 21 degrees! We went for a stroll around the Main Street and headed to the beach. Brad went for a swim and I stayed on the beach and read my book. We went for a walk up the island thing between the beaches and read that it used to be a water park, with sea mammals on display, this closed in 2008 and was demolished.
In our drive from Blue Spring to Mount Maunganui we stopped at a lookout at the top of the hill. Amazing view!
Blue Spring We are so lucky I saw this on a poster while waiting for brad to have a shower, as I had never heard of it. The water was crystal clear and we were both so tempted to jump in. Swimming has been banned in order to preserve the area. You can literally see fish swimming and everything
Just up the road from Hobbiton we stumbled across ‘Brock’s Place’ Brocks Place is freedom camping out the back of someone’s house on a farm. The people who live there were lovely, the lady cracking a tassie joke, and it was only $8pp to stay there. There were about 15 other groups there which was cool. They had sinks and free water, and a cold shower. You could pay $2 and have a 5 minute hot shower which we both appreciated! The view when we got up was amazing, if you zoom in on the pictures you can see all he farmland from the top of the hill

10 March 2019

Hobbiton! After we left Hahei beach, we headed to Hobbiton. We stopped in a town called Tairua for some lunch and got a bit sidetracked, meaning we were running late to get to Hobbiton. Brad was salty as all the way (as anyone who knows him can imagine) but we got there 5 minutes before the tour started (you’re meant to get there 15 minutes prior) and just scraped in! Never seen the hobbit but it’s a pretty cool place! The little hobbit holes were cute, and very well thought out. Mainly enjoyed the free drink at the end 😎
Hahei Beach Our view on the walk back!
Gemstone Bay We put our wetsuits on, and jumped in the clear water to go snorkeling. There were buoys all around the bay that you could stop and read about the fish. Unfortunately we didn’t see many fish, but we saw a few and a stingray (scared the crap out of both of us, all I could think about was Steve Irwin 😬) We snorkelled for about an hour, dried off and walked back to the car, admiring the view on the way
Cathedral Cove! We got up early and started our walk to cathedral cove, after grabbing a coffee and some snorkel gear. It was quite warm even though it was only early, but it was well worth it and a lot of people around considering it was only about 10:30. The water was so blue, we were going to swim but we were visiting gemstone bay on the way back (25 min walk) and we didn’t want to walk there wet!

9 March 2019

We were a bit stuck on what to do for a campsite, everywhere was a 40+ minute drive away. Ended up finding this guy who owned a winery 5 minutes up the road. We texted him, and we had a pop up pizza shop at a brewery 10 minutes away. We headed there, the deal was that you could camp for free, if you did a wine/spirit tasting and spent $20pp on his alcohol. Sweet deal.. We got a pizza as we also hadn’t had dinner, and he brought out our tasting. Brad didn’t like most of them, facial expressions were worth it though. He gave us a run down of the fruit ‘feijoa’ which we had never heard of, he was really funny and made lots of Aus/tassie jokes. We ended up being some Feijoa liquor and went back up to his winery to camp. The view the next morning explains itself... so worth it
Cooks Beach! Headed here after a camp spot and couldn’t get one so we stopped in at the beach. It was beautiful, we went around the rocks to check it out!
Hot Water Beach! This place is so cool, along the end of the beach we’re heaps of people, they’d all dug holes in the sand because there’s hot water under it and they were all sitting in the holes. It was about 16 degrees and there were people swimming and steam coming off the water. We didn’t swim, weren’t game enough
Got to Whangamata, we were going to go to donut island but it had been pouring all day. We went to the shops in the morning because there wasn’t much else to do. Went for a walk around and came back to a cracked windscreen, just our luck!

8 March 2019

Rüfus Du Sol! We finally got back into Auckland (still raining), and we had booked an Airbnb about 10 minutes away from the concert. It was just a room with a bathroom out the back of someone’s house. The people were lovely and it was just what we needed, it was so good to have a shower too! Headed to the concert, which was amazing! So many people in NZ smoke e-cigarettes, they’re everywhere, even in the mosh. The line for the bar was like 30 min long, but we noticed they sold hot chips too! How handy would that be at home! Last two pics are from our Airbnb
Piroa Falls! By the time we reached here it had thankfully stopped raining. The drive up was a rough dirt road, but well worth it! It was so green in this area, so many ferns too! When we got to the waterfall (it was about 16 degrees) brad was quite unimpressed (as per pics) that there was a couple there in their bathers, having a photo shoot 😂 that girl must have been so cold! On the way out we came across a cool stretch of road lined with trees
Whangarei Falls! Decided to embrace the rain and still check out the falls as we had planned, lucky it was just a 10 minute walk from the carpark. The waterfall was amazing, it was in the middle of suburbia which was weird!
Drove up to Bay of Islands, we were meant to be up at 6 for a dolphin swimming trip but we couldn’t bring ourselves to be out of bed at 6. We left our campsite just after 7, stopped to get coffee and were on the road again! When we got to Paihia, we went to the iSite there and booked another cruise that went to ‘hole in the rock’, the tour went for 3 hours. Lucky for us that we didn’t get there in time for the dolphin tour as it started to pour just as we were coming back from our tour. there was a section of the cruise that was a bit rough, heaps of people were spewing... gross We got back into shore about 12, and we decided to have lunch and look around a bit. The rain was quite heavy so we couldn’t do much else! Went into some of the shops and headed back to Auckland

7 March 2019

Finally made it to a campsite after a long day and effectively no sleep. Stopped in at the pub for a drink, then to a free campsite on the water. There were a dodgy couple there and we had read reports on a camping app that there had been some theft so we decided to move on. Drive 5 minutes down the road do another beach and watched the sunset and off to bed!
Goat Island! Sadly didn’t get any pictures here, apart from those on the GoPro while we were snorkeling. We saw so many fish and surprisingly snorkelled for about an hour, even though we had no sleep. It was an awesome place to snorkel, the girl at the hire app gave us heaps of information on where to go to see the most. It’s a marine reserve so it’s been really well looked after, the fish are so used to having people there they don’t bat and eyelid at you, some swimming right infringing if you!
Pohuehue Falls! We decided to pull over as we were both exhausted and needed a break from driving. Luckily for us, there was a waterfall track where we pulled over! It was about 15 min walk each way, wasn’t very exciting when we got to the falls, but it woke us up a bit! As per brad’s face we were lit in a good state haha
got to Hobart Airport at 3:40pm, checked our baggage in and met Lydia while we waited for our flight. Got to Melbourne around 6. We picked up our bags and made our way to international. Our flight to Auckland was at 11:45 and we had to wait to check our bags in until 3hrs prior. Sat in the terminal and read until 8:45. Checked our bags in and went through security, the ladies checking the bags were scary and reminded me of Ms Trunchbull off Matilda 😂 they were yelling at everyone. My bag got pulled aside and we had to wait about 15 minutes, the girl who was looking at it just gave it back. This chick had some string they confiscated (wtf). The flight was rough and we didn’t really sleep, we both tried but the seatbelt sign was on most of the way indicating how rough it was. got into Auckland at 5:30 am. Had to wait to pickup our camper at 9, so we got some coffee and brad got breakfast. Brad was tired and grumpy because we had wait. Got an Uber to Wicked Campers and got our car!