United States of America · 1 Days · 12 Moments · July 2017

Shylee training 7/23/17

23 July 2017

KISSES toy:large squeaky ball Wanted to play fetch. Seemed a little timid, didn't know how to search. Needed lots of guidance. Did not want to put paws up on anything 4: needs experience and environmental
RIGHTY toy: large squeaky ball Wanted to play fetch but seemed too tired to hunt. Needed lots of guidance searching. 6: needs endurance
GUNNER injured but worked inspite of limping Toy: large squeaky ball Did really well, lots of ball drive and wanted to hunt. Was able to throw in. 8: needs independence and systematic searching
ZIGGY injured
RUDY Toy: large squeaky ball Did well at first and has a lot of ball drive. Dropped ball a few times. Completely ignored new large squeaky ball, was not able to throw in. After the 2nd search Rudy stopped wanting to hunt at all. 4 : ball possession and hunting
ABBY toy: large squeaky ball Did well playing fetch. Left ball in drawer twice and dropped ball three times and left it after fetching it. Was not very interested in hunting for ball, did seem true to the toy. 4: not true to toy, drops ball
TOBY Toy: large squeaky ball Played fetch and P did well. Did a few small, easy hides and P did well. Needs work hunting but did well. 5: Needs help with everything
ELLIE MAE toy: none Was very scared of getting out of the truck. Jumped in and out of truck over 10 times but she was still just as terrified and refused to get out. Took on a parked car go truck and horse trailer. Was ok with horse trailer, not.with cargo truck. 2: environmentally very unsound
CLYDE toy: Large squeaky ball Wanted to play fetch at first but did not want to hunt. Lost interest when ball was in a deep drawer or under the desk and left it. 3: Not true to the toy
JETER toy: large squeaky ball Was limping a little but had a ton of prey drive. Did 6 hides and was able to hide a new large squeaky and throw in. Did very well. 8: needs work on hunting longer and independently
PIPPER toy: large squeaky ball Showed a lot of play drive. Did 6 searches with him in the 2nd room, did really well. Was able to hide a new large sweaky and throw in with no problem. 7 : needs endurance
COACH toy: pipe metal and plastic Had no interest in a pipe, wanted to hunt for a tennis ball. Tried placing treats inside pipe, still no interest.