United States of America · 1 Days · 9 Moments · July 2017

shylee's adventure in American Samoa

27 July 2017

RIO Toy:large squeaky ball Has ball drive but is very Enviormental and needs lots of socialization 1
NOVA toy: large squeaky ball Lots of ball drive. Needs help searching, very basic and acts like not sure how to search. Needs help learning search 4
SKYE Toy: large squeaky ball Very under developed. Has ball drive and wanted to play fetch. But does not know how to search. I kept going back and forth, not sure if she wasn't true to the toy or if she just doesn't know how to search. Would leave the ball in a drawer and didn't want to stick head in drawer. Kind of skidish Search 2 Enviormental 3
NOVA Toy: large squeaky ball Searching really well, lots of ball drive. Wants to play keep away. Points at ball when searching. Will not search for any toy but the initial toy she searches for. Can't throw in. 9
LEW Wanted nothing to do with a ball. Just wanted to do obedience and be pet
DIESEL toy: large squeaky ball Did very well. Searching great. Lots of ball drive, wants to play fetch and chase ball. Wants to play tug and hold ball 7-8
KY Toy: large squeaky ball Dis really well. Wanted to search and fetch toy. Kept playing keep away and didn't want to be caught. Would drop the ball once you cornered him. Did not like being touched in the flank and was trying to bite. Searching doing well. Search 5 Enviormental 4
DUGA Toy: Kong Started with a bite sleeve. She did great, nice full grip and would rebite. Didn't really want to search for kong. I believe she was searching for the sleeve instead of the kong. Would grab kong and wanted to play tug, but was very slow in her searching and didn't want to search very much Bite 8 Search 4
HAUS Toy: Kong Wobba Wanted to chase the toy when playing fetch, but was very visual and didn't want to search. Almost acted like he just didn't know how, not nessicarly that he was refusing to search. Didn't want anything to do with a tennis ball. Had to coax and help in bottle room. 3