United States of America · 11 Days · 4 Moments · November 2017

Family Life

4 December 2017

I’ve been thinking about it and we can elope by the waterfall. We can have 2 weddings, or 3 or 4. 😘 Dec 2017 Zit on the nose might ruin my whole day but since I didn’t know it was there I had a good time. Well just say that the baby is mine and it will be mine unless we find out otherwise. Nov 2017 Told boss at work that she has 2 kids and we have one on the way. Dec 2017 Sweet girl.
Sleeping in on our Monday off and snuggling and playing in bed. Bubu kept snuggling closer to michael who was up since 7:30

1 December 2017

Making cards with markers, stickers, and stamps. I listen as the kids spout whatever pops in their heads and I write it down for them. This turned out some really cut and funny cards! Good way to spend a rainy day!

24 November 2017

Michael’s first haircut where I used different fades and scissor techniques. He was so good and still for me! Ariana was watching from the doorway and said “Mommy, I want a haircut too!”