United States of America · 11 Days · 43 Moments · September 2017

Shubha & Mike move west!

7 October 2017

Home city! 13 states, 10 days, and 3400+ miles later, we made it to Seattle! Sun, snow, and rain - we saw it all today. We are ready with rain gear and sunglasses for our next adventure.
Octoberfest and lunch in Leavenworth, WA. A mini-Bavaria in Washington.
Getting closer! Some scenic spots by Columbia River as we continue driving in Washington.

6 October 2017

Soap Lake, Washington. A tiny seasonal town, apparently the lake has curative properties...
Washington!! Home state. Driving into Washington at sunset and our first sign for Seattle.
Idaho! State #12 and we entered PDT!! Pit stop for lunch at Coeur d' Alene.
Sadly we had to say goodbye to the plants. It turns out city plants don't appreciate a cross-country road trip past Chicago.

5 October 2017

Montana is like a postcard... state number 11!! 1 more to go before we hit Washington.

4 October 2017

Went swimming in Yellowstone!
Black bear sighting
More Yellowstone...
We really liked the thermal spots...
More thermal features, including Old Faithful
We can't stop taking photos at Yellowstone...
Day 2 at Yellowstone

3 October 2017

Sunset shots at Yellowstone
Open roads and more Yellowstone photos
Elk sighting!
More Yellowstone! Amazing thermal features - geysers, mud pots, and hot springs.
Yellowstone Lake. And our first bison sighting!
Sylvan Lake, Yellowstone. The beginning of our 300+ photos of Yellowstone...!
Cody, on the way to Yellowstone. A beautiful drive!

2 October 2017

Wyoming! Where it went from sunny-ish skies to rain to snow and below freezing and dark windy roads in the Bighorn National Forest. Our first snow of the season! And remembering what 19F/ -7C felt like (luckily it's warmed up to 31F/ -1C today).
More of South Dakota and Crazy Horse - highest admission fee so far on this trip! The sculpture is still in progress...
Mt Rushmore

1 October 2017

Badlands national park
Sioux Falls

30 September 2017

Cornfields in Wisconsin... state #7 we passed!
‘You’re driving too fast’ It’s ok, traffic is moving at 80. ‘If the cops pull you over, I’m going to encourage them to ticket you.
Our manhattan plants are enjoying the roadtrip too

29 September 2017

Chicago deep dish!
Wrigley Field!
Chi town!

28 September 2017

In the heartland... USA
Lake Erie
Niagara Falls!
Niagara Falls!

27 September 2017

Driving through Scotrun, PA in the Poconos
All packed and we're off!