India · 7 Days · 15 Moments · August 2017

Shruti's adventure in Leh, Himachal Pradesh,

25 August 2017

Evry journey has to end, it's not the destination but it's path traversed through left us awestruck!!! Thrills , adventure fun joy happiness disturbance tolerance memories excitement ,a million feelings , million thoughts Just live a moment !! Rest is life Bye to Leh Ladakh and thanks for giving us exciting journey from start till end !!! Memories are timeless treasures

24 August 2017

True life is like a roller coaster , sometimes we just need to close our eyes and hold on in fear..some times we need to just wave hand in air!! Wow beautiful Pangong by its full open arms , waiting us to hug, which is at 14000ft abv sea level .. Persistence and time , lessons taught by river. River just cuts through rock and different places,not because of power but because of persistence and flows in India by leaving it's trace of 30% and remaining at its place China. Act timely was situational quote, suited for variations of color well played with Sun.

23 August 2017

Time to console self!! Today rest tom will be perfect. How beautiful it is !! Taking rest after doing nothing .. Life is all about balance's perfectly fine to take rest and kick back.. Hope keeps us alive !! A thing to be mentioned, it's not only place make u learn even from ppl too.. Navitaaaaaa gal with zero expectations from others but little Ziddi !! Well appreciated for taking everything so sporting way !!!

22 August 2017

All the way Nubra to back to Leh !! Defeat is temporary and pain of defeat too.. But nature showed us don't dare to challenge !!! Sickness had already occupied

21 August 2017

To Travel is to take journey into yourself !!!! Mother Nature stuns and same time shocking ..zor ka jhatka dheerse Lage !! Haha Thrilled to be at , World's highest motorable road path traversed through it which is of 18653 ft abv sea level kadrlunga pass. Hardwork of travelling a 150 km from Leh to Kadrlunga paid fruits !! Wanna know value of our breathe or life ..once must be at 18653..what say... Exploration is real essence of human spirit !! All the way from mountain to land ie beautiful but dry nubra valley which is almost 8k ft abv sea level.. Not Agn with no expectations river plays main role forming sand dune!! Diversity of culture !! Ladhaki costumes , softness of the soul.. Always welcoming nature..and beautiful dance .. Loving it !! Lost in amidst of nature

20 August 2017

Travel makes us one modest !!! We get to know what a tiny place we occupy and be in tht zone... So better start off!!! A day is incomplete or breathe we can say!!! Without divine power Bows at gurudawar.. and patar sahib . What a pull what a attraction mother Nature makes us stun at magnetic hill. We can see zero expectations from mother Nature where two rivers unite !!!Sangam indus river and zansokar river... Arrogance Ignorance can be better cutoff at place filled with positive energy ie likhere moanstery.. Knowledge is divine , varied culture varied livelihood.. Buddhism is divided into hinyana and Mahayana.. Each Mahayana is divided into 5 sects..Still I wonder what is truth of suffering alot to learn !! The most statisfactory answer to one's soul, Compassion Buddha 11headed and 1000 handed..

19 August 2017

True Travelling leaves us speechless but I wonder how did it cconvert me into a storyteller!! Worth seeing the livelihood of people and culture . Proud to be Indian. Leh palace !! King rule holds good..sittsapata goddess the protector..yak butter symbolises negation of sins!!
Shanti stupa!! The power of positivity.. Clockwise is the rule of life !!! Spread love and peace!!
Shanti stupa!! The power of positivity.. Clockwise life !!! Peace is must
Leh welcomed us by most touching words of Army !! Top view
UK701 Leh !! Finally Leh we are coming...late but the latest Gate 58 opens for us
Super hot !!! Delhi ,welcomes us

18 August 2017

Time to live the dream!! From BLR IA to Delhi
The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination. Started
An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.     Journey begins