Costa Rica · 2 Days · 5 Moments · March 2017

Shreeya's voyage in Costa Rica

16 March 2017

Now we are going zip lining!!!
Today so far we have went horseback riding. I got a handsome horse that was white 🐚 But... my horse never let anyone pass him. When another horse tried to pass him he went crazy and fast. HE ALSO TRIED TO BITE ANOTHER 🐴

15 March 2017

So...we are here at the rainforest. On the way back we got on to the wrong trail. I had a feeling that we were on that path. When we came back from that trail we found the sign!!!! I was so happy and felt so smart. So... that is my family's experience,
We are now listening to music that have very cool beats :)
Hello, I am from the USA but am now traveling and in Costa Rica! We have had some lovely weather for the past few days. I have learned so much about the culture here within 2 days. Welcome to my Costa Rica Journi or Journey