United States of America · 13 Days · 5 Moments · April 2015

Shoulda known better

16 April 2015

Damn it's been a bit. I've chilled and explored Portland, and walked the Oregon coast. I've slept in the rainfall of the hoh rainforest, and seen mysterious forest elk spirits, which were really just elk. I've slept illegally somewhere in Seattle, cause screw paying for a spot on a lawn. I went to Canada for a day, and ate poutine. I drove from Vancouver to Helena Montana in one day. That was tough. I've been to country bars in Montana. And I beat some bozemanites in smash! Miss anyone who is reading this More coming soon :)

15 April 2015

4 April 2015

Spencers Butte // Corvallis

3 April 2015

Just saw crater lake! There's an Island called wizards isle... Maybe I'll live there in the future? I need to learn some spells
In weed california! Headed to crater lake, then Eugene. Hope it doesn't rain!