Switzerland · 4 Days · 6 Moments · October 2017

Shivam's adventure in Geneva, Switzerland

9 October 2017

It was our last day in Geneva before our late night flight back to Bristol so we thought we'd take in the sights. I realise this note is long overdue but that is okay, we got there in the end. We began by having a nice breakfast from Lidl, a competitor of Aldi, simply because it was cheap. Now I was a tad sick so I didn't have much and I also took some cough medication. From there, we progressed towards the Lake Geneva where we caught a ferry from one side of the river to the other. This gave us a very close pass by to the Jet D'eau which is a very famous 140m burst of water. Upon descent of the boat, we walked around the pier for some time, just relaxing and taking in the sights. Eager to see more, we made our way o a park which had the world's longest bench (boring lol). Our last stop was the St Paul's Cathedral which, after a long stair walk, offered magnificent views of the city. We then came back to our hostel to prepare for our flight. It was time to say bye to Geneva.

8 October 2017

Early rise today. We were travelling to France catching an 8:30 bus which would take us to a ski village and mountain called Chamonix-Mont Blanc. I missed the views from the bus as I slept the whole way through (was feeling a bit bleak). Upon arriving at Chamonix at 10, we were hit by a large change in weather at around 5 degrees but I was layered up. We had a decent amount of time which we used to explore the village and my God it was beautiful. Snowy mountains almost 5km above sea level with luscious leafy mountains in the foreground. Quite a sight and I took so many photos it's ridiculous. We only paid for a half day but we missed the bus going back so he let us stay for the full day. At 3pm we went for a mountain hike which was below average I'd say; however, there was this large rock we stood on and it's there that I captured literally the most incredible photo ever. I was quite knackered on the way back so I slept on the bus, grabbed a cheeky kebab and hit the sack early.

7 October 2017

The first night has been interesting. We started out by finding some food. Everything is so expensive here. A simple kebab is 10 euros (13 aud)!! The kebab was still the cheapest so I bought that and a bottle of iced tea. Also everything written here is in "cl" rather than "ml" so that took a bit of brain power to convert. We went walking down towards Lake Geneva and took one or two photos and videos and then left. By this point it was so cold and I had my parka zipped fully up with buttons done. After our miniature photoshoot, we went to a sports pub. This pub, while small yet relatively busy, had 3L barrels of beer for sale. So we bought one, shared it amongst five and played pool till about 1:15am. Ruma and Sabrina tried to get shots after that by "seducing" someone which didn't work at all. The guys name was Danny Cuba and he was a "professuer de sport". Fun times. We then head back to the hostel for some sleep. That's all for now; Ciao.

6 October 2017

First time in a hostel. We got given Linen and Towels which is good. The pillow is surprisingly nice, however they didn't give us a quilt cover. They just gave us two sheets which is kinda pointless but I guess we have to make do. The room is quite small, with a bunk bed, a sink and a wardrobe. I have no clue where the showers are. I will attach a photo soon. We're probably gonna go out tonight but literally everything is so expensive. We'll see how it goes.
We've arrived in Geneva. YAY! But we just missed our train. The next one is in 20 minutes so we should be set. Keen to see my first hostel :)
At the airport right now with Ruma, Sabrina, Charlie and Jacob. Kim will be joining us tomorrow.