Hong Kong S.A.R. · 5 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

Shiro's daily life in Hong Kong

5 June 2017

SUP spots in Lantau Today I'm gonna explore Pui O and Pui O Beach and see whether its a good SUP spot. So far the bus 3M to Pui O is once every 25 mins and takes ard 20 mins, getting off at "Lo Uk Tseun" They have waves at the beach but SUP rental shop is not open. They only open on weekends. Also they don't have lockers nor hot showers, only outdoor cold shower (but I am used to that anyway) But have to say I like this nice little cafe called "Little Blue Mountain". 28HKD for my fav toastie n lemon tea combo.

2 June 2017

Blue purple ombre- time spent: 1.5 hrs Products: Manic Panic 'shocking blue' for blue, Pop Devil Hair Treatment (purple) for bottom part Hair condition: roots growing out and bleached once at the middle and twice at the end part First shampoo ur hair and blow dry without conditioning. Then apply blue from roots, started from the back. I could only apply the product by feel as I can't really see the back. I parted my hair in 3 sections, back, left n right. Then I started to apply the top right part and worl my way down, practising applying in sections using both the brush and comb. Applied generously. By the time I finish, I waited for around 15 mins before applying the purple at the end by hand. Then I wrapped my hair around with film and waited for another 30 mins. Result: general success. But the surface was uneven and some ends didn't get enough purple. Needed to retouch the next day. Rinse with cold water, WITH gloves!

31 May 2017

Lower Cheung Sha Beach- Long Coast So far my usual SUP spot. Quiet on the weekdays and water is usually quite calm. 90/hr for SUP and 70/hr for kayaking. How to get there Bus 11 from Tung Chung. Bus is quite frequent. Get off at Lower Cheung Sha when you see a bunch of rubbish carts and some white chairs. Then walk straight until u see a slope leading down to the beach. Note that u need 300 cash deposit before u get your equipments!! They also have locker rental services and shower places (need to pay of cos) If you're heading there on a sunny summer day, it'd be best to avoid midday sun as its humid and hot as f.