North America · 40 Days · 97 Moments · July 2017

Shirley's voyage in the Northeastern US.

26 August 2017

Spent today touring around the Ozark River Nat. Park around the Van Buren MO area. The rivers are a clear pretty blue, created by the springs. We also saw quite a few CCC buildings.

25 August 2017

Traveling day. We have a great campsite by the Current River by Van Buren, MO. I should have taken more pics on our drive after super. We saw some great views on skyline drive.

24 August 2017

Beautiful sunset.
Then on to Lost River Cave where we took a boat ride through the cave/fun!
Last a hike to the butterfly garden at Lost River.
Enjoyable morning at the Corvette museum,Bowling Green KY

23 August 2017

Travel day today. Stopped at Somerset, KY to see my cousin Rosanna. We then moved on to a really nice KOA outside Bowling Green.

22 August 2017

Enjoyed the Kentucky Folk Art Museum today in Morehead. Then lunch at a heart little place. Having. Rain storms this pm so hanging around the camper.

21 August 2017

Made it to Moorehead Kentucky today. Didn't see much of the eclipse at all😢. We do have a nice campground tho.

19 August 2017

Drove out to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah Nat park this morn. We hiked out to Stony Man point. Lots of pretty views. We saw tadpoles in a shallow place in the rock up on top.
Had a great lunch at the lodge. Then more pretty scenery.

18 August 2017

Today was a moving(to Madison VA), laundry and rest day. This evening we went out to this tap barn. It was a very pretty setting with live music too.

17 August 2017

Started off Wed at a dentist office! Leon 's cap came off. Luckily he was able to get a new one and the guy even fixed the. Token one invade this comes off-really nice. Then it Eason to Hershey, PA. We went to the museum, simulated factory tour, and chocolate store. We saw3-Mike island on the wayhome😬😳
Then on to Julis Sturgis pretzel factory.
On to Bird in Hand for a little shopping at a farmers market with a meat market and chocolate all in one place. Then to a buffet for lunch great.
More farm pics.
Took a buggy in Amish country today. We saw them harvesting tobacco. He said that is a big money crop for them.Struck me as a little ironic.

15 August 2017

Nice foggy sunset walk to take out the trash.
Moving to Lancaster PA area today. Went to the Root Country Auction and market. They were auctioning off all kinds of fowl, produce, and misc stuff. They also had rows and rows of produce and Amish food😋My kinda place. I should have tKen pics of the food.

14 August 2017

Walk down the oldest continuously inhabited street inAmerica.
Started off the day with a guided bus tour of Philly.

13 August 2017

Then on to Valley Forge- beautiful huge park. We took a great guided trolley tour. The stone building is 80./. Original. This was Washington's headquarters when here. Same handrail he used-amazing!
Next stop Rising for a great lunch.
First stop church

12 August 2017

Train back north.
Betsy Ross house and a walk through Chinatown on way back to train station.
Christ's Church had to see Washington's pew and Ben Franklin's grave in the church burial ground.
Lunch at Reading Terminal Market-aPhilly Cheesesteak of course. This was a huge market with produce, meat mkts.,bakeries, and eateries.
Next Independence Hall. Amazing that this building is still in such great shape after all these years .
Road the train into Philadelphia today and first stop wasLiberty Bell at Independence Square.

11 August 2017

Moving day today. We are camped around Green Lane PA about 50 miles from Philadelphia. We will ride train in there tomorrow.

10 August 2017

Oops here is the church.
Next on to Sleepy Hallow Cemetery with its Revolutionary War veterans and Washington Irving, author of "Legend of Sleepy Hallow". I loved the one tomb with the anchor on it. I think they liked Hebrews 6:19 too. What better place to see the statue of Jesus than in a cemetery ✝️
I love the sign in front of The Old Dutch church, always have service except during the Revolution! Even Ray might have had to cancel then😜
Horse carriage and all the horse collars and bits.
Took a tour of the Rockefeller summer mansion Kykuit, in Sleppy Hallow, NY.Couldn't take pics in the house but I liked the outside better anyway.
The oak leaf hydrangeas were huge and beautiful outside the visitors center at Kykuit.

9 August 2017

Views of Hudson River from Black bear mountain.
West Point continued.
Took a tour of West Point this morning. The views of the Hudson were beautiful.

8 August 2017

Beautiful sunset at Black Bear campground.
Statue of Liberty and Ellis island.
Memorial names, the one with white rose had a birthday on this day.
Wall Street. The pic of wooden square in street is left over from fence or wall that used to be there, thus the name.
Next to the Episcopal church. The white bike was left there by a delivery boy on 9/11. He never made it back to get it 😢so they keep it as a memorial.
Started our NYC tour at Times Square and then walked down to 46th to see theHamilton theatre. No show ,but I did seem them delivering the costumes😜
Moving day, laundry,and grocery shopping. We are located at a nice campground on top of a hill in Florida, NY.
On the way in to NY city on a tour bus. We had a little slow up waiting for a line of buses.

6 August 2017

Also toured the John Brown homesite near Lake Placid.
Enjoyed Lake Placid this afternoon. Went to the top of ski jump.
Enjoyed church to day at Bolton Landing.

5 August 2017

Drove up to Burlington VT Saturday. Toured the Vermont teddy bear factory and of course buy two of them. Enjoyed the harbor at Burlington.

4 August 2017

We ate lunch at the restaurant side of the big King Arthur building before my Mediterranean bread making class. It was fun and learned to measure with scale and wet kneading method.
Off to Vermont on Friday. We saw covered bridges and were able to take pics of these two . The countryside is very pretty with tree covered hills (mts. As they call them) and small pretty grams and towns.
Found a covered bridge in Woodstock!

3 August 2017

Raft ride down the Ausable Chasm. Pretty amazing place. The rapids were only class 1 though so not scary. There was quite a hike along the chasm to get to the rafts.
The garden at Ticonderoga .
Views from Fort Ticonderoga tour this morning.

2 August 2017

Moving day. We are in the Adirondacks out in the middle of a forest. Went up the road to look at this little town after supper.

1 August 2017

Ate a picnic lunch along the riverside after looking atall the old wooden boats.
Started off the day back in Clayton at boat museum. Saw the yacht built by Boldt(same as the castle yesterday). I guess it was only meant to be moored in front of his castle to show passing boaters his wealth.

31 July 2017

More pics around Bolt castle.
Docked at Boldt castle and took a tour. Boldt was building it for his wife when she died suddenly he had construction stopped and never returned to this island.
Tools tour boat ride around the 1000 islands in the St. Lawrence river.
Waiting on our boat tour after stopping in the neat little harbor town of Clayton. Have to go back there and shop/looks like lots of cute shops. We made it to Rivet Tats Vheesr shop before coming out to dock.

30 July 2017

Went to Sacketts harbor last night to walk around. There is a battle ground from the war of 1812 on the hill. We took the walking path but no pics. Enjoyed the beautiful sunset back st campground.

29 July 2017

Took another hike after exploring downtown Ithaca and having lunch. We started at lower Buttermilk Falls where they had another nice swimming place. Then we drove 5 miles to upper part and walked the pinnacle gorge. When the river had washed out deep pools that people were swimming in them. Right below pinnacle rock there was a cliff that kids were jumping into the water.
Cornell botanic gardens.
Farmer's market in zIthaca NY

28 July 2017

More hiking to waterfalls around Ithaca today.

27 July 2017

Moved down to Newfield NY today. Did a little laundry(only one load as the one washer is quite sways away). This evening we drove into Ithaca to look. At a waterfall on the Cornell University campus. It turned out to be 10 waterfalls in a beautiful gorge with walking trail. Dad counted 600 steps up and back down. The town is really neat hilly and by the lake. The downtown reminded me of Lawrence except it was blocked to cars. They have a big farmers market so will go to that Sat.

26 July 2017

Last great event of the day. We saw a sign by the highway (fire wood for sale),so we drove back off the highway and after a few turns we turn up into this guy's driveway and buy some wood. During the conversation we find out he worked in Enid building the Farmland plant! God wink.
Next we walked across the bridge to the Canadian side. The flowers were just beautiful as was the view of the Falls.
Next we rode Maid of the Mist upto the Falls. We boarded toward the end of our group so didn't have the best view, still outstanding .One of the workers told me they run 50 loads of 500 people a day at $18 ahead. Seems like $450,000 a day.
Went down to cave of the winds. It was too wet to get pics at Hurricane Ridge- I got soaked even with my poncho. Great fun.
Spent the day at Niagara Falls. Went to the observation platform first and then to cave of the winds. We were their fairly early and got to see rainbows around the Falls.

25 July 2017

Beautiful sunset over Lake Erie.
Ride our bikes down to beach after supper. Yeah sunshine- guess we will watch sunset.
I didn't really get many photos but we had a super bus tour this afternoon with a hilarious tour guide.
Enjoyed a walking tour of downtown Buffalo NY this morn. St. Joseph Episcopal church had beautiful Tiffany glass windows and SN impressive interior. The most surprising thing was the front door that opened as you walked up.

24 July 2017

Made it to Lake Erie about 2:30 and have a great site with view of lake out back! It is pretty windy causing lots of waves a great sounds.

23 July 2017

Rainy tour of Uncle Franks Falling Waters. Very impressive.
Church on this misty morn in Ohiopyle PA. Very small congregation with a big warm heart.

22 July 2017

Made it to the campground at Ohiopyle PA about 3. Got set up and then went exploring downtown along the river. Lots of rafting and biking here. Forgot my phone in camper so few pics. Next we went to Cucumber Falls where these two pics were taken.
Moving day -so far this is what West Virginia looks like😃

21 July 2017

Drove up to Logan Ohio to eat dinner with my cousin Angie and her two grown kids. They drove 2 hours to meet us-so nice of them. We ate at a Dutch buffet-really good.
2nd hike of the afternoon to Cedar Falls.
Break in the rain for a hike to the rock house.
Early morning hike to Old Man cave at Hocking Hills State park in Ohio. Luckily we made it with out getting to wet. Saw three diff waterfalls.

20 July 2017

Traveling through pretty Ohio corn country today. I wish I had started taking barn pics this morning. We have a nice wooded camping spot at shocking Hills State park.

19 July 2017

Snapped a pic of this lady all decorated for the derby!!! Do you call that leg tat a pant leg?
Spent the afternoon touring Churchill Downs. We learned that the horses pee on whistle command for their drug test- didn't know that!
Started the day with a trolley tour of downtown Louisville. The old Victorian houses were beautiful and all of stone. Also went to the Louisville slugger museum and took a tour to see how they make bats.

18 July 2017

Made it to Louisville KY this afternoon. Went down to the river walk tonight.

17 July 2017

After dinner we went out to the CahokiaIndian mounds a UNESCO site. Around 1200AD the population here was 20,000 people. We climbed the steps up Monks mound covering 24 acres and rising 100 feet. They feel the chief lived up here . This morning we went back to hike a little more before visitors center opened at 9. Saw a herd of at least 30 deer and some wild turkeys.
Our first stop Cahokia-we saw a church built in 1799 in the French style (post and sill). The church still has mass on Sundays.