United States of America · 29 Days · 68 Moments · July 2016

Shirley's trip to United States of America

25 August 2016

This afternoon Fort Laramie national historic site
This morning we visited Register Cliff (where people on Oregon Trail carved their names ) and the ruts left by wagon trains.

24 August 2016

It was another moving day today. Saw the natural bridge, down in a red rock canyon. Our campsite is out in the country close to a lake by Glendo WY.

23 August 2016

The Wild West still exists!!!! As we were coming from Jackson to the campground we were informed the road was closed due to fire spreading. Yikes we had to get room about 30 miles away This we received a text that we were to evacuate our campground!!!So we head back that way to see if we could get through/we got a fire truck convoy to lead us We saw some smoldering trees and a few flames. When we got to our site out camper was gone! Our neighbors from Florida had moved it away from the forest to a parking lot. Who knew Angels were next door! What a touching thing to do. Thanks to God and our Florida gator friends. We are safe and on our way east

21 August 2016

Yeah 2 bull moose on this hike! We did a ranger led hike to inspiration point and then hiked farther up the canyon to see the moose. We rode a boat across Jenni lake to start hike.
Views from lunch at Lake Jackson lodge and signal mountain,

20 August 2016

Yesterday was a travel day to the Tetons. Stopped for lunch at a roadside park with a distant view of mountains. As we got north of Jackson we started seeing smoke. The fire is about 8 miles from us. Last night we went on a moose hunt in up a very washboardy road. Saw a buck and the flames.

19 August 2016

Went on Lewis and Clark scenic byway this afternoon.We went up on a gravel road and first thing found this nice hot sting out in the middle of nowhere.I should have done my research and then would have known to bring my suit. Then continued up higher.
Spent the morning looking around Salmon. Went to the Sacagawea museum. They were having live demos. The people are living as they did in 1800's. They were smoking hides they had tanned and curing pots by an open fire.

18 August 2016

Gorgeous sunset on the Salmon river with 3 deer.
We are camped south of South Fork and north of Salmon ID on the Lewis and Clark trail. First pic is near where they camped. We got to see an elk by the river.

17 August 2016

On to two medicine- found enough Huck berries for pancakes! Then a cool waterfall. Then some big horn sheep ran in front of us.
We were rewarded for our early start with 3big horn sheep in the nearly empty parking lot. Then up Hidden Valley lake trail-oh my goodness! Wild flowers, marmots, mountain goats, and beautiful views all around.
Got an early start(6:30) to beat the crowds to Logan pass.

16 August 2016

Went up to Bowman Lake this morning on the west side. It was a long bumpy road. The best thing was the old bakery at Polebridge. This the pic of the huckleberry bear claw , very yummy and the closest we got to a bear!

15 August 2016

Evening hike to a beaver pond to look for moose. No luck. But we did see a beaver pulling a branch to his lodge and two otters plus a gorgeous sunset
Dinner cruise on Lake Mc Donald. It was nontraditional with a small aluminum boat with Leon as captain, sandwich es for dinner company and view priceless!
Around Jackson glacier overlook.
Two cedars trail to waterfall. Trail closed further up due to bear activity, no we didn't see any.
View from the camper. We are at west Glacier. Going with Jim and Jan into park today. We met up with them yesterday evening and went out to eat.

14 August 2016

Early morn start(7:30) to try to beat crowd worked for first hike!
Great service at Community UMC. Now on the roAd again to meet Jim and Jan.

13 August 2016

Beautiful sunset last night from the campground. Sat and watched the big boats go by and then picked some apples from a tree on the campground.
Took a boat ride on the lake this afternoon.
I finally saw a moose while shopping in downtown CDA

12 August 2016

Exploring downtown Coeur D'Alene this eve. Wow what a neat place. Lawrence on steroids by a clear lake
We found our boat!
Long boardwalk by the marina
Lunch at a hamburger joint with a view of the Columbia. Temp reminds us it is summer(85) cool for OK though.

11 August 2016

Larry and Leon on the bridge Grayson built for his Eagle Scout project. Larry was our tour guide for the day . Enjoyed seeing his shop and the new school they are working on(I'm sorry I didn't get pics). Then we went down to the really big farmers mkt on the warf. We ate lunch down there and then looked around town some more. Carla and Larry came o we to visit this eve
Made it to Tumwater and set up camp before lunch. Then went up to Tacoma to see the glass museum and Chuiliy bridge. Then to lighthouse park to see Kristin Neff Severe and her two little kids. Then met Larry ,Taylor ,Grayson and Mallory.

10 August 2016

Chulilyglass bridge and glass museum in Tacoma.

9 August 2016

Wild flowers on Hurricane ridge.
We moved up to Sequim yesterday afternoon. Set up the camper,did laundry,and went elk hunting after supper didn't see elk but did see lots of pretty scenery. This morning we are up on Hurricane ridge looking at the sights.

7 August 2016

Mike and Michelle Freeman.
Janet Smilie and her three kids: Kevin,Robin, and Sarein.
Gary and Annette Freeman.
Gary is our float trip guide down the Hoh river.The two girls in the raft(Saerin and Robin) areJanet's daughters. The other guy putting the boat in is my cousin Mike. We made it back just before the rain.

6 August 2016

Made it to the Hoh river. This is where my cousins have camped for years. We are camped on private property. There are blackberries growing wild so we picked some and I made a cobbler.
Views of the beach this morning at low tide. We could walk out to an island where we found all the Seastars.

5 August 2016

A few more beach scenes
Oops missed this one.
Traveling day today. Arrived at LaPush and finished setting up. This is the view from in front of camper! A short stroll to beach and sunset on the beach. Hope the fog stays away.

4 August 2016

Views from the tower in Astoria.There were beautiful views of the Columbia river, Mt.Reiner,Mt. St. Helens and Astoria harbor.
Lunch at Cape Disapointment.All of a sudden the fog rolls in and fog horn starts blowing-still got pics of lighthouse (North Head ).
Hit the foggy beach this morn since low tide was at 8:30, found sandollars. Then up to Fort Clatsop where Lewis and Clark had their fort.

3 August 2016

A few views of Ecola beach at sunset south of Seaside. Success on the Seastars!!
We had a few errands today- had to get VIM papers filled out,find a notary, and two people to sign 😀. Mission accomplished ! Now we are resting at our campsite at Seaside OR. Then out to explore the beach and or area.

2 August 2016

Ate lunch in Florence. The pic with boat is in old town. After lunch went out to some tide pools and spotted some sea urchins and anemones ,but no sea stars. We saw another gray whale - besides the wooden one in the pic. It's a special day when you see two whales .Back to camp for hot dogs, s'mores and a bike ride.
That she blows!!!! Yeah we saw a gray whale down from the lighthouse . He was just hanging around. On to explore Florence after we leave here (Hecta Lighthouse)
More views of Heceta cove.

1 August 2016

Made here to a Nat forest campground in time to find a spot! This was about the only one that we could get backed into. We hiked half mile to the beach. It's an easy hike through the woods and under a bridge over highway 101. We walked out to the beach this afternoon but it was very windy,hopefully the wind will go down this eve.

31 July 2016

Hiked about 1mile down to lake and took a 2 hour ranger guided tour. The hike way down took approx20 minutes. The hike up took50-it was really steep(700 feet). I read coming up was like climbing 65 flights of stairs.The lake is 1,900 feet deep and yes there are fish-put here of course, yes people can swim!
First views of Crater lake. Wow that water is a royal or saffire blue !

30 July 2016

Clearwater falls just a short walk from the parking lot ,but very pretty since you were at the bottom and there was lots of moss.
This the source of the water for that pipeline.Lemolo lake.
On the drive back to trailhead we saw these huge water pipeline .
Our first easy hike to Warm Springs Falls.
Made it to our campsite site at Diamond lake. All set up and planning a hike. The guy next to us is from Wash and he thinks it hot.
"The whole earth is filled with his glory ." Is.6:2
Early morning here is nice and cool. After the 100 yesterday a great relief. We even saw Jack Rabbits, I haven't seen those for years. This solitude has its own special beauty.

29 July 2016

The day took a sudden turn for the better at sunset the temp dropped,the pink sunset with the mountains in background , and then natures hot tub. Even met a Jewish man from Israel.
We made it to the middle of nowhere!! Burns,Oregon. There is a lot of sage brush in this part of Oregon! Luckily a chance to do laundry and not much else-the people are friendly. At our camping spot the is a hot spring and pool- doesn't sound to good as it is hot this afternoon, hopefully it will cool off after dark so we can try it out.

28 July 2016

We saw these electric charging stations at the Twin Falls visitor center. Where is the plugin on this thing?
This is the bridge over the canyon at Twin Falls. We went north over the bridge up to the Saw Tooth mnts.
Sawtooth valley overlook.
Lunch in city park at Ketchum. Pretty,upscale ski resort town