Germany, Switzerland · 3 Days · 20 Moments · November 2017

Shinyi's adventure in Switzerland

5 November 2017

229km to go! Ran out of the bus wifi & now I have nothing to do except listen to the same music over and over until we get to Prague 😦 🇨🇿
Leaving Munich station & going towards Praha! Will arrive at 11:50 PM 😦
Leaving Munich station & going towards Praha! Will arrive at 11:50 PM 😦
Have a transfer at Munich to finally get back to Prague! At least I’ll finally get to go to Munich, even if its only for an hour 😦 🇩🇪
Had brunch this morning & walked around Zurich until time for our Flixbus 😮 bye Switzerland 😦👋🏼

4 November 2017

After stopping at the Airbnb, we decided to go to Springuli to get some good chocolate & hot chocolate. Then we walked around the night Zurich to see around & we went to the oldest vegetarian restaurant which was ok but not going back again!
Walked from the Zurich train station to our Airbnb near the town center!
Had a stop at Bern but decided to go straight to Zurich instead!
On the way to Zurich, we stopped by Spiez to see some more of the water & to see as much of Switzerland as much as possible! The water is SO clean 🏞
Stopped at Interlocken West to see the water & the amazing river! 😍😊
Used the train from Mürren to Lauterbrunnen so that we could stop next at Interlocken!
Ashley wanted to go paragliding & I saw her! Decided to take some pictures
Had breakfast at the hotel & had to walk all the way to the ATM to get some Swiss Francs. Worth it because I got to see more of mürren! 😍🇨🇭

3 November 2017

Came back to Mürren & enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and ate again! So ready to sleep tonight because tomorrow we are going to so many countries!
Went to brig, the second part of the mountain, and was so scared on the sky bridge 😦😮 it was crazy
Went to the summit of the mountain, Piz Gloria,that was RIDDLED with 007 references
At mürren! Such a cute little city with amazing views!
Traveling to Mürren! So beautiful! & had lunch at the restaurant!
Just got to Switzerland and paid so much for train tickets to Mürren! On the way!
On the way to Switzerland! Cannot sleep on this bus so today is going to be ROUGH