Malaysia, Taiwan · 6 Days · 24 Moments · August 2017

Shin & Da Wang’s Taiwan Trip

6 September 2017

5 September 2017

4 September 2017

我爱你 小猪
More photosssss
Resting and stop by owl cafe in tamshui.
Stop by 阿给鱼丸汤。
Start our journey at 1 pm today. On the way on train to 淡水老街

3 September 2017

2 September 2017

At 敦化路 城品书店
We at ning xia night market, rainy days. Not sure why the night market so short. Maybe raining. We tried: 1. Beef fire with black pepper (too salty) 2. Watermelon juice ( too sweet) 3. Cheese scallop (okok) 4. 大肠包小肠 ( not nice can be better) 5. Mango mian mian bing ( mango is not fresh) 6. Oh ah jian ( oh ah was fresh but the base was too sticky) 7. 菜头排骨汤 (okok) 8. 肉圆 (ewww)
Taiwan art and design museum
Right opposite of the 手抓饼 stall Very nice but 180 Location: Shunh Shan station as well
2nd day first meal We ordered - ham cheese egg ( nicer and saltier) - egg cheese corn Location: Suung shan station

1 September 2017

First proper meal - Ramen Xi men ding
Just touch down Tao Yuan Airport. At immigration queuing.
老鼠 第一次上飞机 开心^_^
On the plane. We ate Sambal chicken (forgot to take picture) Time 11.44am