Spain · 1 Days · 15 Moments · September 2017

Seville, Spain

29 September 2017

What a great night! We tipped Javier 20 Euro and macadamia nuts. He was so happy (mainly for Mac nuts). Because it’s Friday night, Seville is busy so no taxi available. So we walked home. Can’t believe all the people walking around at 11:30 at night. Notice the canopy over the buildings which block out the hot sun during the day. Buildings are so close together. Swipe
Too bad I’m so full because the food was so good! Our final dish before dessert was carmalized in the outside like Creme brûlée. Everything we ate has ingredients that I recognize but combined in very creative and unique ways, never before experienced. Our waiter Gonzalo explained every dish in English which he tried really hard to do so we could understand. The chef was so focused on making every dish perfectly. Such focus! ( Or bad eyesight). Dessert was amazing, especially the cheese dish which was like a deconstructed cheese cake made with goat cheese. Everything is so fresh. Swipe
This was the best wine of the night. I wonder if we can get it in Hawaii? It’s made in Seville. Swipe
On to the next restaurant. We started with cold tomato soups. Everything in this restaurant was so original and unique with amazing flavor combinations. Javier is helping Mom build her squid carpaccio dish. Squid, green apple, squid ink. Swipe
At La Azotea We had octopus, a fried dish, Hake rolled in fried baby shrimp and a white wine. I want to come back for the Gambas, which looks like amaebi (whole prawns) with head fried and body in a sauce with tail. Swipe
We stopped at this restaurant so Javier could let the chef know that we were coming here next after the next restaurant, La Azotea. This was our last restaurant on our food tour.
The restaurant got busy while we were eating, people are now outside. On to the next restaurat, La Azotea! Aunty Linda’s favorite restaurant, this one is at a different location. Sat at the bar across the waiter carving my favorite- Jamon Iberico de Bellota. See the black hoof. Swipe
The best dish of the night was a mushroom topped with egg and wine reduction. It won Best Tapa in 2010! After that we had s fried sea anemone dish then spinach on potato (chip) wrapped within what looked like filo dough. White wine wasn’t so special.
The tapas are cheap. Menu looks good but Javier is ordering for us. Javier’s English is not always grammatically accurate but perfect enough for us to understand. My favorites: “you spoiler me! (As in “you spoiled my surprise or you stole my thunder. “) Also, “I used to watch Hawaii 5.0 ( as in IOS 5.0)”
After going back to the room to unpack and rest, we met our Mimo Seville tour guide for our tapas tour! His name was Javier and he was born and raised in Seville. He has 2 jobs, Paralegal by day and food tour guide at night. He spoke English very well! We walked to our first stop. Streets are narrow and fit both pedestrians and cars. Buildings are so close together. Swipe
La Azotea’s kitchen was closed so we went across the street. Our first adventure was eating lunch— padron peppers, fried Hake, and cuttlefish. Everything is cheap, like 3 euro for a tapa plate. Swipe
Navigation by google maps! Lots of amazing scenery to see but don’t know what I’m looking at yet. Aunty Linda wanted to find her favorite restaurant, La Azotea.swipe
The upstairs room has a walk in closet! Our place is called Habana and it has a courtyard in the middle between the outside door and the entrance to our apartment, swipe
Our apartment is really big! Two bedrooms and air conditioning in every room! Big dining area, living room and kitchen. swipe
Took the bus then the train to Seville. Saw olive trees all along the way. 11:30 am to about 3:30 pm total trip,