United States of America · 11 Days · 50 Moments · August 2017

Las Vegas/Omaha Bound!

25 August 2017

8/25/17 Last day in Vegas. Weather has been nice... hot, but bearable. On our way to Eastside Cannery for last last gambling session of the trip... wish me luck!

24 August 2017

8/24/17 Kaui and I ending the day with masks... charcoal for me and a white one for kaui. 8771 steps today. With all that shopping, I thought we did more.
8/24/17 Dinner at Chik-fil-A (spicy chicken sandwich meal), then shopping at Winco.
8/24/17 Marathon shopping day! Spent almost 4 hours at the outdoor outlet, including lunch at Chipotle (burrito with carnitas). Then off to Galleria mall.

23 August 2017

8/23/17 Lunch at Raising Cane's, then shopping at the South Outlet. Dinner at Sam's Town with Rena.

22 August 2017

8/22/17 Checked into The Orleans. Two free nights... might as well use it.
8/22/17 Dinner at Sushi Mom. Maguro and tiger roll; black tobikko and uni; fried calamari; salmon, hamachi belly, and salmon belly; miso salmon collar; spider roll; toro, negitoro, conch, and more hamachi belly. I'm stuffed!!
8/22/17 Yay... Kaui's home! Spent over an hour at IKEA getting things for her room at grandma & grandpa's. Thank you mom and dad for taking us there, hauling our loot, and helping to put the drawer and nightstand together! Another first... lunch at Jimmy John's. #2 roast beef with provolone, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Bread is good! I'd definitely eat here again.

21 August 2017

8/21/17 Dinner at Olive Garden. Zuppa toscano and seafood lasagna sauté (shrimp, scallops, spinach, tomatoes, and lasagna noodles in an alfredo sauce).
8/21/17 Another first... Lunch at Wo Fat. Peking pork chops, oyster sauce chicken with cake noodles, and pork eggplant. Got to see the tail end of the eclipse. A lady in the restaurant asked if we watched the eclipse and let me borrow her glasses.
8/21/17 My last hand... only 5 credits left... I held the ace, queen, king, and ten. Lunch is on me 😁.
8/21/17 Work up to thunder this morning. And now it's raining.

20 August 2017

8/20/17 Shopping most of the day today. Dinner at Eldorado Casino in downtown Henderson. Never been there before. Lots of firsts this trip. 6,978 steps today.
8/20/17 Finally got to eat at the restaurant Jordan works at. Salmon benny with a citrus hollandaise sauce. Yum!

19 August 2017

Time for bed. Walked 3,890 steps today. Too hot to do much. I think the hottest was 104.
8/19/17 Shopping at Fry's and the Container Store. Dinner at Freddy's. Had a single burger with green hatch chile and fries and a mini concrete with toffee bits.
8/19/17 Lunch at Midori. I had tonkatsu, gyotaku, and spicy crab roll.
8/19/17 Stopped by the Heidtke's and met Ziggy.
8/19/17 Finally back at Mom & Dad's. What a long and exciting day! Just 6,280 steps today? Seemed like we walked more than that!

18 August 2017

8/18/17 Layover in Denver. Flight to Vegas delayed about 20 minutes. We had to wait for the pilots to arrive from another flight. And then TSA must've been looking for something/someone. There was about 12 TSA agents. And as we lined up to board the plane, they started random pat downs and bag checks... Kaui got pulled for both 😲. Never found out why they did that. At least we have better boarding positions... A 57 & 58.
8/18/17 Last meal in Omaha. Cheeseburgers from A&W at the airport. Had my first taste of cheese curds... I like them! Checked into Southwest an hour too late 😖almost the last to board the flight. Boarding position C 5 & 6.
8/18/17 Another special thing happened for Bailey today. He was able to pick up his brand new ride!
8/18/17 So proud of Bailey! Glad we were able to be a part of this special day!
8/18/17 The day is finally here. Bailey's Professionalism Ceremony.
8/18/17 Killing time playing with puppies at Tully's Kennels. There were gorgeous German Shepherds, beautiful huskies, and adorable Australian shepherds (Kaui's favorite). I bend down to pet that cat, and that sweetie crawled right onto my lap.
8/18/17 Brunch at Wheatfields Express in Old Market. One of the best breakfasts I've ever had. Kaui had corned beef and eggs with a potato casserole (tasted like mac and cheese), Bailey had a meatloaf sundae, and I had a lobster and crab cake benedict. So awesome... one crab cake and one lobster cake on brûlée potatoes topped with hollandaise sauce. Thank you, Bailey, for treating us to breakfast!
8/18/17 So much for an early start! Our plan was to wake up at 7 am to eat breakfast, come back to the hotel to get ready, check out, go the mall, then head off to Bailey's ceremony. Kids are so tired that we decided to sleep in... well, they're sleeping in. Change of plans... wake up at 9:30 am, get ready, check out, eat an early lunch, go to Bailey's ceremony.

17 August 2017

8/17/17 Got a lot done today! Walked 14,456 steps today.
8/17/17 Back to Coneflower for more Blackstone Butterbrickle! If you're ever in Omaha, you have to try this place!
8/17/17 Visiting Bob again. This time we got to see a beautiful sunset.
8/17/17 Walked around Old Market to work off some of our dinner. Checked out a huge candy store. Take a look at that gummy snake on display... over 27 pounds!
8/17/17 Dinner at Roja. Thanks for the recommendation, Jodi! Great food, reasonable prices, and friendly staff! Guacamole and queso for appetizer; Kaui had chicken quesadilla; Bailey had enchilada and taco combo; I had Baja tacos with mahi mahi.
8/17/17 Shopping at the Crossroad outlet. Then an afternoon snack... cheese Runza. It's a sandwich with seasoned beef, cabbage, and cheese.
8/17/17 Happy camper! Finally got her Blackstone Butterbrickle. I must say, that is one delicious ice cream.
8/17/17 Aquarium
8/17/17 Butterfly and Flying Insect exhibit. A butterfly almost landed on Kaui... but she screamed and it flew away.
8/17/17 More pictures from the zoo
8/17/17 Visited the Henry Dooley Zoo today.
8/17/17 Breakfast at 11-Worth. Kaui had biscuits and gravy; Bailey had a casserole with hash browns, country fried steak, veggies, and cheese; I had corned beef hash with eggs and a pancake. Kaui didn't want gravy on her hash browns, but they accidentally put gravy on them, so the waitress brought her another order. Huge portions for $26.60. Back to the hotel to rest until it's time to take Bailey to school.

16 August 2017

8/16/17 It was a nice first day in Omaha. Weather was comfortable, and Bailey was surprised we were there. Did some shopping and a little sightseeing. We walked 10,151 steps today.
8/16/17 Coneflower ice cream for dessert. Stood in a line for 15 minutes only to find out there's no Blackstone Butterbrickle. Kaui not a happy camper. Guess we'll be back tomorrow.
8/16/17 Won $17 on a scratch card... yippee! Forgot to take a picture of my winning card.
8/16/17 Hungry... only a smoothie for breakfast and a smoothie for lunch. Dinner at Cheddar's. We had spinach dip for appetizer, kaui had spasagna, Bailey had New Orleans pasta, and I had chicken pot pie. All for under $40!!
8/16/17 Walked on Bob to stand in Nebraska and Iowa.
8/16/17 Checked into the Even hotel. Really nice! If I ever come back to Omaha, I'd definitely stay here again.
8/16/17 Lunch at the Juice Spot. I had the Coaches Choice... skim milk, yogurt, and cappuccino mix. Yum!
8/16/17 Made it to Omaha 30 minutes behind schedule. Waited at the car rental place for about 30 minutes. The attendant was very nice and marked on our reservation that the gas tank was empty. That way I could bring it back empty. Definitely worth the 30 minute wait.
8/16/17 On our way to Omaha to surprise Bailey! Our boarding pass said we we leaving out of gate C14. Good thing we decided to check the board... our gate was changed to B14!

15 August 2017

8/15/17 First meal of the trip... The Habit. Portabella Charburger with sweet potato fries.
8/15/17 Time to take Kaui back to school. We're on an early flight to Vegas. Leaving home at 5 am!