18 Days · 25 Moments · October 2017

The Stephens' adventure in Thailand

5 November 2017

So took turns looking. Then got a cab home. Cabslike to say ja-e - means hello to baby. Mum and dad ate icecream and had cuppas. At brekky special meal made for mum but witb prawns oops. Dad ate it for her. And han kept rolling - def not a fluke!
Another busy day! Had a sleep in and brekky, then another little nap for han. Then went for a walk to wendys laundrt and mkr shopping centre. Saw lots of teens in cosplay on the bridge with belts ? Laser tag. Then went to mermaid castle. Mum went nute. 2 levels shopping 2 cafe. Dad very kindly ordered the colorful drink as mum couldnt have it. Top level mermaid island tables on ground, floor looked like sand. han had photos lots of people taking her pic. 3rd level cafe table seats stand to take photo with mermaid crwon. Cupcakes with mermaid tail and bikkies like clams. Lots of disney, mermaid, unicorn, pastel cutesy sruff. Han fell asleep. Then back to hotel for big nap. Then dinner at Bradmans aussie sports bar. Good reviews on trip advisor but terrible! Had a laugh. Owner told us to go cowboy st and see bars where hangover was filmed insidd of one and outside of other. Cowboy st ok for han as she wont remember. Filled wirh strip clubs/brothels etc. We'd remember!

31 October 2017

Earlybrekky. Dad snorkeling mum han nap. Then to krsbi town for early dinner by river. Skype asleep 730!

30 October 2017

Day 2 krabi. Brekky nap hotel day. Pool fun and lunch at pool. Big rubber ducky. Dinner Jamaica

29 October 2017

Brekky (awesome buffet, han enjoyed fruit and crepes) then walk around resort/pool. Went for walk down street yo check out shops. Lots of bars cafes massage. Taxi drivers resting oon mini huts calling out for fares. Stopped at irish embassy for drinks then lunch. Skyped uncle rob and grandpa. Walk back to nap. Mum then napped while han and dad went to laundry and around resort. Went for dinner at Italian restaurant and then icecream in bed.

28 October 2017

Final morning at Pullman Panwa. Dad swam han and mum packed went for brekky. Back to pack tbdn walk around resort. Took funny photos. Found out could go on grass so could get to beach w stroller! Said goodbye to Alamo and Frame (parry not working) from brekky and zomjean at kids club. Had our welcome drink. Han and mum went to panwa cafe grabbed lunch. Went in car to krabi 3hrs. Han refused to sleep! Arrived sofitel krabi around 530. Went for walk around pool/resort/to beach1 and Settled in. Got takeaway and ate in bed.

27 October 2017

Big Buddha Relies on donations for construction nd maintenance. Stilla work in progress. Dad wore han for the first time! climbed the steps and took i the view.a familye took great interest in Hannah. We purchased a marble tile for 300 which Will Be used inside. We wrote a message on it. We walked through the temple ans saw the chanting monks. We walked around the grounds and saw other Buddhas and buddhas hand and footprint. We left but not before buying a trinket Za little gold elephant we then drove back and went to tree top ir dinner then mum got massage.
We had another busy day today! Our usual brekky and rest routine, then we took a taxi to Nai . We went to the other Pullman resort we were considering staying at. We went throught little townships that reminded us of a hippy commune or the byron bay hinterland. It was a long winy road up to th resort. It was pretty isolated- you couldn't just walk out your door to go to tghe shops. The scenery was incredible- the beach and pools were stunning. We went to the element restaurant which was pretty expensive - 5 for coffee! Yum food though. Han was fascinated by a Danish family sitting nest to us. After lunch we went for a drive to the Big Buddha. Dad wanted to go via the coastal route which the driver said yes to but took us inland anyway. It turns out it would've taken too long but another lost in translation/need to be polite moment confused things. We mDe it to big Buddha. The views were incredible and Buddha was bery impressive. It was vuilt solely on donations, S are the surrounds w

26 October 2017

A quiet day due to the cremation.rested lunch at edge swim diner at aqua. Storm. Slept with blinds open to watch the show

25 October 2017

Brekky rest. Taxi to Patong. Swiss hotel. Han the celebrity On beach feet in water. Explored v busy. Lunch harrys. Icecream haagen daz 10 2 scoops. Stalls touts tourists. Lights sounds. So diff to panwa. Discussed tsunami. Back to swiSse cab back. Dinner ordered room service

23 October 2017

Today we got out and about a bit more. We had breakfast, then came back for a nap. We then went to the Phujet Aquarium where we saw lots of fish and other types of sea creatures. Mum was disappointed in the giftshop as there weren't many good souvenirs. We then had lunch at The Panwa Cafe then came back for a rest. Went to kids club. Walk to waater street stalls busy sunset picnic blankets. Induan closed. Cab back. Curry night for dinner. Bed

22 October 2017

Today we had a pretty quiet day as Dad had lots of work to do. We had breakfast then came back for a rest. We had lunch at The Panwa Cafe and got some laundry done. Mum and Han went to the Kids Club then came back to the suite. Han was a bit tired and grizzly and refused to sleep heehee! We had dinner at the Edge Cafe at the resort next to where there was a wedding!

21 October 2017

Today was another relaxing day. Dad went for an early swim, then we went for breakfast (which included an outfit change 🙊🙊). Then it was time for a rest back in our room while Dad worked. We then went for lunch at the Edge Beach Club in our resort and watched people playing and looking cool in the pool. Han dipped her feet in the water with Mum. We then went to the Kids Club and played with Oam. We all had a loooong nap and nearly missed dinner! Luckily Mum woke up in time and we went across the road to the Treehouse (which sadly wasn't a real tree house) for dinner. It was then time to go to bed.
Dinner at the Treehouse
Lunch at the Edge Beach Club
Playing in our room
At breakfast

20 October 2017

Swimming at the Landside pool - trying out my new bathers and swim sear!
Playing at the Kids Club
TodaybDad went for an early morning swim while Han and Mum relaxed. We all went to breakfast then vack to our suite for a relax. Dad then did some work while Han and Mum went to the Kids Club and played with Om and Songjee (staff) and made friends called Eliza (an Australian girl) and Mika (an Israeli Canadian girl). The girls were showijg their best gymnastics and dance moves and we all had fun playing together. Han played with some toys, and loved the light up phone and bench, Piglet and the rocking horse. Mum took Han for a walk while she slept then went bacl to the room. We all had a swim and tried out Han's new swim seat. We then went for a drink and Han was pretty tired so we went back to our room for a rest, then for dinner at a resort restaurant. Han got her first tooth today! Mum and Dad were very excited! We also rang Grandpa and Uncle Rob for a chat.

19 October 2017

Mmmm naan bread!
Today was our first full day in Thailand. We had breakfast then explored the resort. Mum had a massage while Dad took Han to the kids club and look at the pools, and to the mini mart across the road. We all rested and unpacked in the afternoon and played together. We went to the lobby for a drink then across the road to the Indian restaurant. Han met a little girl called Twinkle whose family owned the restaurant. Mum and Dad had a great dinner and Han enjoyed her first try of naan bread.

18 October 2017

We flew from Melbourne to Phuket on JQ19, seated first row Business Class! Grandpa and Uncle Rob took us to the airport. Swapped seats with a family so Han could have a bassinet. Han slept for over 6hrs and barely cried! Mum and Dad slept, ate and watched TV. Landed and took a car to the Pullman Cape Panwa and then slept in our comfy bed