Germany, Italy · 3 Days · 25 Moments · February 2018

Sheka's Abenteuer in Italy

22 February 2018

Bus, Boats, Airplanes and people mover (trains). We tried everything and it was amazing! Finally we are all back home now. The plane was one hour delayed and the room there got so crowded that you weren’t able to see the doors anymore. From Terminal 2 to 1, the tram and then the bus in Frankfurt. This was my last experience for this trip. Actually amazing how lucky I am! Bomb warning in the other direction and finding my connection Transport just on time. I love this. ❤️
So today is our flight back. In the morning after breakfast and saying bye to the servant Silvia, we went to Markusplatz again. These annoying Indian Men were there again and gave Maia food for the pigeons. She was so happy about it, but then they wanted to have money for it (what a surprise) so we just went away haha. After picking up the boys we checked out and went to Rialtobridge. Though it was raining so much we had a beautiful view up there. Curious as we are, we went to the other side of it. Finding a marketplace (smelly fish and vegetables) and a building (I don’t even know what that is) was our last experiences in Venice.

21 February 2018

Finally. We are back in our hotel. Room service saved our not hungry stomage and we were to tired to go out again. So good night Venice! All 5 of us are going to see you at the delicious breakfast tomorrow! - It was a pretty good day! We saw Murano and Burano. A lot of unknown places (hospitals, churches), colorful houses, a tree and a Burger King sign! You can say that we are tired 💤
Really tired we headed our way back home to the hotel. But what’s Venice without it’s small tourist shops? Captain Candy was our first stop. 100g for 4€. How could you say no to that?😏 Not to forget a chocolate shop. Made by themselves we tastet everything. Truffle, biscuit, chocolate and melon candies. But also the truffle pesto. That bad taste is still in my mouth 😖
Actually we found a tree too! It was like the only tree I saw there. And then I saw a church...but it’s not straight or am I just looking wrong at it ⁉️
So we lost Maia‘s Bee in Murano. It definitely would have loved Burano! Welcome to the home of fisherman’s! A lot of beautiful, personally and colorful houses. Never saw something that pretty. Just Ben nearly falling into the river. 🤦🏽‍♀️
And look at it! They destroyed the fish haha. Finally we got out and saw some old buildings and headed our way to a new island.
After the show, we got lost by following chinese girls. Not our best idea. But we found ourselves in the city. So we grabbed something to eat. A whole fishplate 🐠 (poor fish)
MURANO! Island of the Glassmakers. So beautiful. We went to a factory and were allowed to take pictures holding the tool. So cool! The so called „Master“ showed us how he‘s doing a vase, fish and a beautiful horse! I was so impressed. After all he made a bubble and destroyed it afterwards. Elastic glass people. But not unbreakable 😏
...for example
But first Maia and me had to take some pictures hehe 😜
After seeing some places, we found our port 🚤
So today we are on our way to Melano and Burano. Actually we got lost again, but found a hospital with a dog waiting outside. Still don‘t know, what that means. Hope he‘s fine.🐶🐶🐶

20 February 2018

After beeing followed by creepy guys who wanted to give us toys in exchange for money- a short, but real flight - a pizza eating day - new experiences by getting lost and a tons of new pictures...this definitly was a great day! 20.02.2018 👌🏽
And after hours of searching we found the Markusplatz. Finally. 🤦🏽‍♀️ #beautiful #nightlife
After lunch...exploring Venice. Confusing signs- Gelato - Candy Shops - I‘m in love 🤩
And after checking in, we finally grab something to eat. Because of the pizza before, i wasn‘t that hungry. So i ate #Bruschetta 🍅
Our Hotel. 📍Aqua Hotel ****
Known place. We were lost really fast, but at the end we found our beautiful Hotel. I actually forgot the name of the Bridge. Sorry 😔
Wow look at this beautiful city! It‘s cold tho🧤🧣
Riding the waterbus. Funny how they transport boxes 🤔
Finally arrived in Treviso 🙏🏽
Ok maybe we just go eat something in the last minute🍕
Still waiting...😴
Waiting to board ✈️