North America, Europe · 24 Days · 68 Moments · May 2017

Shea's journi to United Kingdom

23 June 2017

22 June 2017

21 June 2017

20 June 2017

That's a bust of Virginia Dare because her parents were married at this Church They pronounce it "Roanokeeeee" here

17 June 2017

Original wall of Oxford
Steak and Kidney pie!
"If the medicine man has one, you don't need one" - a mothering technique (This monkey head was a child's toy)
That is a bone wand used by a witch doctor I have a feeling I'll be bringing back some bad voodoo
The mother and child god belief
I found a mummified fetus!

16 June 2017

Oldest book I've ever held.
This man wrote about melancholy (which he probably died of. He would deal with it by going to the wharf and listening to the sailors swear and joke with each other and he'd smile. My heart goes out to him

14 June 2017

I need a man who apologizes by building a house

12 June 2017

We were really emotional

9 June 2017

When Fordham makes an overnight trip mandatory, puts your professor in a nice hotel literally across the street from the train station (nice area), puts you and your six classmates in a hostel, won't pay for wifi, and chose the scariest and sketchiest area of the city (we walked past people doing drugs and three homeless shelters). Thanks.

7 June 2017

Middle Temple
One of the original city gate locations
Oldest tailor
London's earliest shop. Was a survivor of the great fire of London
We went to a little macaron shoppe and their recipes are so strong. The lavender and rose and geranium all taste like the flowers smell. It's incredible. Kacie mentioned it's like a little piece of magic. Notating for purpose of final project
Ginger: 19-20; died of an arrow to the shoulder

6 June 2017

The porcupine
Met a spaniel named Desdemona today on the tube

3 June 2017

The Hummingbird Bakery
A hidden gem

2 June 2017

The pub Fr recommended to us
Just some photos from yesterday. We found this festival by the Thames that was free and so much fun. We also rediscovered Pimm's. So I was the only person who knew what it was and then they just kind of drunk it here straight with soda. It's not mixed with other alcohol. It's like a fruity beer.

1 June 2017

Marking the sheepdrove organic farm because of the sheep

31 May 2017

The hotel saves energy by having you place the room key in the wall to use the electricity. Also there are buttons for housekeeping, if you're asleep, and to get some help up here.
They drive on the left They pass on the right But it must be universal that you pass on the left side of the escalator and those standing stay to the right
"Go inside and we'll take a picture." He hurried her inside the little box. She smiled like the sunshine and her laughter rang like faerie song as she complied. When she turned around to make a silly face, no one was there. Instead, the sharp pitch of the phone beside her caused her to sharply spin back to the black receiver. She answered, slowly looking around to see if anyone was watching and inserted the coins requested. "Hello?" She spoke softly, bewildered. "Marry me?" .... I'd have been upset about paying for the phone call.
Big Ben! Parliament!
Cute name
Had some Korean grilled octopus (the waitress kept going "it's spicy" but it's really not) and a small scoop of green tea ice cream and some coffee before Big Ben and Parliament. In love with this city already but the food is a little rough.
We had to use the stair truck in our arrival because all the gates were taken and I've never been so excited in my life.
Chasing the sun

30 May 2017

The adventure begins