North America, Europe · 9 Days · 30 Moments · January 2017

Shayne's adventure in Prague, Czechia

6 February 2017

Took C back to her place, where THE SUN CAME OUT. We did nothing all day to rest up for the Super Bowl (12:30 am - 4:30 am). Went to Juve by our dorm, went to JJ MURPHYS and had a great time watching the most epic Super Bowl. Patriot 25 point come back to force the first SB overtime where they won 34-26 is crazy but sad for ATL. Julio toe taps and Edelman crazy-catch is just too insane. Funny urinal soccer goal and winning the block betting game was pretty dope. Slept by 6:30 am and had to wake up by 8:00 am for orientation. Dope 😫
550 on esn and n2n 200 on brewery tour 720 on 3 month pass 45 on pizza

4 February 2017

Brian and I ate breakfast at the restaurant by dorm. We had this pretty good grapefruit fruity beer. We met Alec Josiah and Cat at the Prague Castle. We wandered down to Lokal and then to the Lennon Wall. We got Turtle Neck Strawberry Paradise which was dope but a lot of sugar to intake.

3 February 2017

Walked around with Brian, got a jacket at Levi's
Woke up and went to Kaufland, where the cashier yelled at C and started knocking her things over with mine because we didn't know to clear and bag our own groceries. Yikes.

2 February 2017

Met up with C and then headed out to the bars with Fy Ža and his two friends, (Tall) Kuba and (Law School) Felix. Those guys were the best. We went to Svejk, crossed the Charles Bridge, went to Local, learned how to flip coasters (I flipped 10), looked at the world's most narrow walkway, and went to U Hrocha "the hippo.". C and I took some glasses 😂. Such a fun night
Went back to room to eat saimin and rest. Enter: Brian. Slept just in time to wake up and meet C
Learned how Catherine gets to school from her dorm, and then we met Nicole and walked around before eating lunch in her school bistro. I had minestrone soup
We climbed the Astronomical Clock Tower in Old Town Square! So dope
On my way to see Catherine. First time riding the tram, 15 stops from strážní to nádorní trida
Work up and hustled out with my bread and yogurt for breakfast.

1 February 2017

Left Don Vito's really full, tried to take a nap but knocked out for an hour and a half! I bought Fy Ža a beer. Showered and Alec arrived (roommate). FZ came back to hang out after he went to the gym. Watch the Honest Guide to Prague Videos. So funny and cool!
Found Don Vito's Pizzaria. 10/10 would recommend. Tomato soup with basil, large beer, Spaghetti con smoked bacon?
FZ dropped me off at Jarov I ABCDE, but I walked to Jarov III G instead. It wasn't a far walk. I unpacked and left for food!
FZ was so cool to take a break from work to pick me up so I wouldn't have to wait long. Waited for a total of like 45 minutes 🙌🏽
Czeched out of Kolej Komenského 😉 (get it) at 1030 am. Waiting for Fy Ža to finish work and pick me up to take me to my dorm.
We finally got to sleep at 4am after our 2 hour nap. We tried to wake up at 730 to go to Prague Castle, but that didn't work out. (Me pretending to sleep) #chinz

31 January 2017

Fy Ža took me around Prague today. We met up his gf Karolina, we got some Pizza, we saw the Dancing House and the Astronomical Clock. Catherine met us there and we had a beer. We stopped at Hamleys toy store too! So cool. Long day!
Bought 3 Postcards for 30 Kuronas
Exchanged $88 for 2130 Korunas right down the road from Kolej Komenského
Walked down to the Prague Castle today, So Cool! They had the guards, similar to the fuzzy hats in London 💂🏻‍♀️but these guys looked more Russian with the furry hats instead. Still cool! I want to try hot wine with C. Maybe also check out Loreta with her too? (It's a church).
Chapped lip smile! Haha
Eva is the name of the Nice lady who can speak great in both languages
Thank you - "dwe que" - dekuji Please/You're Welcome - "pro sím" - prosím
Breakfast for 95 Kuronas was coco puffs, strawberry yogurt, a sandwich and OJ. Music: if you want to play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band

30 January 2017

Electricity out on first day 😕
Gulash with dumplings and two pilsners for $10.88 on first night! Place was called Uzavesenyho Kafe
Landed Safely in Prague
Got Crunchie at London Heathrow

29 January 2017

Goodbye at HNL with also Aunty Noe and Uncle Kevin