North America, Asia · 7 Days · 37 Moments · November 2017

Shawn's voyage in Japan

24 November 2017

22 November 2017


22 November 2017

Tokyo Disney
Tokyo Disney
Tokyo Disney
Tokyo Disney
Tokyo Disney
Tokyo Disney
Tokyo Disney
Tokyo Disney
Tokyo Disney
Outside tower and trees
Imperial palace samurai guard houses
Inside the grounds, which is now a park but was originally residence and samurai guard houses prior to getting near the palace
The boys found a park
Various entrance gates to the imperial palace
Imperial palace and the walls
The palace is in the background. This is as close as you can get
Imperial Palace

21 November 2017

Mt Fuji from our hotel.
Sensoui Temple

20 November 2017

Because when in Japan, why not try a teriyaki burger from McDonald’s.
47 Ronin - Ako Gishi Graves
I hope you like trains. Because there are dozens and dozens to take
The day begins !

19 November 2017

Well we finally made it. The Hilton Tokyo bay is a really nice hotel situated right on the water. I lay here getting ready for bed and enjoying the skyline view of a bridge and city lights across the water. It was quite the adventure to get here and I’m happy to plop into bed. We have a busy day tomorrow of a few sightseeing areas but overall tomorrow is pretty open, thankfully. Goodnight all
If you think New York or London rail transit was confusing. Try doing it in a foreign language 😉. Well, making my way to the hotel and figuring out the rail at the same time. The flight was a typical flight x3. They fed us some lunch of fried rice and then breakfast of eggs and sausage. Looks like it’s 4am Denver time but only 8pm here so I assume I’ll be in bed in the next couple hours.
Well legroom won't be a problem on the way out. Sadly my first class upgrade didn't go through but I have an exit row with nobody in front of me so I might end up on the floor asleep 😆😆

17 November 2017

Off to bed ! It’s just before 11 and I’m all packed and ready (I hope). The suitcase is full and ready to ride in the underbelly. I’ve also settled on two carry-ons. One for all my electronic gadgets for the week and a backpack for carrying around in Japan. I likely have more clothes than I need, but hey, need to be at least semi prepared. Since it’s going to be a total of 5 other folks I’m totally expecting a bit of discombobulating experiences tomorrow. Many of us haven’t traveled outside the country. Luckily, I have, but never to Asia. Totally excited and heading to bed.