North America, Europe · 13 Days · 34 Moments · July 2016

The Darling’s trip to Italy 2016

3 August 2016

On our way home - what a great trip!

2 August 2016

After an amazing visit at Pompeii, we drove to the Amalfi coast to visit Positano. It is a tiny town built up a mountainside. Beautiful. Then a visit in Sorrento for lunch, walking, gelato.

2 August 2016

Hey there, Mt. Vesuvius.

1 August 2016

Finally a sea day so our tired feet can recover :)

31 July 2016

Finished our day in Barcelona with a walk on Las Ramblas and a lunch of many tapas and sangria.
Barcelona today - we were all in awe of how completely amazing and crazy the Sagrada Familia is! None of my pictures do justice to the amazing colors in the stained glass.

30 July 2016

Had an excellent dinner at the onboard steakhouse, Cagney's. The waiter talked Nathan into ordering the petite filet mignon (instead of the mac and cheese from the kid's menu!) and he LOVED it.
Beautiful, hot, day in Marseille.
Goofing off in front of some cool graffiti.
Good Morning, Marseille.

29 July 2016

Nathan and Glen polishing their pool shark skills at the ship's pub.
We're in France for a short visit to Cannes - it was hot and we were tired. Had a couple espressos, a croissant and a crepe. Very French! Walked through the market and pretty streets. Many fancy yachts here!

28 July 2016

Got a little lost trying to find parking in Pisa, but we made it! Took the requisite photos of the iconic leaning tower!
Docked in Livorno, Italy today and rented a car to do some exploring. We visited Lucca, a beautiful city still surrounded by its defensive walls. Had a nice walk and lunch and continued on to visit Pisa.

27 July 2016

Drinks in the ship's "Ice Bar" - all the furniture and the glasses are made of ice! It was probably more fun in theory than in practice since Nathan and I were wearing sandals and our feet were very icy!
We love the ship - it's huge! Glen found his new favorite drink at the martini bar ("Le Fizz" made with elderflower liqueur) so we visited that bar a few times! Ate at the teppanyaki restaurant, which was a blast. Many people onboard seem to be having a great time :)
On to the port of Civitavechia to board our ship, the Norwegian Epic, for a 7 day Mediterranean cruise!

26 July 2016

Dinner at Piperno (again in the Jewish Ghetto) was delicious. More fried artichokes, an oil-preserved vegetable appetizer, fresh pasta carbonara, and Le Palle Di Nonno Fritte for dessert. Le Palle Di Nonno Fritte translates to "Fried Grandpa's Balls" and is actually much more delicious than it sounds :) Ricotta and bits of chocolate with a light, crunchy fried coating.
Vatican City today. Saw so much amazing art - especially enjoyed the Egyptian wing. The Sistine Chapel was shared with a thousand tourists. Glen was scolded for taking a photo. Oops. St. Peter's basilica was beautiful and overwhelming.

25 July 2016

Found a restaurant with the Roman dish Carciofi alla Giudia (Jewish style fried artichokes) in the old Jewish ghetto. Yum. Sort of like artichoke chips.
Big tour of the Colosseum, the Forum and Palatine hill. Fast food lasagna for lunch. So much history we needed a nap in the afternoon :) After an afternoon rain shower the city cooled down and we had a lovely long walk in the evening.

24 July 2016

We're now all tuckered out after a long walk around Rome this afternoon/evening. Saw so much, every block is amazing. The Roman Forum, the Pantheon (and we beat the Pokemon Go gym there!), the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps (under construction, doh), lots of nasoni (Roman cold fresh water fountains), four types of pizza and three types of gelato for dessert! Hardly feeling jet-lagged at all.
Staying at The Inn at the Roman Forum boutique hotel, which is so lovely. While checking it they served us espresso and tiramisu in the attached ruins that date back to 50 BC. Wow.
Had a great flight and now we are in Rome. We all had a great sleep on the plane - LOVED the lay flat beds. Amazing. Food was pretty but just ok taste-wise. Driver was waiting to take us to our hotel. Italians drivers are a bit scary ;)
Mmm, legroom and champagne. I could really get used to first class.
Quick stopover in Chicago. Unfortunately the United lounge here in Term 1, C concourse is under construction, very crowded and underwhelming. A few free snacks. Don't have much time to kill until our flight to Rome.
Goodbye California! (In coach 😜).
Um, yipes. We were enjoying the lounge so much we almost forgot the time and had to jog to the gate. Made it :)
With Pokemon on the DS and Pokemon Go on the iPhone this kid is happy to have long airport waits. Three Pokestops within reach!
Glen needs coffee. Stat. Hanging in the United Club while we wait for our connecting flight through Chicago. Free breakfast :) We've been waiting on an upgrade to First Class for this leg, but it doesn't look like we'll get it. First world problems. So excited about our flight in First from Chicago to Rome! I hope we get a good sleep in those lay-flat seats. Zzzzz.
On the road to SFO! We didn't forget Glen, he's in the front seat with the driver.
Finally finished packing! Must sleep fast since we need to get up very early for the trip to SFO.

21 July 2016

Ok. Just kidding. I haven't actually started packing yet. On Saturday we're going to Rome! And then a Mediterranean cruise. Can't wait.
Packing at home. Only two more sleeps!