Thailand · 79 Days · 60 Moments · February 2015

Jayshaun go to Asia

30 April 2015

We have been in Saigon (Ho chi Minh City) for the last 7 days and didn't think we could love a city as much. So much that were staying for 7 more 😃 It has a London/NYC feel to it. Tomorrow is the liberation day (40 years since the joining of the North and South) so it will be a big day for the vietnamese. We have been told to expect a festival kind of atmosphere as we have seen them setting up the streets all week.

22 April 2015

Canyoning pictures
We then headed to a place called Da lat where we went canyoning, the abseiling down a 26 meter waterfall was probably the best/scariest part.

21 April 2015

After Nha trang we went to a place called Mui Ne. It's very small but visited mainly for the sand dunes 😃

12 April 2015

Jason - the journi app seems to be playing up. Not uploading and then putting things in random order so will try again lol. Had an awesome time in a huge costal city called Nha Trang. Very touristy and oddly overrun with Russians (all menus, shops, posters are in Russian). Apparently this is due to a direct flight from Moscow. Beautiful place and we went out on a boat trip and had an awesome time at the theme/water park called Vinpearl.

4 April 2015

We have now travelled to Hoi an which is an ancient town and is really beautiful. I am also happy to announce that we have found our cheapest beer yet. 12p 😃
Hey guys, so hue rained the whole time which wasn't too bad as we made good friends with the guesthouse owner and expanded our knowledge on Vietnam. We attended a cooking class too and made some of the local dishes which was fun. 😃

1 April 2015

We then moved to a place called Da nang where we booked a pretty hotel for Jasons birthday. The staff found out and threw him a little party 🎉
Jason playing football on the beach

30 March 2015

Jasons birthday meal (he wanted pizza 😃)

28 March 2015

Jason at the cooking class making his pancake 😃

25 March 2015

We arrived safe and sound in hue. The bus was not as bad as expected. We slept like babies for a lot of it 😃
Tonight we leave for the gruelling 14 hour bus journey to Hue 😣

24 March 2015

We have spent 4 nights in Hanoi and took a tour to Halong bay for one night on a cruise boat which was so beautiful. We are really loving Vietnam so far! The roads are crazy, motorbikes everywhere, but it adds to the experience. Today has rained ALOT. Our first time having rain since being away but it didn't stop us heading out to eat some pho🍜 (A traditional Vietnamese dish) 😃
Some pictures from our time kayaking at Halong bay! 😃

19 March 2015

Jason - Had an awesome time in Laos and a good couple of days in Vientiane. Now onto our third country...Vietnam! 😃

15 March 2015

Jason - sorry about lack of updates but the Internet connection in Laos isn't as good as most places. Seems like it's 20 years behind technology wise lol. Picked a couple of pictures from our last few days in Vang Vieng that consisted of waterfalls, tubing (bar crawl while floating down a river), mountain biking, trekking, exploring caves and even watching quite a few episodes of Friends. We are setting off to Vientiane in the morning to sort out some visas and spend some time in the Laos capital 😃

9 March 2015

Jason - Our room in Vang Vieng for the next 5 nights. Absolutely gorgeous decor and a 5 star bathroom to match....😖 haha! Awesome little place though. Has a couple of TV rooms with full cable channels and hard drives full of films and TV shows to watch. It's also got a fridge full of beers you can put on a tab so can't complain, especially at £3.50 a night. Great location aswell!

7 March 2015

This is what happens when you wear a backpack for an hour in Laos..... 😂

3 March 2015

We're staying at the nicest guesthouse so far but for a little more as in Luang Prabang you can't really get cheaper. £5.20 each per night. It's clean and quiet. Free coffee and tea too. We went to utopia which seems to be the hang out for backpackers. It was fun! Even has its own volley ball court! Currency is hard to suss out. £1= 12,580 kip ...... 😱
Waiting to board our plane to laos 😃

2 March 2015

Pai was amazing. So calm and happy. Our next stop is laos but to get there we had to head back to Chiang mai. So we are currently in Chiang mai, and excited to eat at aroy dee again 😍 we head to laos tomorrow morning!

26 February 2015

Welcome to the land of hippies.... Pai ☮⛺️

25 February 2015

This is our new home for a few days at baan kati sod. It's so beautiful and peaceful. At night everyone gathers around the fire. ⛺️☺️
Genuine road sign 😂
Today we are taking a bus from Chiang mai to Pai. It takes four hours and during the journey there is 762 bends in the road. It's infamous for making people throw up and they actually have designated stops for people to throw up. 😱

24 February 2015

We found this little restaurant last week and have ate here every day since. Both our meals and a drink comes to around £2 and it's all cooked right infront of you. 😃
We were a little apprehensive about going to tiger Kingdom, mainly because we didn't know how the animals were treated but we thought it was best to decide for ourselves. It was a really lovely day and a calm atmosphere, the Tigers are in no way drugged/abused. Obviously they should be in the wild. However as captive animals they were treated well, they do what they want. They do sleep a lot, but they're cats! And they get up and walk away when they've had enough of you stroking them. They love a good Tummy rub ☺️💖🐯

23 February 2015

Jason having a great ol' time at buak Han park!

22 February 2015

A big lizard appears in our room tonight and then sprinted under the bed, we have just spent around 50 minutes trying to get it out of the room which involved turning the whole bed over 😳 Jason was absolutely raging, can't you tell? 😂😂😂😂😂
We've worked out that Jason can update the trip now too. So in future posts, we will write our name so you know who it is sharing 😃
Across the road is a little food market called sompet market. It's pretty cool to walk around. Still haven't found the courage to eat their street food yet though. 😂
Onto our second guesthouse in chiang mai. Probably not as nice as the first but even cheaper at £2.50 a night! Plus there is a small gym area right outside our door.

18 February 2015

Some pictures from the elephant nature park in chiang mai 😃
Today we are heading to the elephants nature camp to feed and bathe with the elephants. Every elephant at the park has been recused from other elephant parks and they're free to roam around the jungle instead of being made to work. We are so excited! I'll upload pictures once Were home later 🐘🐘🐘❤️

16 February 2015

We're staying at a lovely little guesthouse:- Sarah's guesthouse. It's so quirky and beautiful. It also has a lot of pets, hunter the dog and a turtle and many cats! It's £3 each per night!

15 February 2015

9 hour bus journey is over and we have arrived in Chaing mai ☺️
Jason enjoying an ice cream in McDonald's 😂☺️
This meal was from McDonald's, they have all the usual stuff and also thai stuff so we tried it. It tastes great! £1.20
It's been raining real bad here in Bangkok. The worst part is we have to check out in 2 hours 😂 were getting a 9 hour bus to Chang mai tonight 😃

14 February 2015

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a Krispy Kreme! 😌

13 February 2015

Today we went to Khao San road it was so good, very busy and we found a lot more western people
Chang beer ❤️
The grand palace. The Kings house. You're not allowed to take pictures inside 😔
The leaning Buddha. Made from gold!

12 February 2015

An outdoor gym. All made from metal. It was pretty cool!
Komodo dragons just chilling at lumpini park 😍 so many of them around!

11 February 2015

Food is so cheap here. This chocolate bar was 11p 😂
Some snaps of our hotel. It's pretty cheap I think around £8 per night with breakfast too!
We have arrived in Bangkok 😃
Beef in black bean sauce!
Ready to take off. ✈️
I got frisk searched at the airport 😏 Jason didn't though. Rekon he's jealous
When we arrived at Heathrow airport! 😃
In the car on the way to the airport 😬

9 February 2015

Tonight will be the last night In my wonderful bed at home! 😌💤