United States of America · 8 Days · 4 Moments · January 2017

2 February 2017

declared that this is a place of stewardship and development, an area that brings life to everything it touches  release armies of angels all around the dam and up on the mountains, also that the angels would be commissioned to this place, water etc. to take care of whats going on, release what the fathers doing every day and every night that anyrime peiple enter this area, any darkeness with them leaves this will be a watched place  technological advances released  development and creativity from heaven prayed the fruit of the spirit and that Gods spirit reigns down  that they would feel a change in this place 
connected to God here  we closed the doors to the enemy and declared this is a place where God resides.and that the things that happened in that past can no longer effect the present and future  building- released the presence and forgiveness and then angels  forgives over land , love and joy restored, peace restored, prayed for families that may have been effected, prayed family restoration  that all would feel love, joy and peace. prayed forgiveness for specific people that may have been involved we also prayed for the native Americans- the first people of the nations if the development of the dam may have cause pain, that they would forgive themselves for holding pain and causing it to pass down by generations, and to the builders of the dam, that there would be restoration, reconciliation released light over the people
adventurous atmosphere ,the enemy has no territory in this place  prayed as people delight in this place they would see God, there is so much peace and it is a refreshing place Thanked God that this place is the simplest place to be that people could get away and rest, a place of rest. Sense of Joy  mountains, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as people get to gaze at Gods creation they get to enjoy the beauty of his creation and that's the connection to refreshment and joy this is a this place of connection with heaven  rivers of living water, referring to the dam there was a building nearby, where we felt heaviness and prayed permission to start the process  and to partner with God over the land and region over Redding this place is a place of wonder, a place that has such a display of who God is in creation and beauty  prayed people would be refreshed, that thy would sense his presence that they would know there is a greater being and that they would be

26 January 2017