Asia, Europe · 19 Days · 125 Moments · November 2017

Sharryn & Abby’s European Christmas Adventure

6 December 2017

These photos were taken of the surrounds of Castle Black while we walked on top of the wall in York!
So grass is what happens when the moat is drained & no longer serving to keep the pesky invaders out!
The wall at Castle Black .....whether I peed off the side of the wall will need to stay secret- what happens on the wall stays on the wall!
Abby picked the archers shooting hole straight off ...shows her game of thrones education has been extensive!
Squirrel squirrel!
Teddy bear heaven for my sister!
So we chowed down in York’s oldest pub! I loved the board games in the corner designed to keep you there and keep you drinking!
Strange seeing the Lannister symbol everywhere is Stark country ....although Tyrion did marry Sansa...
So apparently York Minster has is way bigger than Notre Dame and way more impressive that Westminster Abbey....according to Paul. We were very blessed to walk the wall with such a passionate and well informed History teacher.
I love these streets...
Some of the amazing little shops in York ...I mean Castle Black - Sir Paul very patiently allowed me to empty my bank balance in his favourite town of York.
How many cities still have a fortified wall!
Um the engine light Paul.

4 December 2017

The Christmas tree in Chesterfield complete.....I feel so blessed to be part of this little adventure. I have as gob smacked by how many Australian ornaments I’ve given them over the was lovely to hang them with them this time❤️
We found Ed Sheeran’s Castle on a Hill in Matlock!
Mad Hatter in Matlock with Rhiannon & Eleanor....

3 December 2017

Meet Disco
Look happy Rhiannon!
Rhiannon’s Birthday at Karen’s house!
So I vote Lion, as does Paul ....but the rest of the clan insist it’s a Lion!
Mornings with my gorgeous cousin & Albus....who is not a morning poopy!

2 December 2017

Walking Albus while feeling like we were in a Jane Austen or Bronte sister novel!
Look we found Snow while searching for the perfect Christmas tree.....Abby was not amused!
The English rose....
The gorgeous Albus loves our bed as well!
Could you imagine a warmer Christmas welcome than a Lindt Chocolate Advent calendar at the bottom of your Christmas bed? We were blown away by our welcome & embarrassed that they needed 2 cars to pick us & our cases up!

1 December 2017

Definitely back in England now - the condiment of choice in first class section of the midlands bound train! Not long now....get to see my gorgeous family & collapse after traveling by train through three European countries in a day!
Well we always planned a chocolate binge eating session for our Belgium stop over....thought we would get to do it outside of the train station but alas....we walked for about a km around the station & found nothing so went back and indulged there ....still feel a bit crook! Belgium chocolate & waffles- ✅
We finally saw it snow out the window of the train as we moved through cousins will be relieved that I will not demand them to produce the light fluffy liquid based sky falling pleasure.....Carmen and Andreas tell me that the Germans have multiple words for snow. Alas Australians only have one - probably because most of us don’t see it. The best alternative word I could come up with was ‘white shit’ but I knew my sister would not approve! Well we were given snow at Paris Disneyland but that came out of a machine.
This bowl of coffee didn’t even have a handle!
This is THE MOST DELICIOUS Thing I have ever tasted - I was in Raspberry heaven in Cologne!

30 November 2017

St Michel’s is a Lutheran cathedral that has survived war and fires! Essentially the place is one big instrument!
Outside & on top of St Michel’s...‘twas freezing but gorgeous. We were so blessed to be guided by two people who love their city!
Special attention from Murphy & Miley 😘

29 November 2017

Even adults only Christmas markets were on the menu tonight!
Apparently it’s all about the whisky sauce!
On the hunt for the world’s fanciest toilet at the 4 seasons - I have never peed on koi before!
Yummiest food ever!
Best German hot dogs ever with hot apple cider!
Our first Hamburg Christmas market...mind in blown especially when Santa flew through the sky!
Discovering Snapchat with Carmen & Andreas!
The adventure begins with my first (and last) Gluhwein!
Our gorgeous abode for our Hamburg adventure with our beautiful friends 💋
Our sleeper train adventure ....which was also supposed to include a cello player from a German orchestra.....not fitting....luckily she was able to get a cabin to herself!

28 November 2017

Teddy bear heaven - my sister would adore this!
All I had for this was....oh wow!
Breath taking at nighttime 🍻❤️
We wandered these streets all day - could have gone anywhere (with our free public transport pass) but couldn’t get past this perfect place!
An oom-pah band would have sealed the deal!
The Raskeller is a Gorgeous & famous place to eat & drink....Abby is in salted pretzel heaven!
How gorgeous is Marienplatz! The vibe is awesome 🥨🍻🥜🍪🍰
German buffet breakfast- bring it on!

27 November 2017

Our first glimpse of a German Christmas Market....Australians could so catch onto this ...standing around laughing & drinking!
We are traveling around England, France and Germany mainly eating Italian food - go figure!
The train problems continued as we got off the ICE train too early!!!! Everyone was so relaxed and helpful that we got to our destination eventually....I need to say it again though....I LOVE GERMANY....I look like I belong too....just frighten everyone when I speak....think I’ll braid the hair tomorrow to confuse them even more!
I’m posting room photos because we are both do totally in love with our room! While Abby took a shower I did Yoga on the floor - can’t believe the room size....the bathroom is bigger than our whole room (I mean cupboard) in London! And I get to have a bath! ich liebe Deutschland 💋
We Love Germany so much - even though I keep on stuffing up (got off at the wrong station!) - it’s gorgeous- the people are gorgeous- our hotel is gorgeous! We have decided to abandon the neuschwanstein castle and spend the day in Munich! (Rather than an extra 4 hours on a train). Our hotel has given us free public transport for the day so we are going to be Munich tourists instead!

26 November 2017

Disney on Christmas nights.....
It’s a small world...with Jingle Bells thrown in ...I suspect Em would not approve but it kinda worked!
Alice - where are you?
Stitch’s Christmas party to follow! ....btw Abby did not let me go to the Frozen sing-a-long concert! Ripped off!
Lunchtime was bought to us by Pinocchio- Abby dove into the Mickey Nutella cookie (a new obsession this trip) and I went for the 25th anniversary burger which had quite a kick. Getting ready for Germany.....
Bit of Mickey big band action!
We got snow for this parade - YAY! Woody loved it too!
More Christmas parade with Roo!
As soon as we walked through the gates today they were getting ready for the Christmas parade ...we never saw it Thursday so it felt like a bonus!
Ok so now I have left France I need to confess to what I think may have been a crime...although I didn’t realise it at the time. These candles came from Notre Dame. I thought the sign translated to buying them for 5€ each. I stuck the money in the box & put them in my bag. I did consider buying several for the friends but decided I didn’t want to lurk them around so just bought one each for the kids......after a few minutes I realised you were not supposed to carry them away - instead light them & leave them....but I really wanted them ....they were already in the hand bag I committed to the felony & hoped ...and prayed that the Catholics would understand my predicament....especially the ones with machine guns!

25 November 2017

More Paris by night!
So this photo is taken from the bus!
So something big was going down at the Eiffel Tower resulting in my tour bus being held up in traffic for an hour & at least 20 police vans blocking access to the Melbourne arts centre Knock off!
Well one goal was to see the Christmas lights along Champs-Élysées at night....tick....unfortunately Abby missed it as she spent the day crook in bed.
Now the French Love their roundabouts - I’m still astounded I didn’t witness a fatality- I did think a one particular cyclist who rode like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was destined for rode kill but she weaves her way threw proving me wrong! My heart rate on my Apple Watch nearly called an ambulance for me!
Starting to be glad I never tried to drive here!
Paris as the sun goes down
Middle views of this tiny chapel...
Walking on the right hand corridor...did the whole candle thing...
Isn’t this the Night King’s right hand wight?
Breath taking stuff ...feel sad Abby is missing out this time 😞
Mastering the French self service laundry system! Proud moment....

24 November 2017

C’est Magnifique! As Abby is under the weather my mind & body got to indulge with massage ❤️
Posh end of price tags....we stayed on da bus!
Coming to life at night.....unlike us....
Melbourne Arts Centre....Abby has chickened out of going up! I did explain we may meet Australian footballers but she no listen!
So love this round about....not great for the heart rate though!
Hopefully we get closer to this beauty later
I love de bird on de ead!
More on our op on op off!
Mmmmm needs a leveling....

23 November 2017

Mickey saying goodbye....or see you next time....
It was a pretty good view except we were standing behind an 8 foot high smoking Clark Kent!
Disney know who to end with a bang!
And it snowed 👏👏👏👏👏
Now who doesn’t love a parade?
Parade anyone?
Getting ready for the parade...and the heavens opened....a Spanish family were grateful I shared my umbrella!
Hanging wth me mates!
Ah she’s a beauty!
My winter wonderland....
Now this is the real deal! Abby wants to stay at the resort next time....I told her she can shout her mother!
Disney Studios before the real deal....couldn’t get Abby on a ride worth screaming about....lucky I’ve been before! The Mickey the Magician show was fun & bought a little tear to the eye!

22 November 2017

Christmas in Paris ...
Gorgeous as always but my beloved food court was almost shut ....Abby didn’t go for the clothes either....still a favourite of mine though
Last morning in London- had a good look in Primark this time and am thinking either 9 suitcases are in order or migration!

20 November 2017

Ummmm hakuna mattata?
Abby’s kicking the whole fear of heights things it would seem!
Liz was home! Didn’t drop in for a cuppa though coz Abby was eager to get to the London Eye!
Just hanging at Ol buck very unimpressed my new gates?
Mum would love this shop!
Modern use of the telephone box!
Harrods Christmas windows- didn’t get them all - heavens were opening!
Some more Harrods ...truely bizarre place really!
Yummy posh food...ran out of ice cream though so no affogatto for me 🙁
Not sure where they were off too!
She’s a beauty! This Disney store is awesome and managed to escape me last trip.....let’s just say Christmas shopping has well and truely begun!

19 November 2017

The Christmas market in London was very pretty...yet a bit pricey for what it offers. Abby was happy though with the gigantic sour strap!
We went for a wander to find a Primark through the London streets where the Christmas shopping began!
The British Library is a really cool place to hang out - even if it didn’t have a Harry Potter photos of the HP exhibition sorry - strictly no cameras!
One of the most gorgeous train stations we have encountered so far. Abby went so far as to like it more than Grand Central in New York.
Our Cupboard in London is certainly proving to be snug....breakfast & location is the saving grace so far!

18 November 2017

Our little critters found us at our brief stopover in Dubai before unique travellers on the plane!