South Africa · 8 Days · 5 Moments · September 2017

Sharon's journi to South Africa

2 October 2017

Botswana-ChobeNationalPark Wow! It is so beautiful. Our accommodations, the hospitality, the views were spectacular. We saw thousands of impalas, hundreds of elephants and zebras, hippos, crocodiles, lions, colorful birds, and finally the elusive and sneaky leopard. Now onto the last stop in our adventure-Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls.

27 September 2017

Day 3 Left Cape Town and traveled to Hoedspruit Airport near Kruger National Park to our next location Kapama Game Reserve. Wow! Accommodations are beautiful, food in abundance and wonderful. First safari drive saw 12 different animals, large herd of elephants-goal to see the big "5", one down.
Day 4-6 2 full days, plus this am at Kapama Southern Camp. We arrived Tuesday afternoon in sunshine and upper 70's and we are leaving today in the same. However, Wed and Thurs were cool, windy, cloudy- rain later evening. We were bundled for our safaris in multiple layers. The experience was truly remarkable- we had drives where we saw a wide variety of animals and some less eventful ones, animals get very skittish with wind. How close we were to some of these large animals was unbelievable at times. Now we are on to Johannesburg for more adventure.

25 September 2017

Day 2- Robben Island and BoKaap Today was colder, cloudy, and few short rain showers, but it didn't stop our adventures. We took a ferry boat to Robben Island this am, prison where Nelson Mandela was held. It also was a leper colony for a short time. It is now home to about 200 people. In the afternoon, Craig and I went on a guided walking tour of BoKaap neighborhood. It was a poorer district back in the 1960's and was home to whites, blacks, and colored (mix race) people. Then Apartheid happened and the blacks were forced out of their homes. In the 1990's, after Apartheid, the neighborhood is again multi racial, mainly >60% Muslim, many mosques are seen. The houses are brightly painted to demonstrate freedom and individuality for the people again. Very interesting history, stay tuned we learn more about Apartheid in Johannesburg.

24 September 2017

After 24 hrs of travel and a good night sleep, we started to experience all that Cape Town has to offer. It was amazing and beautiful! A gondola ride up Table Top Mountain to the southern tip of Cape Point/ Cape of Good Hope. Gorgeous scenery and exposure to multiple animals- Dassies (rock badger), whales, penguins, baboons, eland antelope, and ostriches. Stay tuned...