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4 March 2017

Well we boarded our first return flight back to Kansas about 9:45 am on Friday morning and we were in Hays at the airport by that same time 12 hrs later. We jumped into our Rav 4 and headed for our beds. As I began to unpack my big suitcase the next morning this is what happened. Bear crawled into the lid and laid down as if to say "I'm going this time"! Thanks for following our journey!

3 March 2017

Arrived at San Francisco and had time for a great lunch then coffee before our flight to Denver....

1 March 2017

Went to Humbolt Redwood State Park today and drove through the Avenue of the Giants and since I drove today I don't have many photos until we're on the last leg heading back to Redding. No sign of Bigfoot but I have a story for you boys 😳

28 February 2017

We eventually got to the Lady Bird Johnson Grove in the Redwood National Park. They are to amazing to describe and pictures don't do them justice.
Our journey started today with driving north on Ca hgwy 101. We stopped at the beach, then had a great lunch. Then to another beach where the wild lilies were as big as my hand.

27 February 2017

Finally headed to the ocean. Samoa Dunes Recreation area and the Pacific Ocean. I had to scavenge for awhile. Found a couple shells, some cool rocks. We could hear a bell in the distance but could never figure out what it was for. There were Cala lilies growing wild in the sand. And finally ate at the Cookhouse tonight in Samoa. The food is served family style. It was all great, from the soup and salad with homemade dressing to the homemade bread. Then on to Chicken Parmesan and Braised short ribs. Finally peach cake with real whipped cream. We are stuffed!!!
Went by Grizzly Bear Redwood State Park and stopped to walk.
Driving on down the west side, we think... lol
We made it to 3000' and came into quite a bit of snow and some amazing vistas but then..... flares on the road. Finally it's a wrecker pulling a car off the edge of the cliff. No ambulance so don't know if the driver made it 😳.
We are headed west to the coast today but first the very different and interesting drive through Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Since they've had so much moisture they are experiencing rock slides, like the one we had to wait awhile to pass. Notice in the last photo that is the center line.

26 February 2017

Steve enjoying a fav.... Indian food! Me being brave! 😆

25 February 2017

Drove to Shasta Dam and Lake area this morning. 1st the dam releasing water in prep for snow thaw, the rainbow as the water releases then the river moving it downstream.

24 February 2017

Finally got good views of Mt Shasta this morning on the way to our conference!

22 February 2017

Time at Bethel campus this morning then a hankering for oriental cuisine. This place receives 4 1/4 stars out of 5 and was good. It's always a good day when you can see the mountains from the parking lot. Down to hike a bit near the Sacramento River but couldn't go far, it's flooded over the walkway. The drive back to the room past these really amazing houses complete with orange trees growing in the backyard.

21 February 2017

Went to the Bethel Campus and spent some time in the prayer room. Shots of Mt Shasta from the church parking lot. Met a young Paster from Paris, France and ran into some gentlemen from Norway that are also staying at our motel. Their sons attend the school.
Decided while the sun was shining to go down to Turtle Bay and see the Sundial Bridge. The Sacramento River is really high but you can see the trash in the trees where it was higher last week.
Stopped to walk in a little park after getting our luggage. Little humming bird sitting on a branch.
To the airport this morning to get our big checked bags. They were there!! Woohoo! Our view from the airport doors.

20 February 2017

Finally got to Redding. Drove in rain all the way. It's still coming down but you can tell we're back in greener hills. I hope I can take pictures tomorrow that are not from the window of a moving plane or car. 😜
Pretty green hills, orchards most of the way. Floodwaters everywhere and still more rain. They needed it though.
Flight from San Francisco cancelled due to heavy rain. So the adventures continue..... we rent a car and drive.
Departing shot from Denver. Middle shot was my new experience in the air, using an onboard bathroom at 10,000 ft altitude! Crazy ( I know tmi) coming down through clouds to rainy cool temperatures in San Francisco! Lots of delays so waiting on the tarmac for a gate to open for departure from this flight. Waiting for the next.
Leaving Hays and coming into Denver