United Kingdom · 7 Days · 38 Moments · September 2017

Sharon's adventure in England, United Kingdom

15 September 2017

Friday September 15th 2017. On to the town of Cheddar (yes the home of cheddar chesse) and the Cheddar Gorge.
Friday September 15th 2017. A very old chapel in Wells.
Friday September 15th 2017. Glasstonbury.
Thursday September 14th we travelled by bus to Taunton, Summerset to visit with Margaret McElroy. Friday September 15th 2017. We're off to Glastonbury, were they found the remains of King Author.

13 September 2017

Wednesday September 13th 2017. I love the street our hotel was on it reminded me of the final scene in Oliver.
Wednesday September 13th 2017. On our walk from Tower Bridge to the Millennium Bridge. There Shakespeare's Globe and St. Paul's.
Wednesday September 13th 2017. Views from walking over Tower Bridge with the glass floor.
Wednesday September 13th 2017. Tower of London is the home of the Crown Jewels. No pictures allowed inside but I bought the book that has them all.
Wednesday September 13th 2017. More of the tower of London.
Wednesday September 13th 2017. Our last day in London was a busy one. We start our day at St. Paul's Cathedral. Then on to the Tower of London.

12 September 2017

Tuesday September 12th 2017. On our walk back from the river cruise we walked through parliament square to see the statues.
Tuesday September 12th 2017. On our cruise back down the Thames River we were lucky enough to see Tower Bridge up for a boat to pass below.
Tuesday September 12th 2017. Up to Greenwich to see observatory, the Meridian time line and the amazing veiws of London.
Tuesday September 12th 2017. Touring the Cutty Sark, dad trying to pilot at tea clipper are the world.
Tuesday September 12th. More veiws alone the Thames River. We boarded the Cutty Sark, England's last tea clipper.
Tuesday September 12th 2017. Now it's off to the City Cruise down the Thames River to reach Greenwich Observatory.
Tuesday September 12th. Today we start with Westminster Abbey. This is were all the Coranations take place, as well as Princes William's and Kate Middleton's wedding. Princess Diana's funeral also took place here. (sorry no pictures allowed inside)
Sunday September 10th 2017. Still at Kensington Palace. These dresses show how small Queen Victoria was. Fred walking down the portrait hall.
Sunday September 10th 2017. Kensington palace. Diana's early dresses.
Sunday September 10th 2017. Kensington palace. These last few dresses and suits were from the mid to late 90's and the fashion she prefered.

11 September 2017

Monday September 11th 2017. Veiws of the back of Buckingham Palace. Ending our afternoon at the Palace with afternoon tea.
Monday September 11th 2017. Leaving the palace walking down the Mall we found these few treasures of Queen Elizabeth I. Then it's on to Piccadilly Circus.
Monday September 11th 2017. Buckingham Place. There was no picture taking allowed inside the palace, so I hope these will do.
Monday September 11th 2017. Buckingham Palace & changing of the guards.
Monday September 11th 2017. Today we start the day with changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.

10 September 2017

Sunday September 10th 2017. Also in Trafalgar square is Nelson's Column a 151ft. granite pillar topped by a 18ft. statue of Admiral Lord Nelson. There are actually four black lions at the base and the are made from the metal of the cannons of the defeated French fleet. ( Nelson vs. Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805).
Sunday September 10th 2017. We had dinner at The Sherlock Holmes Inn then walked down to the river embankment for night time veiws of Big Ben. (sorry those pictures are on my real camera.)
Sunday September 10 2017.
Sunday September 10 2017. Churchill War rooms.
Sunday September 10 2017. Still on day 2 we move on to Churchill War rooms: Step back in time & walk in the footsteps of the UK's most iconic political figure, Winston Churchill. Explore the underground headquarters that acted as the top secret nerve-centre from where Churchill & his inner circle determined the course of the Second World War.
Sunday September 10 2017. On to Trafalgar square, where you have The National Gallery and Canada house, Fred was pouting because it was Sunday he couldn't get in and this is were the only Tim Horton's in England is located. (I will admit we haven't found a good cup of coffee since we arrived.)
Sunday September 10 2017. The back veiw of the palace and the palace pond. Who doesn't love swans?
Sunday September 10 2017. Moving outside to Kensington Gardens. The sunken garden was beautiful and still so fragrant. It was windy when we were there so the smells were all around us.
Sunday September 10 2017. One of the few times I didn't get an argument from Fred about posing for a picture, he knew this was important to me.
Sunday September 10 2017. The Princess wore this Catherine Walker cream crepe during an official visit to Saudi Arabia in 1986.
Sunday September 10 2017. Diana's fashion collection. Kensington palace has been buying Diana's dresses/outfits back. Many of these dresses I remember seeing her in.
Sunday September 10 2017. Day 2 was very busy starting with Kensington Palace. It amazed me that people are still laying flowers at the gate for Princess Diana. The grand staircase to the Kings State rooms is beauitful.

9 September 2017

Saturday September 9 2017. The Hanover Hotel our home for the week. Up the street from our hotel we find this National Trust Plaque........ Our first night out was to St George's Tavern, good fish and chips. My first of many red phone boths. Good first day.