Australia, Netherlands · 4 Days · 10 Moments · February 2019

Sharon's adventure in Amsterdam, Netherlands

3 March 2019

Day 3 Amsterdam fun filled day. Bit of breakfast in the morning, then off to the royal palace just gorgeous. Then Anne Frank house loved it. Tonight we r going to a show and dinner and taking the tram for the first time 😬😃

2 March 2019

Day 1 Amsterdam so far loving it. Stepped out if the airport to crisp cold air hitting your skin, felt amazing. Love watching the people move around this city like they are dancing to music and Pete and I trying to learn their dance has not been the easiest. Nearly got taken out by a bike. We literally check-in and wonder around taking a few snaps along the way. Now for an early dinner in the hotel restaurant, a spa bath and a bit of an early night. So we can fill the day tomorrow 😍😍

28 February 2019

Time to celebrate...and now the drinking begins 😜🥂
And so the holiday begins... Brisbane International Airport first stop Amsterdam YAY ✈️🥂😁