North America · 9 Days · 51 Moments · March 2017

Sharon & Barb Cruising to the Caribbean

26 March 2017

Back in NJ. Looks dreary and cold out there.

25 March 2017

Cute Couple

24 March 2017

23 March 2017

Our ship.
Beautiful Church in the Bahama's
What's he looking at?
So tired. πŸ™‚
In the North Star ⭐️☺️
We found this elephant on our bed.

22 March 2017

So adorable!
Strutting her stuff 😴
Cococay, Bahamas.
Anthem docked at Cocoa Cay.
Hiding! 🐠
This lady loves to pose
Sharon 🌴
Barb 🌴
Coco Cay
Life Boats. They look like submarines. Nothing like Titanic.
Here comes our ride.
Arriving at beautiful Cocoa Cay.
Beautiful Cococay.

21 March 2017

A Stingray. Franklin is awesome. He is our room attendant.
The alligator whisperer
Watch out. Don't loose any fingers.
What a cute pig
Captain Mike took us through the Everglades on a Airboat. It was amazing. What a trip.
Baby Alligators are so cute.
She was scared! Don't let the smile fool you.
He was so soft.
Florida Everglades
Everglades cypress trees
She almost peed her pants!!

20 March 2017

She thinks she's all that!!! πŸ˜‚
Ha ha.......I'm taking this chair home.
Sunset πŸ‘πŸ». So beautiful 😍
So cute. Not sure what it is, but cute anyway.
Look who is cruising
The North Star. It was a nice ride.

19 March 2017

You jump, I jump!
Chocolate covered strawberries and Champagne. Double yummy!
Leaving NJ.
A nice man took this picture for us. BTW, that's a giraffe behind us. He isn't alive.
New York

17 March 2017

Color changing Jay.