China · 1 Days · 8 Moments · November 2018

Share happiness at friends’ birthday party

4 November 2018

Hey,turn around! Click! Freeze-frame of William’s mom 😊 thanks for your entire night’s busy work.
Everybody finally settled down around the table and waited to share the birthday cakes. Such kind of birthday party celebration together with several kid’s good friends who are in the same month or close to it was so amazing. Firstly, each child would experience an exclusive birthday night which differentiated from previous one as before. They could share happiness with more friends and received more blessings and gifts. Secondly, in terms of their parents’ economic budgets, holding a grand party altogether was both more magnificent and economical. What’s more,everyone could feel the ultimate atmosphere of joy because of the participation of all of us.
Even more children involved in this grand photographic event but someone apparently couldn’t resist the temptation of delicious food and wanted to eat right away.
More children participated in this shooting activity as well as their mommies😹 it seems that this was a fashion show instead of birthday party : ).
Moving into the private banquet(dining) room which was arranged meticulously with variety of birthday ornaments,these little kids were facing anther round of photo session before they could share the birthday cake and play with these floating hydrogen balloons.
The photo shoot isn't over yet. Kinds of combinations were conducted by these little ones. Three little girls posed cutely and lively in front of the camera, which could be seen that they were already very experienced in taking pictures.
He stood in the middle of two little princesses in the beginning and then another one came to join in them to take a batch of group photos together. it seems that he was the prince that night😄
The party has been well prepared when we arrived there. This is a jointly organized birthday party hosted by parents and their kids from three families. We were suggested to dress up for the feast couple of days ago,so great expectations always haunted our mind since then. We were awed by such a warm and romantic interior decoration as we just entered this room where the happiness would be shared with that night. Colorful balloons and delicate birthday cake conspicuously caught our eyes in the dark room under the spotlight with bright lights irradiating from the ceiling above. William was asked to take pictures with the two princesses who were been dressing up as tonight’s stars. He was a bit shy and reluctance could be sensed as he stood between them, I knew that he had a sense of loss as he was not the star of the night. But it doesn’t matter,sometimes he needs a little frustration.