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Shannon's voyage in Avalon, CA, United Sta...

8 January 2017

21 and up area only! #childfree
The Queen Mary!
We are on a boat! 🚢
Waiting to board!
Dan: Are these pillows even real?! Lol. I was thinking the same. We slept on pillows practically made of air last night, but I slept pretty well anyway. Packing yesterday was exhausting.

7 January 2017

Grabbing some dinner at my first favorite sushi place! And our picture from 2011 is still here. 😊
Francis was acting silly before we left. Soak up the sun, kitty. We'll miss you. 🐱
Grabbing some of our favorite Mexican food at Pokez before we pack and leave for Mexico. This is my usual. It's a Veggie Burrito covered in verde sauce with a side of sour cream. The greens on the side are pickled. Literally the first place ever that I can say that I want my usual and they know what I want. 😊
It was so awesome and almost coincidental staying in the very hotel that started it all 2 years ago. In January 2015, we stayed during the TD Ameritrade conference and 4 months later we moved to San Diego. So much good has come and we keep moving forward. I'll always have a soft spot for the Manchester Grand Hyatt. The place that started it all. Here's a couple of photos from then and one from now. You can see that the Marriott next door is being demolished then and it's completely rebuilt now.