China · 15 Days · 82 Moments · May 2016

Tibet Jiuzhaiguo Chengdu & Beijing

23 May 2016

That's not a mirror! The terminal goes on and on. Our plane, boarding 12:20am
Mongolian restaurant last meal. Lamb imported from Mongolia, tasted great.
Stella calligraphy, iching writing and Manchu writing among others and small show
Confucius museum
Beijing restaurant lunch. Soup was the best

22 May 2016

Dinner, it was never going to take long to bounce back. Great dumpling meal, every mouthful so good. Full now going for a walk Blueberry & Taro drink (warm sweet). Black pig pork pieces fried with sweet & sour sauce
Calligraphy shop. Drinking tea downstairs with owner. Purchasing seals, ink and paper
Walking around lake
Inside adjoining rooms, worst lunch to date (too touristy) used to be one of the best restaurants
Taking boat to the summer palace, hair cut on the sidewalk, small cat fish, summer palace
Famous Russian restaurant built 1954 and Russian honey with almonds

21 May 2016

Awesome dinner after tea shopping. Wasn't quite hungry but it was one of the best meals yet. Peking duck, lamb with chili spices, pork balls with pepper, potatoes with garlic dip, mung bean mixture, lotus root with mince pork battered. Beijing food is all good, with prune juice again, look out!
Tiananmen Square, forbidden city (takes thousands of tourists a day!) Beijing buildings
Tea shopping. Drinking $1000 teas. Teas on the shelf, prices are divided by 4.4 for 500g (50,000*4.4 = $11,363AUD) Buying tea accessories.
Jade and bronze also oracle bones from another earlier period 1300BC
Sword and jade sword end. Smoke free duck lantern.
Beijing museum, recently found tomb. Peasant heard a Bomb go off at night, notified the authorities and they found tomb robbers just about to enter. Loads of gold, jade, bronze items and coins. Han dynasty 200BC

20 May 2016

Arrived in Beijing, dinner at Zhejiang (province) restaurant with corn drink.
Whole fish, steamed egg with beans, baked sticky rice, black vermicelli noodle with chili good restaurant.
Lunch with prune juice, keeping regular whilst eating great food

19 May 2016

Ming Ren hot springs, with herbs (water black, can't see 2inches deep) many different baths & temperatures with/without herbs, 3hrs later we're ready for walk back to hotel. Feel great!
Big dinner, driver, real estate managers lui from Kunming. Fantastic chicken soup and all organic great food.
Heading to dinner via drivers house in the middle of nowhere, unchanged environment. Dangerous road and local house
Quiet walk at night, morning clouds and lunch.

18 May 2016

Calligraphy, there is hope for me yet! Some good some average. The fan is good, so small.
Carved ivory and porcelain
More rooms, coffin room (they make their coffins beforehand), opium storage room, every home needs one. Clay statues of the oppressed peasants under the landlords rule
Liu wenhui's family home, bedrooms and vegetable garden. Wine making room
Sichuan lunch, always the best. Pork belly with chili (not capsicum!) steamed egg, pork belly with sticky rice and other great dishes. I'm full!
Dayi, liu wen hui manor/museum. My new gun and knife purchase.

17 May 2016

Walk through mountain, tea growing, local house with bee hives, chicken in the wild -when is lunch? Houses with organic free farm next door.

16 May 2016

View from my room and a great lunch.

15 May 2016

Museum and dinner
Ancient shu civilization museum.
Heading to lunch in chengdu.
Panda park, they do nothing! Eat, with food scraps all down the front and lay around all day, I may have panda blood! I did see one eating, get up, take a dump to the left and sit back down. At least my toilet is 10m away. They had red pandas too, smaller like a raccoon. Also peacocks roaming free, lots of birds too.

14 May 2016

Shops on the way out
Noodle spinner
Famous restaurant, hotpot and dancing show. Old face changing dance
Flying to chengdu. Head to dinner.
Heading back. Herbal shop, dried cordyceps, dried salamander, saffron and other things
Lunch. Lamb meat on bone and hot pot with yak meat, black fungus, cabbage, rice noodle and potatoes slices with chili
Tibetan tents. Stopping for lunch. Freezing and windy
Driving through to grassland. Snowing at mountain top, yak jerky in store. Dropped off luggage, too heavy for grassland rd

13 May 2016

Cows at mountain top. Busy tourism in town. One rd though the whole way. Not yet peak period!
Drive back over mountain top. Windy rd back. Freezing wind. Fresh spring water.
Driving back through mountains. Azalea flowers
Buying cortyceps and lunch. Drive to old village

12 May 2016

Traditional dress. More scenery
A duck!
Lunch- noodle soup, yak butter almond tea, pastry with pork mince, really good. More scenery

11 May 2016

Dinner, Sichuan flavor, very good. Hotels nearby, all 5 star
Drive from airport to hotel, dry pond ( actually wet)
Flight to jiuzhai 45min
Leaving Lhasa flying to chengdu then onto jiuzhai

10 May 2016

Traditional Tibetan restaurant, barley beer (Tibetan traditional beer) yak milk tea, 2 types salty and sweet. Lamb, yak meat. Nice meal
Heading down from 5250M very long trip back
Glacier, used to be to bottom but breaking off. Very clear normally cloudy. Nomad come up in summer and pitch tents where rocks are and tend to yaks in large rock enclosure at base of glaciers. Now 3hrs back.
Driving to glacier. Eagle taking flight from sign. Lunch, awesome didn't eat too much not sure about the altitude. Scenery on the way.
Clear lake and cold. Group photo and yak. No swimming in lake sacred site. Tibetans walk around mountains lakes as a show of respect. Takes 7 days to walk around lake, maybe next time.
Heading to yang Zhou cuo ,it's cold, lake freezes in winter

9 May 2016

Light lunch, Lhasa street and another temple with views. Traditional Tibetan tea house with most common drink Tea, sugar and yak milk. Very delicious. Precious stone museum with standard dodgy gift shop.
Potala Buddhist palace Lhasa and view from the climb up and down.
Air flight into Lhasa 27hrs door to door 3 flights