China · 17 Days · 88 Moments · November 2014

China 2014 Sichuan Hubei Yunnan Hebei

12 December 2014

Beijing hot springs
Beijing hot springs internal images. No cameras allowed inside
Beijing traffic and pollution.
Mongolian restaurant
Mongolian restaurant. Jasmine tea. Great food
Han dynasty sword fragment. Molten metal from sand ready for sword making.
Sword shop. Met with owner, swords increasing in value

11 December 2014

9 dragon kanfer wood sculpture and guan yu statue. Owner owns a furniture factory.
Beijing dinner
Beijing dinner with our driver from every trip. One of the best meals. Good jasmine tea as well
Calligraphy shop ink stones. Beijing shops and back street.
Shanxi lunch. Frozen lake
Behai park. Bird photographers, 0 degrees Beijing back street
Kunming airport. Beijing old gate building. Beijing forbidden city and skyline from behai park. Beijing pollution.

10 December 2014

Heading to airport. Over the bridge noodles at famous restaurant. Ate 2 bowls too many, I could be charged with excess baggage.
Lunch. Local out of the way restaurant. Bamboo worms, crickets and wasps on offer. Didn't eat, wasp wine also.
Stone forest
Small stone forest kunming
Small stone forest kunming
Stone forest kunming
Stone forest kunming
Stone forest kunming.
Stone forest. Kunming

9 December 2014

Paul's birthday with cake and harger wood tea
Kunming dinner
Kunming streets at night
Wetlands walk and 19000 above sea level lake
Kunming lunch kitchen. Wealthy people eating peasant food
Kunming lunch.
Kunming minority area. Dian chi River with seagulls.

8 December 2014

Street and bees flying
Lunch xishuangbanna
Lan San river xishuangbanna
Breakfast. Pork pancakes making. Leaving xishuangbanna

7 December 2014

Pu er with orange peel. Raw pu er and tea purchase. Sword and knife shop opposite hotel. Picked up tea tray opposite.
Brains and pineapple sticky black rice, fried potato
Burmese/Thai area. Dinner spicy, hot. Chicken dofu, chilli pigs head meat
Wasp nest, pu er teas tasting and sweet rice flour snacks
Blacksmith furnace, venomous bamboo tree snake, old path
Old tea merchant house and inn
Tea plantation walk, old mill stone
Breakfast and tea farm entry with 200yr old cart

6 December 2014

Purple sweet potato pork soup
Pu er tea, rice crisp and sweet potato. Dinner, bamboo worm.
Lunch on the way to xishuangbanna
Road to xishuangbana
Breakfast, crossing the bridge noodle. Snake wine

5 December 2014

Best meal yet
Organic dinner north yuxi
Flying into Kunming. Tea at Lu's shop. $200000 harger wood pillows, harger tea and Tibetan stone cups
Leaving Wan Zhou

4 December 2014

Dinner and street at night, everyone staring at the tall people. Walk to hotel
Exploding popcorn and great dinner
Small gorge boat tour and short walk for river rocks
Small gorge boat tour
Descent from goddess peak and lunch
Goddess peak walk and climb steep stairs. Our guide and friend. Temple at top under construction
Goddess peak mountain walk
Speed boat out to goddess peak

3 December 2014

Hot pot dinner. Walking in the street. People dancing at night
Small three gorges dam tour. Coffins in the cliff ledges
Wu Shan. Outside hotel, buying fresh battered fish from boat, cold and slightly raining
Arrival in Yi Chang. 5hr drive, hotel arrival and late night street food. Bacon and veggie dumpling in spicy soup.

2 December 2014

Lunch. Leaving Hua shui wan
Lunch. Leaving Hua shui wan

1 December 2014

Last dinner in Sichuan with Baden Baden hotel managers
Last dinner in Sichuan.
Herbs used at mingren hot springs

30 November 2014

Baths at house and banquet dinner at fengjing hotel.
Simple daoist lunch and desert, mandarin and hubei dried berrys
Hua shui wan town view and trail
Lao zi temple and walk
Simple breakfast and heading up the mountain, 10km walk up hill

29 November 2014

Lunch kitchen, talking bird, preparing chili, walnut, hot oil sauce
Temple walk, mineral water form well, black and white rooster. 700year old cypress pine.

28 November 2014

Another meal
Mountain walk
Another meal and our new accommodation for 2 nights

27 November 2014

Classic Sichuan meal. Tasted fantastic.
Ski field hike
Accommodation and room views. Hot spring baths steam in the distance

26 November 2014

Herbal wines in restaurant. On the street.
First meal in China.
Flying into chengdu , snow capped mountains in the distance.