Germany, Iceland · 9 Days · 50 Moments · February 2018

Iceland Roadtrip

4 March 2018

spent our last night on iceland in the vogur guest house in reykjavic. got the biggest room and the interieur was very cute. wow talk and listened to trailerpark. 10 days iceland and we never had to use cash money. icelandic people like to tell stories and this i enjoyed the most. kthxbye
rocket church. must see. don't know why we went there but a lot of people got the same idea. america 😘😘 god bless
super amazing bengifoss and hraunfossar. water springs under the lava surface and build a unique river. 2 kids died here.
deildartunghver biggest thermal spring on earth. smelled like sulphur again. super amazing nature. unique farns that only grow here and are super green. super!

3 March 2018

best day in markus' life. went to the hot tub and were able to watch the northern lights again. didn't even had to leave the tub, because camera did its job.
had to drive +2 hours because the hotels location had been somehow out of the track πŸ˜… when we arrived the staff was sleeping on the couch. we were the only guests. had been our most countryside home while our trip.
went to waterfall ... which got also used as a location
took part at the vatnshellir volcano cave tour. very funny guide. the first room is bengas living room. he is half human and half troll and has lots of friends which is why he has got such a large living room. there were also cave bacteria that twinkle when confronted with light because they don't like light. bacteria isn't harmful to us. other room is the cave of spirits. guide gave us volcano water (same as tap water) and for a few minutes he showed us utter and complete darkness. saw the first real stone troll face that even was recognizable. where are you from? america!
went to another seal beach (ytra tunga) and were able to watch them even better. it was a big seal family. at some point they started to growl. we then left.

2 March 2018

got lucky and saw the aurora. almost missed it because markus and i already went sleeping. ramon woke us up and for a few minutes we could watch the aurora borealis. i have been outside in my pjs
stayed in a nice little cottage in Hvammstagir
markus was finally able to watch seals. those are the same seals as in germany though.
this rock is supposed to like like a troll that turned into stone because he was exposed into sunlight.
fortress borgarvirki where we were able to play in the storm.
small closed church that grew grass on its roof.
goddafoss waterfall. thanks to an old lady i didn't broke into the waterfalls ice and drowned. markus and i sat on a stone and watched the tourists being tourists and some guide making fun of it. think we are on a lot of pictures now.

1 March 2018

guest house in myvatn. got a coupon for the local pizza restaurant daddis pizza. didn't use it though. been faithful to instant noodle soups.
went bathing at myvatn nature bath. liked it actually a lot more than the blue lagoon. had a nice view from the tub to the snowy landscape around it. at some point it got foggy again.
lava field dimmurborgir. climbed around for a bit and kept looking for the caves of the 13 trolls. found only one. first time we saw the sun.
climbed up to hverfjall volcano crate. very windy boi. paid with credit card to enter the toilet at its foot.
two grottos. the first one was a normal cave with water i guess. the second was very warm and cozy with hot tub water. one of the grottos were used to film the grotto scene between jon and ygritte
mud pots. most sulphur smelling place on the whole island i guess. got a sick stomach. but still was kinda fun.
another waterfall - its the dettifoss! 😡
drove some hours on the ring road and tried to capture the landscape around us.

28 February 2018

guest house in Egilsstadir. first time we prepared a real meal. way too much spaghetti but nevertheless emptied the bowl ☝ we need fine weather from now on. i declare iceland to the vegan cheese paradise. but somehow vegan sausages are nowhere to be found. probably because the sausage lobby is too powerful here 😝 it started snowing overnight.
biggest forest on iceland. all the trees were actually planted. i expected somehow more of a wild forest. flinched stones at its lakecoast. markus won.
nice walk up to the waterfall hangifoss. risked my life for a wild picture πŸ˜‚ the red layers show the iron in the mountains. the red colour shows the oxidation of it .. so basically its rust we are looking at 😹
long car ride along the coast. we saw a happy smiling seal at some point. it had been the only seal there - probably happy because it can eat all the fish alone. markus couldn't catch a glimpse at it and won't leave iceland until he has seen a seal too.
vestrahorn is one of the biggest mountains iceland. unfortunatelly we couldn't find a hiking path. but the foggy view is awesome πŸ‘Œ

27 February 2018

apartment in hΓΆfn. a friendly dog welcomed us. i smelled fish at night πŸ˜“ probaly the house owners cooking something late. awesome view at the mountains. in general, there are huge windows everywhere.
went to see jΓΆkulsarlon when it was already dark because we couldn't make it earlier. still awesome. markus and ramon saw some weird creature in the water.. aha
last minute hike at skaftafell national park to the skaftafoss waterfall. the rectangular shape of the rockparts is because when the lava cools down it can release most of its energy in this form. so they break apart at 120 degree (mathematical) and leave a rockpattern like this.
glacier tour. at the end our guide drank some icelandic moonshine with us. its custom to drink it after you killed someone or to celebrate something. this glacier cave (tbh every glacier cave) is kind of unique because the melt every summer and in winter they are created anew. the guides have to look for a new one every year. but they are worried that this cave won't last very long because the weather is already very warm - told us it feels like may.
way to the glacier cave. the first tour possible since 8 days.. oc because of the weather. helped a stuck car out. got lightly stuck ourselves a few times. were able to play in the snow because of the delays πŸ˜‚
todays first stop at skaftarelhdaraun. this is the biggest lava field of the earth. the moss takes up to 17years if it needs to recover because of tourists leaving the trail. we retreated after the first bus of tourists arrived.

26 February 2018

arrived at our room in kirkju and got a upgrade with our own bathroom.
next to reynisfjara we found another spot to watch the crushing waves. its called the rockhole πŸ™ˆ the waves came crushing at the black cliffs and poured down as white foam.
very windy day at the black sand beach reynisfjara, which made it even more worthwhile to watch the ocean and the waves crushing at the rockbridge. at the cliff covered in fog, we were able to see the rockneedles reynisdranger which are said to be trolls that turned into stone. from this point on iceland became less touristy
visited the waterfall skogafoss. walked up to a lookout spot on top of it. you could have hiked along this way but we decided against it.
different waterfalls at seljalandsfoss. at some point it looked like water was shooting out of a ice cubic. further investigation showed that it was only a leaky pipe.. xD
we got our home in skyggnir completely for ourselves because. markus lost the feeling in 2 of his fingers - aftermatch of todays hikeπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ silke had been a very friendly host and took very good care. shes a german from berlin who married an icelander and moved to his farm. now they are trying to make some extra money with this guest house (open since 2 weeks).

25 February 2018

the waterfall Golfuss, last poi on our golden circle trip
next stop at our golden circle trip had been the big and really big geysir. the big geysir is a very thankful one because it erupts about every 7 minutes. the really big geysir didnt errupt since many many years. supposedly because too many rocks and stuff were thrown into it and it clogged up.
pingvellir (golden circle) result of 2 continental plates pushing against each other and creating a rift. imagine the powers that worked here
Kerid, vulkangrater (golden circle)
deathwalk to reykjadalur hot spring thermal river. we decided not to hop into the hot spring because of reasons.. πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ icelands weather taught us a lesson. unholy combination of deathstorms, gunbullet rain and slippery mountainways

24 February 2018

our first stay reykjavic. it had been also one of the worst guest houses we had been on iceland.
first time visiting hot spring. first time we got confronted with the sulphur smell of this island. if you shower with hot water, be prepared to leave a sulphur smell at the bathroom. blue lagoon had been very nice - only got a little windy and chilly as the night approached. better take off your silver jewellery because the sulphuric water will stain it black.
keflavik airport, sun, hail, rainbow, wind. got lucky with the weather actually because only until 1 day ago the weather was really bad, stormy, wet and cold.