Jordan · 5 Days · 13 Moments · September 2017

21 September 2017

Aqaba Visited the beach at Aqaba and saw the Arabian Sea. After that we headed back to Amman and catched our flight to Frankfurt.

20 September 2017

Wadi Rum Tour We got picked up by Sulaiman at the visitor center. He brought us to his office in the Rum Village. There we met our guide Taissir Ali. He drove us via Jeep to the Lawrence Spring. Then we went to the Sand Dunes Area. After that he showed us the Anfashieh Inscriptions, went to the little Bridge and visited Lawrence's house. Across Burdah we had lunch. Then we went through a little canyon to a spot where we snowboarded on sand dunes. Finally we climbed up Um Frouth Rock Bridge und Taissier showed us sand dunes with the smoothest sand ever. Near the bedouin camp we watched sunset and had dinner. A lot of bedouines gathered at our camp and started making music. At night we were able to see a clear starry sky - even the milky way was visible.

19 September 2017

Petra by Sunset For that we climbed to the Outer Siq and waited at a abandoned Bedouine cafe until the sun disappeared behind Umm-al Biyara. While finally climbing down the outer Siq we were able to take a look at Al-Khazneh from above. Then we climbed down right from Khazneh and went back to the Siq (Jabal al-Khubtha) again. Our hotal had been at Wadi Musa where a whole city developed because of all the tourists wanting to see Petra (or the Red One). All Gräber are Nabatean Gräber
Petra by Day Started again through The Siq to Al-Khazneh. Then walked through Fassadenstraße to the Roman Theater. Then went to Nymphäum and walked through Säulenstraße and saw the ruins of Tempel der geflügelten Löwen, Temenostor and Qasr al-Bint. After that we began our climb up to Ad-Dier. From up there we had several best views 😝. We could even see Kreuzritterburg al-Habis from afar. Then we went all the way back to Fassadenstraße after we went a little offtrack to the Löwentriklinum. From Fassadenstraße we walked up to Urnengrab, Seidengrab, Korinthisches Grab, Palastgrab and Grab des Sextius Florentius. And again back to Fassadenstraße. Now we climbed up to Die zwei Obelisken and Hoher Opferplatz (Jabal Madhbah). Up there we had a talk with a local bedouine (he explained us that he lives here since 10years and often sleeps up here) and decided to stay in Petra until sunset.

18 September 2017

Petra by Night View at Al Khazneh and walk through The Siq. The whole way from the Tourist center to Khazneh was covered with little paper-candlelights on the ground. At the end of the Siq valley/road Al Khazneh slowly becomes visible and this is the best view you will ever have - especially by night. The bedounis there gave a little show with flutes and a very old instrument (oldest in the world? !). They also explained a bit and at some point they lightened Khazneh up and the tourist photobombing began.
Al Mujib Trecking Tour
Dead Sea Swimming and Dead Sea Mud Spa

17 September 2017

Castle Ajlun (Muslim) while crusader age
Jerash, Römische Stadt Gerash We saw the Oval Forum and Cardo Maximus and walked through the Colonnaded Street.

16 September 2017

Exploring Amman Dinner at local restaurant (Hummus, bread, vegetables, falafel, fries) Shisha and tea at night
Amman Citadel Visited the ruins of Hercules Temple and saw remnants of the Hand of Hercules.
Hotel Nishan, Birthday Bash (Ramon)
Arrival at Queen Alia Airport