Israel · 1 Days · 6 Moments · December 2014

Shani's trip to Israel- the yarkon river :)

14 December 2014

Later on I met with friends and went to a nice picnic in the "Yarkon" river. It's in Tel Aviv and it's nice there to relax and playing the guitar.
I started the day by flying an airplane around Israel :) it was great! They told me I nailed it .😉✈️👍😁

13 December 2014

After we cleaned up we went on a nice little journey in the Yarkon with a little boat :)
Picnic in the "Yarkon "😁👍
Me flying the airplane:) It was unbelievable! It's so hard to concentrate about everything in the cockpit! But after a little time I figured it out and did it great ! It's amazing how fast I finished all the little country .. And it was amazingly beautiful to see everything from above 😁✈️👍