Turkey · 3 Days · 3 Moments · September 2014

First adventure through Europe

1 October 2014

Hello to a new life. This is the first time I travel alone, so far away from home - to a whole new continent. I was afraid. I am still afraid but never have I felt this excitement. I was bored back home. Now, I wake up every morning with a new adventure awaiting. I am in love; in love with this way of life, this new country and my new self!

29 September 2014

This was the first view I had of Turkey. I was mesmerized, and still shaking from this whole new side of myself I didn't know I had. People often tell me how courageous I am to leave for so long alone; the truth is I don't even know how I made the jump!
Istiklal Cadessi. I first heard of this street through a friend - he told me how crazy it was, always full of people. I went on my first night and was very impressed. Through the multide of people, stores shine - some american and some turkish. Everyone seems to be shopping every day, whenever they feel like it (wake up, shop! go to sleep, shop!) Galip Dede Cd. (If I have finally learned to read my map right!) As you come to the end of the street, you find a smaller one, filled with music stores and artisanal shops. This was my "coup de coeur". The people are very nice, the shops are colorful and the view breathtaking! I have been going back almost every afternoon - some of the shopkeepers started recognizing me... Says it all!