United States of America · 3 Days · 34 Moments · March 2017

Shane's move from Seattle to OC!

2 April 2017

Delivered Shane to his new home!!
Green hills in Yorba Linda too!!
Getting close.
Lush LA County!!
Shane is happy.
Dinner in Sacramento. Loved Cafeteria 15L.
Last leg of our trip! Orange County here we come!

1 April 2017

Walking Sacramento and stumbled on this cathedral.
A beauty
That's a stately guy!
Gorgeous dogwood tree.
Capitol in the distance.
Capitol Park at the California State Capitol. Trees from all over CA features in the park.
Day two - made it to Sacramento!!
Rolling hills and green 🌳 trees! 🤗
Driving buddies!
Welcome to California!
Library in Ashland Oregon
Beautiful Ashland Oregon!
First glimpse of Mt. Shasta from Oregon
Best license plate design in the United States
Breakfast at the Glenwood Restaurant in Eugene.
Courtyard view from our Marriott Courtyard room- ha ha!!

31 March 2017

Poor guy was stressed out as his water nearly all leaked out during today's journey! 😬🙀
A little Portland history.
Stoping in the Pearl District for a local brew and apps in Portland.
Mt. Saint Helen's
Finally getting to Olympia.
Enroute through nutty traffic!
Leaving West Seattle!