United States of America · 5 Days · 15 Moments · May 2016

Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival

9 May 2016

Here are some extra pictures that my mom took! We are home and rested and clean and glad to have peaceful nights without deep bass beats. But Shakori was amazing. I am planning on going again this fall when it is on my birthday and take some friends and camp together! I even grabbed a poster when we went to dinner on Sunday since it was the last day and it was just going to be thrown away anyways. I am enjoying the music on iTunes, especially The Freight Hoppers, River Whyless, Steph Stewart and the Boyfriends, The Punch Brothers, and my favorite, Matt Phillips & The Philharmonic!

7 May 2016

Here I am at the Pittsboro Community House monthly square dance! I have always wanted to come and dance but I never knew when and where it was to be held. When I heard it was this month and the Haywood Billygoats would be playing (also a band I have wanted to hear), I made an effort to come and watch and I ended up dancing in almost every one! So much fun!
I didn't expect to actually fall asleep while listening to the soothing River Whyless! Well, two hours later, Tamoka woke us up with loud and violent Latin πŸ˜†
I love just wandering from stage to stage, discovering new bands and music and people
The dance tent was filled with cloggers and The Freight Hoppers were so much fun watching play!

5 May 2016

Trapsing around late at night getting a feel for Shakori. Second picture is of the lit pathway in the healing arts area for yoga and things like that.
First official band of the weekend: Matt Phillips & The Philharmonic. Great gumbo of jazz and alternative with Matt's sweet , strong voice and the saxophone, jazz drums, and keys. Wonderful way to start the evening and weekend!
Ah.....hippies, cloggers, and old-time music. Let Shakori begin!
I made it to Lola in the parking lot, drove to Pittsboro, and I am downloading two TV show episodes that didn't download properly before we left. I'm also creating pretty sweet playlists of music from Shakori artists, and charging my laptop, phone, and iPod touch. πŸ“²
This is Green Acres, the family camping area, where we are staying (much better than the poison ivy FILLED woods where our friends are staying! 😝) Our little piece of paradise 🌴
Our neighbor's fully-functional teepee with a small bbq going inside 😍

4 May 2016

Pesto mac and cheese
Trailer bed/kitchen outfitted like a pirate ship, with a crow's nest and all (serves as a table on top). Also, beautiful wooden creatures carved and painted near the front entrance. βš”β˜ 
Checked in, got our wristbands, set up my tent and the rest of our gear, and peacefully enjoying our neighbor's bluegrass from the stereo and *trying* to tan from Harvey's bed eating sweet cherries. Oh my goodness, this is the life! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’πŸŽͺ🎻🌿
Packed up and driving Harvey and Lola (aka mom's glamping minivan and my all-purpose minivan) and into town to grab tshirts to tie-dye and books at the library, and then we're headed to Shakori!! πŸš™πŸš—πŸ•πŸŽ™