Australia · 12 Days · 27 Moments · July 2016

Sera's adventure in Darwin!

6 August 2016

The plane ride was fine. Getting home was so so great!!
After that we showered, I packed my things and we relaxed!
After a little while of chilling we went to Mikaela's netball training, then when we got home Andrea was there to give a gift for my family to me. We talked to her for a while, which was great!
At 5:30 am the next morning we got ready and went to the airport. I was exhausted by the time I boarded. But I had a great time and totally want to go back soon.
We went to the waterfront for lunch. We ate at a place called Chow and it was delicious. Then we walked around for a while and just enjoyed ourselves. We found this little spot of sea life and played with the little wild creatures for a while. We went an looked around it a super nice hotel, it was a bit random, but Mikaela insisted. I wasn't feeling great so after that we drove home.
Then we went to the YWAM base! It felt tiny. But it was great! I felt like it was still home!!
Then we went to the Chantilly tea room! It was so good to see the Russos and the tea room was amazing. We had delicious scones and macaroons and I had a chai tea. It was fun!
On Tuesday it was my last day. So we went out for some girl time. First we went to Darwin baptist church! That was pretty cool.
We drove home and unpacked. Then we went to the nihus's house. It was crazy how different both Kaleb and Brooke are! I had a great time with them. We walked to the beach. Then Mikaela couldn't resist swimming, so we all did, in our clothes, while catching crabs. I was heaps of fun and on the way home our feet got really burnt 😂
On the Sunday Mikaela got baptised. It was amazing! I loved watching her go through this time with God
We had a cultural night while at Coomalie, that was great!
Camping at Coomalie creek was so much fun, it brought back so many memories! We were there from Friday to Monday.
Around 5 pm we drove to Coomalie creek. We had mcdonalds for dinner in the way.
On Friday we took the morning slow, then at about 11:30 am we went to school.
After school on Thursday we went to Mindil Markets. It was so much fun I had a delicious mango smoothie while watch the sun set. It was so amazing! We walked around for hours and I bought myself a cute to and Zoë and Nixie some friendship bracelets. Just before we left we had these Greek balls that were like doughnuts, with honey and cinnamon. They were so delicious!
Back in the old school uniform! On Thursday I went to school with Mikaela. It was so strange being back there. It was fun to have a school experience.
When we got home we chilled, ate dinner and watched some Gilmore girls. It was so hot to me and cold to them! Mikaela and I stayed up talking for ages, it felt so good to be back with her.
Mikaela confusion and shock when I came off the plane was great! She totally wasn't expecting it.

27 July 2016

Landing in Darwin 😱😄
On the way to Alice I sat next to a lovely lady. We talked a bit and she told me just to find her if I needed anything. That was great!
Leaving Alice springs! I talked to Lorrie and she is so excited! Can't wait to get there in just under 2 hours. She said it is hot 😬😬 I also talked to dad, miss my family already.
On the plane to Alice Springs now. Everything went smoothly. I had Hungry Jacks for lunch... It was gross! I'm listening to Taylor Swift and about to start reading Anne of Green Gables.
Leaving today!! Ahh I'm so excited. Also a bit nervous but I'm sure everything is going to work out great. Leaving home around 10:15 am... Not long now!!

26 July 2016

It's the day before I leave and I am so excited, but also a bit nervous. Packing is never easy for me 😊