United Arab Emirates · 3 Days · 7 Moments · September 2017

My first trip to Seoul ✨

6 September 2017

Second Day~ We started our day with a delicious toast at Isaac Toast Coffee around the corner. Shrimp,Cheese and Egg Sandwich, breakfast made in heaven! Today was a bit rainy, so we decided to go to 강남. 강남 has such different vibes to it, high class 😉 We first visited the 카카오프렌즈샵&카페, a total must!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD💗: Haul of the day - Ryan Magnet, Apeach Pen, and Apeach fabric charm. Also Lisa, Maja and me shared a cute little Apeach Cupcake and I had a refreshing lemonade at the café.🍑 Gosh Germany has so many things to learn, I can just repeat it every day! After that we went to the SM Atrium, cringy but funny. The Coex Mall was our destination for a second round of our shopping tour. We wandered around went into a few shops, ate delicious 비빔밥 at the 먹자골목 and finished our day with a funny fotoshooting 😂 Tomorrow we are driving to Busan, so excited to see the ocean. The weather apparently is going to be HOT HOT HOT 🏝☀️ Good Night~

5 September 2017

First Day in Seoul, not so good first night tho. The mattress is so hard compared to mine😅 Anyway today we went to 명동 for a shopping tour! I had a delicious green milk tea at this cute coffee shop. I already fell in love with Seoul. Shopping tour was successful btw., trying out my new Cel:Cushion Mask, for the perfect glow tomorrow 😉 Good Night~

4 September 2017

Arrived in our Apartment. First snack in Seoul, before crawling into bed-허니버타칩, 치즈 불닭볶으면 and 바나나우유 for breakfast ❤️ I'm happy, good night~
Let's talk about the breakfast on the flight to Incheon...or better not 😂 I'm so tired, I can barely keep my eyes open. What a waste, that I stayed up just for that breakfast!
Dubai Airport! Had the best Milkshake from Shake Shak 😍

3 September 2017

First and vegan meal for me. A cute little salad, rice with peas and pumpkin, fruit salad for dessert and bread and crackers. 잘 먹겠습니다 😅🙏🏻
A few minutes until boarding! Omg I was counting the days and now the journey finally begins SEOUL WE ARE COMING 🔜🇰🇷❤️