North America, Europe · 11 Days · 29 Moments · March 2019

Senior Trip

18 March 2019

So today I figured I’d reflect on the trip being that I’ve finally slept in America. I have learned so much about other cultures and David was a phenomenal tour director. Specifically I remember Italy was independent in 1861. I’ve learned so much about everyone in my class and feel I have a tightened bond with my friends. Most of the trip my group hung out with the Colbach’s as chaperones. They are some of the nicest and coolest people I’ve met. They are hilarious and fun to be around. They knew how to be protecting without overbearing and honestly think they are one of the reasons this trip was so fun. Seriously having Europe withdrawals today (and suffering from jet lag).

17 March 2019

Finally home! I watched 4 movies: Whiplash, The Meg, Indiana Jones, and Searching. Didn’t really eat the food but I had Allyson’s and my own pudding. The time difference is currently killing me because if we were still in Europe it would be midnight. I’m so tired but so happy to be home.
We just took our first flight to Munich. We flew over the Swiss Alps and it was absolutely stunning. It honestly took my breath away. The flight was only an hour and it went soo fast. Now we have a 2 hour layover here and then we fly to America!!!

16 March 2019

Today was our last day :( We toured through Monaco and Monte Carlo. We saw the famous casino and another beautiful cathedral. I had a Nutella crepe that was absolutely AMAZING. Poor David accidentally made a wrong turn and we ended up walking 2 miles to dinner instead of .5 miles. Overall this trip has been amazing and I’m NOT excited for the long plane rides tomorrow.

15 March 2019

Last night we got into Nice. My hotel room is Emilie and I in this room not even big enough to lay both our suitcases out. Last night we did a small walking tour of Nice and had dinner in the city. The main course was AMAZING, but the flan was disgusting (tasted like wet fish sliding down your throat). Poor Emilie dropped her phone down a sewage drain of all things. We had to leave it and are going to try and get it out again today. We went to the pebble beach in Nice and it was so clear and beautiful and I even brought some rocks as souvenirs to take back!
Today on the way to Nice we stopped for 2 hours in Pisa. We saw the main Cathedral, baptistry, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In the baptistry, we heard the insane echo acoustics of the place. We all took tourist pictures holding the tower and then shopped around the marketplace. I wish we had more time in Pisa because I felt like I only saw the buildings and didn’t learn anything about them. But now onto France!
We are just leaving the hotel and I thought I would share my experience. We got there and the keys wouldn’t work (plus there were 2 doors) we had to call Mr. Colbach and he opened it on the first try. Took us 20 minutes to figure out that you need to put the keys in the wall to turn on the electricity. THEN we realized we needed 2 keys because we had 2 rooms...So Tanya and I walked about .5 miles to get another key so we could all hav electricity. WiFi was good upstairs and I FaceTimed my family so I could see my dogs.

14 March 2019

Today we were in Florence. Before we got to the city though our bus driver, Antonio, wanted to take us to a scenic view above the town. It was absolutely breath taking. In Florence we walked around and did a walking tour. We also went to a bunch of leather stores. We had pasta and beef for dinner and played never have I never.
Woke up this morning to the sound of Ariana screaming in the room next to me. Today we have a 3 hours drive to Florence where we will be spending the day. Antonio is back (our other bus driver was terrible) and David already gave us a history lesson. Great morning!

13 March 2019

After getting completely soaked in the way to dinner. We went to where Julius Caesar was killed. I have always admired Julius Caesar and he has been my favorite historic person. Seeing this was honestly one of the coolest things ever. Then we walked to the Trevi Fountain (and yes I threw a coin in!). David showed us the most amazing gelato place where I had Oreo and Mint gelato and it was the best I’ve had this entire trip. When in Rome you should definitely check out Valentino’s gelato!!
After the Colosseum we wen to the Roman Forum. The ruins were also beautiful as well. Learning about them Latin it was awesome to see them in person. We then went to the Vatican. We saw the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s paintings-absolutely AMAZING. I was in awe of how preserved the paintings were. We learned about the technique that Michelangelo used to paint the chapel. He would paint a small section every day. For example one day he may do the arm of a figure and the next day to the chest. In total, it took him 4 years to do it. The Vatican was absolutely perfect with beautiful mosaics. One of the best things we have seen this trip. All the history and magnificent paintings made the crowded trip worth it.
First thing we did when we got to Rome was go to the Colesseum. It was absolutely was amazing. The structure was so beautiful and breathtaking. After learning about this in Latin for 2 years, it was amazing to see it in person. To think that this building has been around since 70 AD is amazing.

12 March 2019

Today we drove 4 hours to Assisi (and now are heading for another 2 hours to head to Rome). Assisi is such a beautiful town. My only complaint is all the stairs and hills. Our group thought it would be a good idea to walk up to castle (with the one hour we had). If you have more time in Assisi i think it’s totally worth it to climb to the top and then do the museum (however I believe it cost 8 euros to get in). Sadly, we didn’t have the time so we just enjoyed the views and took pictures. Looking back now we had climbed 40 flights of stairs. Had some more pizza today which I easily burned off. Lastly we went into another church, but honestly I’m so tired and we were so rushed I don’t remember much. I’m so tired now but Assisi was honestly amazing and super fun!

11 March 2019

Doge Palace is the most beautiful place I’ve been in a while. We walked around this huge palace and somehow got separated from our group. Danyel, Emilie, Ryan, and I were LEFT BEHIND so we decided to go try and catch up..long story short we were completely lost in the prison. We were cold and lost and now I know how those prisoners felt. Good thing Ryan has to idea to turn around. We ended up making like 4 wrong turns but eventually made it out.
Venice has been my favorite place so far. It is absolutely breathtaking. Seeing the Rialto bridge was probably my favorite thing....Sharyn and I worked so many hours making our hoco banner look like that bridge and to see it in person was so exciting and rewarding. The gondola ride was so beautiful and amazing. The waters were super clear and the city is stunning. I felt like a tour guide leading everyone around with google maps😂. Today I also had my first Italian pizza!! (Also AMAZING)

10 March 2019

Oh much potential but I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be. Verona was mostly walking around at shops. We saw the balcony of Juliet, where legend says if you touch the right breast of Juliet you will have good luck in your relationship. Today I had my first Italian pasta as well, pretty impressed with fast food Italian pasta from Bigoi. I’d definitely recommend it if you are looking for some fast cheap (buy really good) pasta.
Ciao!!! We have made it to Italy! We headed to a gas station and I got some nasty Pringle’s. I totally do not recommend getting American food from an Italian gas station. We also saw a huge fight in the parking lot; Italy is so amazing. Turns out my hands are the tiniest ones on the bus..Baker’s are the biggest I’m disgusted.
We just woke up to head to Verona and then head to Venice. This morning GG knocked over a huge planter and dog food came out...HAHA

9 March 2019

Sooooo it was INSANELY WINDY! Like you couldn’t even walk outside without getting pelted by wind and snow. It kinda hurt not going to lie. It was so bad we had to leave early. The gondola ride to the cart was really shaky. On the carts GG, Allyson, Danyel, and I spent a lot of time playing games. GG told me “if people think you’re pretty they have to think I’m pretty”. We laughed for about the rest of the time because GG called me ugly 😂😂
On our way to Mount Pilatus!!!! We took a shaky cable car up to the first building. Then we took a gondola ride all the way to the top! Poor Ryan chickened out and couldn’t get up the gondola.
In Luzern we visited the MOST BEAUTIFUL cathedral. They had an organ playing and it made the whole ambiance.
As we entered Luzern, we went to the memorial for the Swiss soldiers who defend the pope. The craftsmanship’s of the lion was absolutely stunning. We took the basic boy picture....pretty sure we nailed it.
1st night sleeping in Europe was actually more interesting than you would think. There was no a/c so it was super hot, they gave us a huge comforter for a twin sized bed, and cars were racing outside.The hotel looked like the Shining hotel, the hallways were never lit and our door had problems locking. Both GG and Allyson came to talk to me at like 10 and 11 pm to tell me they were hot..not sure why, I couldn’t do anything about it. But GG then said she was going to play “the fan noise”. I was so confused what she meant i thought she meant an actual fan we had forgotten to turn on. Right after she turned on the “fan” i instantly felt cool and fell right asleep. This morning I found out she had a 10 hour recording of fan noise and played it. Somehow it worked and I don’t know how. GG was snoring SUPER LOUD at 1 am so Allyson and I woke her up and honestly it was really funny. This morning we had eggs and toast and REALLY good coffee.

8 March 2019

On our way to our hotel we saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL views of the mountain. It really made me appreciate the beauty of this country. I’m absolutely exhausted and can barely function. As we got to the hotel we had to carry our luggage up 3 flights of stairs and got into the creepy room...but I’m roomed with Allyson, Abigail, Sharyn, and GG, that’s a big plus!
After getting off the plane we traveled to Zürich. We walked around the city and looked at cathedrals and the views of Switzerland. Although it was INSANELY cold it was such an amazing time. Although one of my complaints is that you have to PAY TO GO TO THE BATHROOM. I don’t understand that concept...although McClean was insanely clean it was still something I do not want to do again. GG and I also went to get food from a grocery store but everything was in German. So we accidentally bought sparkling water and bittersweet chocolate. but we bought some great pretzels.
so we just landed in Zurich!!! It’s currently 44 degrees and it’s super cold. I only slept 25 minutes on the plane and sat next to Josh. He drank creamer and it was disgusting. I watched the new Harry Potter movie and it was kinda boring...but the food was GOOD, except the cheesecake. I’d definitely recommend Swiss Air for anyone trying to fly to Switzerland! But overall a good flight (:

7 March 2019

after being delayed till 8:30, we are FINALLY on our flight..getting ready for take off and I know I’m too excited to sleep (hopefully josh doesn’t hate me by the end of this flight!!)
Today we start our journey! After leaving school we headed to the tri rail station where we are taking a train to the Miami airport. The ride was pretty bumpy, but so much easier than driving all the way to Miami. I’m super excited for the next days as I travel to Europe with all my friends!!!