North America, Europe · 123 Days · 43 Moments · January 2018

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6 May 2018

Spring has sprung and it hit 61° Saturday! It has now returned to rain and low 50s° but it was nice for a day. The girl across the hall (Tilda from Finland) who I tried to be friends with finally messaged me asking to hang out. Only took 5 months. We went and got drinks then tried the famous Scotland Fried Mars Bar. It was terrible. Today I sit in Tantrum Doughnuts working on memorizing the outline to prepare for my English exams. I’m so happy I wrote these last month *thank you past sellers*

23 April 2018

Boarded a train to go to Brugge to get on a bus to the airport to board a plane to take me to Edinburgh to board a bus to take me to Glasgow Therefore I treated myself to one last breakfast waffle with do it yourself hot chocolate. As I walked back to the hostel I noticed there was no line for the Belfast bell tower (the line was 2hrs long yesterday) so I climbed to the top to see panoramic views Oh and the last picture is a man who reminded me of Allen from the hangover with his baby

22 April 2018

Checked out of Brussels hostel and boarded the train to Bruges. Oh my gosh. This place is beautiful. And the weather was 79° and perfect. Spent the day walking around enjoying every corner. Took a wonderful boat tour (have a cool time lapse video if anyone ever wants to see it). Was walking to the city center and BAM waffle on a stick. It was so good. Then after the boat tour I needed to try Belgium fries. Honestly sub par. Not my kind of fries. I went on a brewery tour at Brasserie De Halve Maan and got a rooftop view of the city. Then tried to find the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Found it but couldn’t find the blood??? Oh well. Went to love lake where there were swans everywhere (the city has about 150). Oh and of course I got another waffle

21 April 2018

Morning train into Ghent, a place that was brought to my attention while in Budapest. I got off the train and walked through Citadel Park◡̈ then I wanders through Graffiti street. I took a tour of the towns medieval castle which talked a lot about torture, prison, dungeons, pit of misery, the guillotine, and several other depressing topics. I bought a salad and sat by the canal - a very local thing to do. I later messaged the people I met in Budapest and two took me out for dinner and drinks. They made me order all the food and drinks and Dutch. Not an easy language. Dinner was a Turkish restaurant where I had a chicken wok (and burned my arm on the wok itself. They should really warn you how hot it is).

20 April 2018

Arrived later than planned in Brussels thanks to booking the wrong airport + slow bus transportation. I was exhausted when I got to the hostel so only explored the surrounding area including pee boy (Manneken Pis), the city center, and a waffle stand

18 April 2018

Copenhagen without Gill :( spent the day at Rosenborg Castle, Torvenhallen for lunch, and the little mermaid.

17 April 2018

Cheese and wine day. Ask gill. There’s a story.

16 April 2018

C O P E N H A G E N Union Kitchen for breakfast/brunch, Gill and I both got Waffles with yogurt chocolate and berries. It was amazing. The coffee was pretty good too. Walked Nyhavn then made our way to the Tivoli amusement park and it was adorable. Bigger than I thought, but not at all busy- so we could hop on and hop off the rides. I included a picture of a ride which wasn’t at all suppose to be scary until it felt like our straps were lose, then it became very scary. Drank Prosecco by the flowers at a Michelin Star restaurant (inside the amusement park!). Then went to the round tower for rooftop views of the city. Went to barburrito for dinner which was equally delicious as brunch. Registering for Senior year today. Hoping I get at least one class I need. Woo.

13 April 2018

Last day in Nice spent soaking up the sceneries ◡̈ Copenhagen bound Oh and that’s a random guy named Alex
N I C E Day 1 was spent in a tropical storm which produced heavy rain, thunder, and hail. Resorted to cheese and wine inside Day 2 the weather turned around, still very over cast but we were able to walk around and enjoy the views. Also saw a Russian billionaire $250 million yacht, when we looked it up we found him to be friends with Putin. Very interesting.

11 April 2018

V E N I C E Suso gelato, gondola ride, and explored the city streets

10 April 2018

F L O R E N C E If your reading this I’m too tired to write about my day. Goodnight.

9 April 2018

M I L A N Spent the day in Milan and thankful it was only a day. Not much here to do except the Milan Cathedral. Waiting in line for I kid you not almost 3 hours. Also explored the nearby castle which resembled more of a fortress than a place to live. Best part of the day was Sutherland feeding pigeons. I’m still laughing. She was screaming in horror but what did she expect?!? Ate pasta for dinner followed by a cannoli ... followed by gelato... it’s a good thing we’re only in Italy for a few days...

8 April 2018

More pictures of Matthias Church. From top to bottom it was covered in elaborate art. It was so so pretty. Even the roof tile of he Church was multi-colored
Budapest day 2 Day started at the Szechenyi thermal baths. Sutherland wanted to get there at 6am, I told her 10, so we compromised at 8am. SHE THEN OVERSLEPT. So I waited in the lobby for 30 mins till she woke up. Then we walked through Sunday markets and went to Szimpla Kert, an artsy bar which hosts a market on Sunday mornings. We ended up eating at a food truck which served the Hungarian specialty of fried cheese sandwiches. Took a river cruise. Explored the Jewish quarters. Fell in love with the Matthias Church. It was stunning and so different. Ended the night on top of 360 bar at sunset with Sutherland and a medical student named Ryan. We then went back to Szimpla Kert to see what it was like at night!

7 April 2018

B U D A P E S T Saint stephens Basilica is right around our hostel, then we walked toward Budah castle, crossing the bridge at sunset. Election Day is tomorrow and extreme left parties were in the streets protesting and urging democracy (what a concept) Ate a langos, a Hungarian specialty, which is like fried dough with toppings (I got garlic and cheese). That was my dinner. Not very healthy or filling by cheap! Then made our way to the parliament building at night. Went bar hoping near our hostel. My roommates are from Ghent Belgium and invited me to hang out with them when I visit Belgium at the end of this trip!

6 April 2018

Prague Day 2 Went inside the Prague castle where we saw the saint virus cathedral, st. George basilica, the old royal palace, Rosenberg palace, Golden lane, the prison (more like torture chamber, seriously lots of skeletons). Then found a Mexican restaurant where I got a stawberry margarita and lots of nachos. Still no queso. Tried to go to the rooftop bar in the Dancing House, but it was reserved for a formal party. Made an Irish friend in the hostel and we went to a 80s and 90s music club where I ran into Ellie Murray. Stopped and got French fries at 3:30 in the morning and saw a giant Shiloh !!

4 April 2018

P r a g u e Day 1- John Lennon wall, the outside of the Prague castle, walked along the river, went to old town market and got a chicken skewer in a baguette with the famous Prague hot wine, went up to the top of Old Town Bridge tower that overlooks Charles bridge, and ended the night at an ice bar which was a lot colder than I thought it was going to be!

3 April 2018

London day 2 So windy so so windy. We walked around the eye and boarded up Big Ben until we had to get on the train to the airport. So! We didn’t do much. We also stopped inside the fanciest 3 story McDonald’s ever. Now we are in Prague!
L o n d o n Arrived in the morning, ate a donut from Crosstown doughnuts in the Old Spitalfields Market. Then we walked around London and through the Borough Market where there were tons of fresh foods. I then spotted a shake shack and HAD to go. We had a 2:00 reservation at Sketch, a high end cafe/restaurant known for their artisan style rooms and egg shaped bathrooms. I got the most delicious chocolate mouse/cookie/brownie and a passion fruit juice. The bathroom was so so much fun. We then walked to Harrods department store and passed Berkeley Square and the Albert Memorial on the way. We ended at Kensington and it wasn’t that pretty tbh. The Churchill Arms was nearby and is said to be the most decorated pub in London. We almost walked 17miles. Oh and the Airbnb gave us the wrong key to our room and our stuff was locked inside for an hour and our phones were dead! So! We are tired!

31 March 2018

Start of spring break! Took a bus to Fort William to ski Ben Nevis. It would have been more fun if I was good at skiing. But the hot chocolate was good. Easter Sunday was spent hiking. We then went down to Loch Linnhe where it was low tide. So with our bean boots on we walked around in the seaweed. The last picture is the hostel that we stayed at where our roommates were the LOUDEST snoring people.

29 March 2018

Went to a cafe to start outlining my English exam. Just got my English paper grade back. Very high grade meaning I only need 10 more points to pass the class meaning I only need a 17% (!!!!!) on my final paper. Let me tell you. My motivation to work on the exam paper outline just evaporated.

17 March 2018

March 17- Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Went on a sub crawl but had to avoid certain stops because there was a rangers vs Celtic game today and if we went to those stops wearing green we “might get stabbed” so that was tricky. Favorite pub stop was the one on Ashton Lane (pictured), it was packed and had live music☘️ Also it snowed the entire day. So yes it is still very cold over here with no signs of getting warmer.

15 March 2018

March 15- our trip to Dublin could be called a layover. We had less than 24 hours to explore the city before Arslans plane back to the states. As we looked for lunch we walked over the Ha’penny Bridge, found the Temple Bar, and enjoyed the Saint Patrick’s atmosphere. After lunch we went to the Guinness brewery and 7 floors later ended up on the sky bar overlooking Dublin. We then walked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral before taking an afternoon nap. That night we stopped in Gino’s Gelato which was very green for Saint Patrick’s. At the end of the night we went to The Brazen Head Pub, Ireland’s oldest pub. One of their glasses may have ended in my jacket

14 March 2018

March 14- went on another tour, it was a little colder than Sunday’s tour. We went to Loch Lomond then began our journey to the Highlands. Along the way we made new friends with nature. While in Glencoe we stopped in front of the mountains named Three Sisters. We finally made it to Loch Ness and we boarded a boat cruise to better find Nessie. While on the boat cruise we passed the Urquhart Castle. We then returned to the bus and passed through Inverness where I got some hot chocolate. We ended our day by ordering Chinese takeout and going to bed early for our early morning flight.

12 March 2018

March 12- “lazy day” when compared to yesterday. Showed Arslan Kelvingrove, university of Glasgow, and went on the tennents brewery tour. Ate on Ashton lane for lunch where we found the first good chicken fingers since I’ve been here

11 March 2018

March 11 continued - here are some extra pictures from the places and towns we visited including Loch Katrine
March 11: Arslan and I boarded a bright orange bus called The Hairy Coo for a trip around Scotland. We climbed to the top of the National Wallace Monument in Stirling (pictures 1&2), stopped at the Lake of Menteith (pictures 3&4), had fish and chips in the highland village of Aberfoyle, went off roading to find some hairy “coos” (pictures 5&6) stopped at Loch Katrine, walled around the Doune Castle which Game of Thrones has filmed at (picture 7), then stopped at The Kelpies (giant horse heads). We returned to Edinburgh and explored the Edinburgh castle (pictures 9&10) before return to Glasgow. Needless to say we went to bed as soon as we got home!

28 February 2018

January 28: all hail the snow gods. Snowed over a foot last night and continues to snow throughout the day. I have great boots *cough thanks aunt gill* compared to my roommate Izzy. I’m bummed I can’t post videos here, but we went sledding. I’ve included a picture of the last time it snowed (last picture) to show a comparison of how much snow there is this time vs this time. Oh and I don’t have class till Monday!

14 February 2018

February 14th- Happy Valentine’s Day! Woke up to beautiful roses outside my door from Arslan, I’m surprised he was able to keep it a secret! Went to The Chippy Doon The Lane for dinner with Sutherland where we splurged on fish and chip and a bottle of wine. -after ordering the bottle of wine Sutherland told me she doesn’t like wine. Don’t worry I didn’t let any go to waste!

11 February 2018

February 11: Botanical Garden followed by Ashton Lane, both in the West End. Began to snow on the walk home ◡̈

21 January 2018

January 21 Last day in Valencia, rode bicycles to the beach, ate subway and finished the night with gelato. 75° here and snowing in Glasgow... yay. Oh funny story. 4 of the people I was with bought “white wine” at the supermarket to drink on the beach. When we got here they realized they had each bought WHITE WINE VINEGAR. Still laughing

20 January 2018

Another day of exploring. Please don’t ask me what building is what. It’s all in Spanish. I have no clue. Google tells me that the pictures were taken at: -La Seu -El Pla del Remei -Jardines Viejo Cauce del Turia -Gran Via -Tramo del Palau -Parque Gulliver -Tramo del les Arts -Ciudad de les Artes y les Ciencias -Terraza Umbracle -Tramo del Palau Ate dinner at a MEXICAN restaurant (ate a quesadilla). Walked a LOT. explored more of modern Valencia than the historic district. Saw a lot of cats, one modeled for me.

19 January 2018

WELCOME TO VALENCIA 6:00 flight, explored the historic district, paid €2 to climb the cathedral tower (200+ stairs) to see the sunset, saw a mummified saint’s arm, ate paella for dinner (did not change my stance on *Spanish rice. Still hate it). Do not like food, can’t understand the people, and the roads are very confusing. But it’s warm and pretty!

17 January 2018

January 17 Explored the west end: went to the university of Glasgow (Hogwarts) followed by the Kelvingrove museum. Finished the night with pizza and beer at Shillings

16 January 2018

January 16 Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis (cemetery). Arslan bought his ticket to come see me today🎉 First day of class First day of snow

13 January 2018

January 13: Went on a Brewery tour, ended with a pint and taste testing. Made friends with some Germans and Irish guys and we decided to keep the momentum going at a local pub. Took a LONG afternoon nap once it was all said and done. Oh and fell down a flight of stairs in the brewery... before we started drinking. (Bought a plane ticket for next weekend travel- stay tuned to find out where 😉)

11 January 2018

January 11th- explored the Gallery of Modern Art, ate a Krispy Kreme donut inside of Central Station, and went clubbing with USC students and our roommates. Pictured: me, Sutherland (USC), Fiona (Strathclyde)

9 January 2018

January 9- While on my way to the bank, I decided to take the long route with a view and explored George Square. Also the sun has gone back into hiding- very overcast day!
Locals took us to a club called “the buff” to celebrate the National Championship (which comes on at 1am!).

6 January 2018

January 6, Explored Buchanan Street- watched a group of highland bagpipers as well as a street magician. Ate dinner at The Hall- a local sports bar where Chris and I both ordered chicken fingers!

5 January 2018

Explored the area around the hotel. Ate dinner at Bread Meats Bread for dinner- a small, but packed, restaurant where I ate grilled cheese, buffalo blue fries, and Innis Gunn beer- Brewed in Edinburgh, Scotland.

4 January 2018

January 3/4: Charlotte, NC —> London —> Dublin —> Glasgow. Ate pizza and ordered West St Mungo’s beer (brewed in Glasgow) at Slouch