Cuba · 17 Days · 20 Moments · December 2017

Mirco und Selina’s Journi nach Kuba

18 December 2017

3rd and last week of our trip: Varadero Hotel: Sol Palmeras - no words needed!

16 December 2017

Day 16: Havana

15 December 2017

Day 15: Baracoa

14 December 2017

Day 14: Baracoa

13 December 2017

Day 13: Guantánamo and Baracoa On our trip to Baracoa we stopped at the closest point we can be to the Guantanamo Bay - the part of cuba which is ‚owned‘ by the americans. There are the only McDonalds and the only Starbucks on Cuba!! During the drive we also stopped for buying banans - so we ate them fresh from the trees. As soon as we arrived in Baracoa we had to say goodbye to Josh - our bus driver during the whole trip. 😥 After dinner we crashed a cubans birthday-party!! We sat in a rooftop bar and drank our Pina Coladas They were made with Baileys or Ice-cream or somthing else that does not belong in a Pina Colada. The cocktails tasted sooo bad, we had to leave them standing there. So we were sitting there and suddenly the people started singing happy birthday and came out with a big birthday-cake. As they finished singing we stood up and went home. 🤦🏼‍♀️

12 December 2017

Day 12: Santiago de Cuba On tuesday we visited the big Cementery of Santiago de Cuba. We saw the impressive change of the soldiers (every 30 minutes). A local woman we had a tour with, talked to us with so much enthusiasm and passion for the city, the history, the revolution and the whole country itself. After this tour we visited a rum factory (or more a shop) and tried the „Santiago de Cuba-Rum“. It was so good and special that made me buy one. 😋 Mirco bought about 10 cuban cigares (some of the readers can look forward to their christmas-presents!). Our last stop before lunch was the revolution museum in Santiago de Cuba. The holes on the yellow building are original shots from the war!

11 December 2017

Day 11: Santiago de Cuba Because of the long bus drive we arrived late at our casas and went straight on the orientation walk through the city. In this city you can see the big love for especially Fidel Castro.
Day 10: Santiago de Cuba - Castillo San Pedro de la Roca At this day we had another long drive through the east of cuba. We stopped at this Castillo near the City Santiago de Cuba. The weather was not the best but the view and the castle were impressive.

10 December 2017

Day 9: Camagüey Then we had a free day to explore the city by ourselfes. After breakfast we met and went for a coffee, then we wanted to go and buy chips and sweets for the next days bus drive - but the shop was closed so we had a chocolate caliente (hot chocolate). After that we had lunch and then again chocolate caliente and coffee. So we had a very productive day. 👏🏼☕️ About the last picture: Mirco‘s shirt and the wall in the base house were exactly the same colour!

9 December 2017

Day 8: Camagüey In the night it started to rain all over the country. Only the walk to the tourbus was an adventure because the streets of Trinidad were overfloated with water. But we made it to the bus and were ready for an 5 hour trip to Camagüey. As we arrived there it was still raining. Roger booked a tour for us in those tricycle-taxis, so we stayed almost dry and saw a few important places in the city. In the evening we went to the Ballet. On that day was the 50 year anniversary of the Ballet de Camagüey. It wasn‘t that spectacular and interesting as expected - so in the break we went home.

8 December 2017

Day 7: Trinidad This Friday was our spa day. We went to that beautiful beach at the peninsula again, to get massages. 8 CUC for 30min !! Our Intrepid Tourguide Roger arranged an oldtimer taxi for us, so we had a nice drive along the beach with it.

7 December 2017

Day 6: Trinidad We hiked to the Javira Waterfall also known as „El Cubano“ and we swam in his cave. In that cave we saw a lot of bates and teachead the group the word „Flädermüüs“. After that we went to the Peninsula Ancon to go to the beach there. At the beach bar Barbara from Australia teached the bartenders the „Afagato“. A coffee with ice cream in it. In the evening we went to the nightclub in a cave. There we made our first experience with the „cuban time“. The club is opening at 10.30 so we were there right on time - but the doors were opening at 12.00!

6 December 2017

Day 5: Santa Clara and Trinidad (The first photo is from Cienfuegos at the Parque Jose Marti.) Today we visited the mausoleum and museum from Ernsto Che Guevara in Santa Clara. After that we drove through the hills to get to Trinidad. There we had a orientation walk through the city and after a Salsa lesson! In the city of Trinidad we also met Che Guevaras son Camillo! (see group photo: left to right: Andrew & Barbara from Australia, Mirco & Me, Camillo Guevarra, Darren from Canada, Lily from Australia, Vanessa from the UK, Zakera & Janik from London)

5 December 2017

Day 4: Cienfuegos We had a quick tour through Cienfuegos in the afternoon before eating dinner together in the Restaurant „Bahia“.
Day 4: Cienfuegos After a three hour drive in the tour bus we arrived at the Carreterra Playa Giron in Cienfuegos. Probably one of the most beautiful places i have ever been to! We went snorkeling so we saw the water full of fishes, corals and other creatures.

4 December 2017

Day 3: La Havana Tour through Havana with the whole Intrepid-Group and in the evening cuban music in the „Buena Vista Social Club“

3 December 2017

Day 2: La Havana Little sightseeing tour with a part from the Intrepid-Group: Zakera and Janik from London and Bronwin from Australia —> look at the cars everywhere!! 😍
Day 2: La Havana We drank some mojitos in the old familyhouse from Fidel Castro with two locals. They gave us a lot of tips where to go in Havana: the best beaches, cafes and restaurants. Then they asked us about money for milk for their baby. We gave them 10 CUC - nothing for us, but sooo much for them. CUC is the ‚tourist-money‘ and CUP is the money for the locals. 1 CUC ~ CHF 1 25 CUP ~ CHF 1 A average salary per month in cuba is about 25 CUC.

2 December 2017

Day 1: La Havana Our Guesthouse for the first night.
Day 1: Flight from Zürich to Paris - Charles de Gaulle to Havana Total Flight time: 11 hours