Asia, Europe · 11 Days · 114 Moments · August 2017

Seeun and Ka Yi's adventure in Greece

11 September 2017

A380 flight with screen so gigantic! One full meal and one snack From Dubai to Singapore
Cheese fries from shake shack! Worth it for 10usd since I don't visit often..
Smaller screen from Athens to Dubai The night lights look like stars! So cute. Food was ok..
Folegandros airport You have to wait in line outside the airport until 2 hours before flight time. The airport is really tiny and there is only space worth one gate for 5 or 6 gates. Head upstairs for some seats on the terrace. But there is lots of smokers enjoying the open terrace as well.
Online checkin is much quicker!
Mesoghaia Our last meal together for the trip. Restaurant at Sofitel We had several dishes Greek salad - quite boring and the components didn't really mash together Moussaka - kinda like a lasagna but really filling Fried cheese - came out looking like a caprese salad with pita. A little salty but texture was good like baked cheese Bread was tasty and we ate a lot of it with just olive oil

10 September 2017

Long wait for taxi at Thira. Quick call to radio taxi brought enough taxis for 10 people in 5 mins. They also work as a shared ride system. Took us 20 euros for two people to the airport.
Lucky souvlakis Very good pita fried. Nice pork. And with some fries tomatoes and lettuce. Only 2.50euros!! Long line and not much space in the small diner
Santorini transfers are a mess. $10 per person They brought like 20 people per bus and when it's full you go to the next one going to relatively same area. Luckily the wait was maybe 15 mins or so only
Long long wait for fast jet. Arrived about 20 mins late. No waiting shelter so most people hid in the shade of nearby rocks
Our momentoes from folegandros t shirt store! Love them
Last breakfast at blue sand Yummy local cheese pie Yoghurt with fruits Eggs with feta and tomatoes
Dessert at Loukumades
Birthday dinner at Pounta Octopus with black eyed beans and fava Local young lamb and potatoes Fried fish fingers Zucchini balls
There's so many cats here. Apparently this is a clean one

9 September 2017

Beautiful pictures of me at the top of the hill by hon bun
Dinner at popular restaurant Pounta
View of the iconic church
Weddings in town
Our squinty eyes
Top of the hill
Hike number 2. Supposedly an easy hike but we ended up at the wrong spot and had to hike through shrubs instead
Short walk after lunch
Sightings of donkeys and goats
Birthday lunch at place known for Matsata Pork matsata - tasty generous light cheese over homemade pasta. Pork was a little dry. Cheese seemed light like Parmesan cheese Greek salad - giant giant bowl
Walking to Aro Maria Uphill hike but paved on road shoulder Great view of the ocean and nearby islands. Interesting view of the village but quite sparse
Walking up slope from our hotel. Slightly strenuous walk but paved
Final breakfast with our buddies Tasty zucchini pies for the day
Favorite dinner at folegandros at Blue Cuisine with favorite friends!

8 September 2017

Blue cuisine Delicious cocktail Bread and trio dips - fava, spicy cheese and cod spread Cuttlefish and peas spread - nice and chewy even though it was frozen Pork belly - nice fat Seafood burger - a little too mashed up. Really needed the tsatsiki sauce. Nice potatos with Cuban flavor Shrimp saffron risotto - for maria Almond cake
Mango passion raki Cocktail of the day
Dinner at Blue Cuisine
Sunset at Castro - 1000 year old buildings Chanced upon the sunset You can get there walking straight from the crepes stall
Best Italian gelato at Chorah
Yummy sesame square
Short morning hike from hotel
Josh’s birthday dinner at Eva’s garden

7 September 2017

Folegandros t shirt
Dinner at Eva's garden
Sunset at Agali beach
Late lunch at Papalagi seafood One of my favorite food on the island so far Fresh grilled octopus - amazing flavor and char and texture. Grape vine leaves with rice and yoghurt - abit too sour but the yoghurt was a nice touch Tuna carpaccio - capers made it a little too salty but otherwise flavor was good. The carpaccio was ok
St. Nikolas beach Boat ride comes every hour from 11-7pm. 5 euros roundtrip. Takes about 20 minutes Supposedly the best beach but sand was really hot and the rocks were painful. Also lots of algae on rocks and fishes. The canoe rental was very nice and lent us life vests for free! Went out for a swim with HB. Got more rocks but not as pretty as the ones at our hotel beach
Delicious breakfast from Blue Sands Hotel Fruit salad with yoghurt Local cheese pie Spinach pie Bread basket with honey, marmalade, peanut butter
Enjoying the view and writing gratitudes
In downtown folegandros!

6 September 2017

Beautiful umbrella, beautiful moon
Dinner at Rakentia Nice sunset view but not of the sunset Anchovy bruschetta Mussels bruschetta Greek salad - lots of oil and nice tomatoes Green salad - octopus looks like turnip Seafood focaccia - too fishy Bacon focaccia - kinda like pizza Club sandwich Burger - Naxos beef and nice potatoes. Burger was a bit dry. Meat was too well done for me. Needs more sauce
Sunset view at Rakentia
My adorable HB
Climbing up to visit the iconic church
Exploring Chora Crepes at one of the only places open at 430pm
Seajets to Folegandros - left at 8:35am. Got on probably at 8:25am. There are assigned seats on the ticket. We were ushered out of our villa at 7 and arrived at the port by 7:30am. Cost 60 euros. Claudia was very nice to get us some OJ from box and croissants. Strange we had a morning knock at 645am. Got coffee at a random touristy place at the new port
Bye bye Erossea Villa
Arrived at blue sands hotel Pick up from the port and got checked in right away at 1030am (since the room was available) Beautiful view and close beach nearby
Amazing rock formations on the sunset cruise
Favorite meal of the trip! Prepared by our chef on board Maria #2
Just before boarding Captain Ted’s

5 September 2017

Sunset with Captain Ted's
Amazing food with Captain Ted's Shrimp saganaki Olive tepenade Tzaziki Grilled chicken and pork Stew of eggplants and zucchini Green salad Greek salad Mussels
Enjoying the sunset cruise with Captain Ted's Our crew - captain Nikos, nikolas and cook maria were amazing!! Food was unbeatable
Relatively quiet beach at Yalos Beach Bar. Umbrella and chair for 15 euros
Beautiful breakfast by Claudia
Dinner at Dimitri’s with wonderful friends
Sunset with a million tourists in Oia
Learning about grapes grown in Santorini!

4 September 2017

Lolita's gelato Greek viagra Peanut dream
Dimitri's Mussels with saganaki Fried fish Fried eggplants - too thick. No sauce Fava beans - rough and grainy. Needs lemon Greek salad - onions were spicy Gilthead sea bream Fried tomatoes
our beautiful villa
Sunset at Oia
Enjoying the great view at Gaia winery
Last winery - amazing figs
Last winery great view
Finally tried Ben and Jerry's ice cream sandwich
Last winery with great view
Wine tasting at Artemis
Wine tasting at Artemis winery
Wine tasting at Artemis winery
Growing grapes
Gaia winery with nice view
Gaia winery
Gaia winery and their wine making process
Gaia winery
First breakfast at Erossea Villa - so much food. Awesome view. It's great that Claudia made us Kouluren immediately when we wanted it

3 September 2017

Simple light dinner at Avocado's Fried tomato 👍🏼 Fava beans - like chick peas Pita with Tzaziki Vinsanto - not very sweet. More sour
Our room in Erossea Villa - 3 bedroom
Birthday lunch for bunny @ Manh Manh Kagiana and Dessert was the most memorable! Kagiana - traditional omelette, moist and flavorful!! Makarounes - traditional homemade pasta with dry pork tenderloin. Mushroom sauce and pasta were yummy. I didn’t actually finish the pork! Lamb special for HB - I think he liked it
Acropolis better from afar 20 euros for day entrance or 30 euros for multiple site multiple day entrance We went up from the more tiring slope by Dionysus theater and temple. Our guide spent a long time telling us the whole history of Athens to give us context of Acropolis but I forgot most of it. Basically it got destroyed it some war, then to show the Athenians were able to recover, the government took tax money to build an extravagant giant temple. Also a defense location. At the top of acropolis was a nightmare. Endless people and the sun was brutal. No shade other than those already occupied by tourists. It was rather impressive that everything was made of marble on top of the acropolis, but that also means it’s very slippery to walk on. I was rather dehydrated and drained by the end of the acropolis walk and talk. And we had be packed like sardines on the way down the stairs. Any false step you will be victim of a stampede. I liked the top floor of the museum. Great view!
No other pictures of the acropolis museum. Not allowed!! I did like the LEGO model of the acropolis. And I liked the exhibit on natural colorings Ancient Greece used.
Special day starts with context tour of the Acropolis and the acropolis museum We meet at acropolis museum entrance by the owl. It’s mounted on a tall pillar outside the main and only entrance of the museum. We buy tickets, which was not included in the tour, and they cost about $5. There’s not many people at the museum yet. We had 2 other couples in the group. One pair in the acting and show business. The other pair was a lawyer and his wife. Our tour guide was art history graduate Andromeda. Love the name..!
There’s this cool bar called Circus around the corner. Filled with all the jawdropping decorations. Love this Humpty Dumpty carriage!
Dessert to end the night! We had the baklava and kiounefe. The desserts were on the expensive side and very very big. Meant for sharing I believe. Bakalava is soggy and really sweet. I wish there was more crisp and nuts in the baklava. Kiounefe is surprisingly delicious. The shredded wheat with Kaimaki ice cream is not too sweet! I definitely enjoyed the ice cream the most.
Tzitzikas and Mermigas Traditional retsina - reasonably smooth but forgettable Fried zucchini and eggplant sticks - favorite dish! Refreshing but nicely fried. Love it. Warm tomato salad with cherry tomatoes and traditional grilled cheese on crispy rustic bread - simple but tasty Chicken with mastiha sauce - interesting sweet sauce that gets overwhelming after a while Bustling restaurant. Relatively big and filled with many tourists. Outside and indoor seatings both available. Noisy like a bistro or a bar
Amazing Melissino's poet leather sandals Custom fit!! Only for 40 euros. Pick a design (or a few) you like and try your shoe size. Then the assistant will come for the straps for you! You then wait for the master to nail the straps in. Pay and get your shoes and you can go! Only downfall. It's so popular. You have to be patient to wait!! Thanks my hb for waiting and braving the crowd and bringing me there!

2 September 2017

Modern Loukumades We had ice cream with our Loukumades. I like the idea but the Loukumades were a little dense in the center. They needed the hole inside probably
My new earrings! From these cute street stalls
Didn't get to try but this was mentioned on NY36 hours
Loukumades Delicious fried dough You need special skill to make a hole in a middle Eaten with a delicious helping of honey
Local dried spice shop Mastiha dried and eaten as gum substitute Raw sugar like a red crystal
Underground local food place that makes its retsina wine Aletsina - pine resin Keeps wine for a year In a barrel Not cold at first. Have to cool with ice bath Fried fish delicious - peel with hands Chickpeas - not skinned Local orzo with slow cooked beef in tomato sauce - very flavorful. Meat was soft and tender and flavorful.
Fresh Greek yoghurt! So delicious. Made with goats milk yet not smelly at all.
Fresh pistachios! So different. Like a soft raw nut
Unique cured meats Pastouma - Salted beef and with herb page Vouvali - Buffalo (sausage) Sousouki - Beef round things Usually accompany meats with a drink called Tsipuro, similar to grappa Handpicked ripe grapes - boil and distill After pressed grape for wine, boil remnants - rougher taste Raki - Crete
Local spice shop Very very long line all the time
Not sure what we got here other than the mastiha candy.. Waited a long time. Saw lots of dried stuff and honey and double baked bread sold in the store
Interesting wall graffiti
Local coffee in a small corridor. Mostly serving locals working in the area Only one or two small tables. Greek coffee is unfiltered and you can ask for different levels of sweetness. We got the medium sweetness. Metreo - medium sweet Greek coffee Licos - one more sweet free coffee Table sweets were also provided - we had grapes and some carrot like thing? Grapes were very good
The bakery that makes koulure for all of Athens! Tasty crunch with sesame
Start of our food tour. We went to this small grocery shop - to get soft goat cheese Sinotiri - soft sour cheese Nexus Can harden Have also sweet and salted versions From grocer Menolis
Night walk around plaka And ice cream stop at full spoon Natural ingredients! Hazelnut and pistachio were tasty
Restaurant with view of the acropolis Forgot name of restaurant : Sabbas? Got a yoghurt drink and a flask of white wine (forgot 500ml) is many many glasses Surprisingly the second floor has better view of the acropolis than the rooftop. Many diners took selfies of the acropolis at the same spot we did. Food was ok Fried spanakopita - abit salty. Lemon helps a little Greek pastry with pastrami like thing and cheese - nice crisp but a little salty Sharwama with yoghurt - best dish of the night. Yoghurt cuts into fat! Nice flavor
Lots of wall graffiti. Some fruit tree! There are Ben and Jerry's ice cream sandwiches here!!! An organic natural furniture shop

1 September 2017

10 euros on the public metro to town center. Comes every half hour on time
My overnight accommodation at holiday inn express. Grateful there are 24 hour shuttle buses. Lots of mainlanders. View outside of airport looks so much less developed. Lots of construction

31 August 2017

Emirates flights A380 Great flight but choosing the last seat of a section doesn't allow you to lean back.. Ayam masak kicap is the most tasty meal I had on this trip I had a 10 hour layover so I got a room at holiday inn express. They provide 24 hour shuttle every half hour from the airport. Decent accoms with breakfast provided.