Asia · 36 Days · 6 Moments · February 2017

Seb's adventure in Hong Kong

30 March 2017

Dear Sir and Madam, I contact you to request a change in my booking with your Company. I hope you help me to make the desired changes to my booking. I have made 2 flight bookings for 2 persons. Passengers are: Sebastien Villemagne. Beatrice Türk. The 2 bookings are: 1) Reservation code PZWXHY Flight PG726 from Mandalay to Chiang Mai on Thursday 13/04 with departure time 17:55. 2) Reservation code INUTQC Flight PG277 from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui on Tuesday 18/04 with departure time 8:25 AM. We would like to modify for both booking the departure date and the destination. We would like to fly from Mandalay to Phuket on the 9th of April 2017 with the same passengers as the originals bookings. I can see on your website that there is the following route on Sunday 09/04 that would suit us for 196 USD per person: Flight PG710 Mandalay to Bangkok departure time 2:05 PM and arrival time 4:30 PM. Flight PG279 Bangkok to Phuket departure time 7:45 PM and arrival time 9:10 PM.

23 March 2017

I waited to be 30th years old to make my first steps in Asia and it was in Hong Kong. This city is incredible and has so much to offer. It's very cosmopolitan where you will find small religious building between the skyscrapers. Don't come here if you are seeking Asian culture or historical sightseeing, you will be disappointed. Hong Kong has a very modern culture and offers a little of everything, sometimes it looks like Asia, sometimes American, sometimes European. The city is iextremely lively and active. I don't think it ever sleeps. Overall very good impression and I would like to come back to get deeper into the life of Hongkongers. First time: in Asia in my life I really don't like: the Chinese food... Everythings fried and not really my taste.

24 February 2017

Sightseeing on the Hong Kong island between skyscrapers, temples and shops. We took the Victoria peak tram to get beautiful view of the city. We ended the night with a special treat in a nice Italian restaurant and with a bar crawling. Can't really remember how we got back to the hotel 😇
Crossing the river to reach the other island of Hong Kong. Ticket is about a dollar per person for a 20 minutes ride and the experience is amazing. Definitely the best value for money cruise ever!!

23 February 2017

Walk in the district Tim Sha Tsui. Very active district. Shops everywhere. Very cosmopolitan, in less than an hour we went through a Buddhist temple, an evangelist church and an Islam Mosque! A lot of window shopping and a special treat for Beatrice with a egg mayo sandwich from Mark & Spencer's. I also discovered the avengers watch collection, I'll definitely get one of those sometimes soon!

22 February 2017

First step in Asia. Here we are Hong Kong. We are going to spend 3 exciting days in the city. Overall, the trip was very nice and we got good vibes with the city. Our first impression in Hong Kong: we booked a room in a hostel before our arrival on It was first a real challenge to find the hostel. To reach it we had to go through a chaotic market where everything is sold, really everything, take a elevator in the back of the market. While waiting for our floor, a western girl informed us that we shod be careful with cockroach in the room of certain guesthouse around here... That did not put us with high confidence! Since the elevator was not stopping at our floor, we had to take the stairs one floor down. The staircase were seriously nasty... Trash everywhere and a very strong smell of trash combined to curry and pie, probably poo as well 😨 Our hope to find an accommodation somehow acceptable dropped to nearly 0...